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A Biography of the Doctor

Whilst many people have written chronologies of the Doctor Who Universe, or placed the stories in apparent internal chronological order, real biographies of the Doctor are few and far between. The only one I can find is the excellent site Who's Doctor Who? created by the late Allen Robinson and maintained by Louise Lobinske. However, this site only contains information given in the TV series. This project is far more ambitious, aiming to cover the novels and eventually, if I ever find the spare time, the audio adventures. To see precisely what we cover, go look at The Whoniverse Guide to Canon.

This biography consists of two distinct parts. The lists by Doctor are simple lists of stories along with various little bits of information, and there is also a page which explains the lists. The profiles and parts listed by season are a fuller biography, along with notes on what goes where and why. There is also a simple rating system to tell you how certain it is that I've put the story in the right place.

5 This story is part of the continuing series (The TV Series, Virgin's New Adventures, the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures). Such stories are placed in [intended] publication order unless there is good reason to assume that this is not the case. This rating also covers stories that are officially placed in a specific gap between stories in the continuing series. This will be indicated on, for example, the cover blurb of a novel. Again, should there be good reason to doubt this official placement, I will not use it.

4 The Doctor/Companion combination, combined with references to other stories means that this story can only be set in a particular gap. If there are several missing adventure type stories in a gap, then this rating still applies - unless there are so many that I decide to create an extra season.

3 The Doctor/Companion combination, combined with references to other stories, means that this story can be placed anywhere in a whole run of stories.

2 We know which Doctor we're dealing with, but not much else. His companions are not mentioned, but could be elsewhere - or they are impossible to identify. Also, there are no definite references to other stories that might help us place these events.

1 We don't know for sure which Doctor we're dealing with, and maybe not even whether it is the Doctor.

Where appropriate, I have included explanations for my ratings and placement in brackets after the synopsis. These notes may include other information as well. I have also, occasionally, included speculation within a synopsis. All such information is in [square brackets].

I have also colour-coded story titles at the start of stories and in explanatory notes, so you know what kind of story I'm referring to. The codes are as follows:

Televised Stories
Virgin Novels
BBC Novels
Big Finish Audios
Reference Works
Telos Novellas
Unrecorded Adventures

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