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A Biography of the Doctor

The Ninth Doctor

Series One

(Placement value 4)

The Doctor regenerates into his ninth body.

(In Rose, the Doctor looks in a mirror and comments on his new face, so that scene must be the first time since his regeneration that he's had the chance to look in a mirror. It is highly likely that this happens as a direct result of the Time War between the Time Lords and the Daleks.)

(Placement value 2)

The Doctor is photographed with the Daniels family in April 1912, shortly before they were due to sail on the Titanic, and he persuades them not to go.

(This is shown in one of Clive's photos in Rose. As the Doctor's costume looks more like the eighth Doctor's costume than the leather jacket which the ninth is very strongly attached to, this is likely to have been very soon after his regeneration.)

(Placement value 4)

The Doctor arrives on Earth and discovers that the Nestene Consciousness [or at least a portion of it] has arrived on Earth. He begins trying to track it down and persuade it to leave Earth.

(This is what he's doing in Rose. It is unclear whether he arrived on Earth and then discovered the Nestene's activities or whether he came to Earth specifically to deal with the Nestene.)


The Doctor tracks down an Auton relay device to the roof of the Henrik's department store. Before blowing up the relay, he saves the life of a shop girl called Rose Tyler who was being attacked by some Autons. He then traces an arm from one of the Autons to Rose's flat. Whilst there, he sees his new face in a mirror. He deactivates the arm and leaves, though he also fills Rose in on some details of what's going on. However, the arm fails to lead him to the transmitter because it isn't complex enough. He then detects and tracks down a more advanced Auton, who is posing as Rose's boyfriend Mickey in order to extract information about the Doctor from her. He removes its head and retreats to the TARDIS with Rose following him. He uses the head to trace the signal, but it melts before he can get a complete fix. He arrives near to the source, and it takes Rose to point out that the huge metal circle needed for the transmitter must be the London Eye, which is just the other side of the Thames from the where they've materialised. The two find an entrance to the Nestene Consciousness's lair and the Doctor goes to bargain with it. They discover that Mickey is still alive and in the lair. The Nestene detects that the Doctor has a vial of anti-plastic, and uses two Autons to hold him captive, before sending the signal to activate the first Autons. However, Rose manages to knock both Autons and the anti-plastic into the core of the Nestene. It dies and the Doctor, Rose, and Mickey escape in the TARDIS. The Doctor invites Rose to come with him, travel anywhere in the universe. She talks about her responsibilities, and the Doctor says goodbye, before dematerialising the TARDIS. Moments later (from Rose's point of view), it rematerialises and the Doctor says that the TARDIS also travels in time, and Rose decides to come with him.

(The scene where the Doctor looks in the mirror suggests that this is quite soon after his regeneration)

(Placement value 2)

The Doctor visits Dallas on the day of President Kennedy's assassination, and also visits 1883, where a picture of him washes up on Sumatra on the night Krakatoa erupted.

(These three events are recorded in Clive's picture gallery of the Doctor. It is unclear when in his timeline they occur. I arbitrarily place them between his departure without Rose and his reappearance a few seconds later from her perspective.)


The Doctor asks Rose whether she wants to go backwards or forwards in time. He then takes the TARDIS forwards 100 years, but before leaving, he says that it's too boring. He then goes forwards to 12,005 - the New Roman Empire, but Rose mocks him. He then takes the TARDIS forwards 5 billion years to show Rose the day the Sun expands and destroys the Earth. They meet the "great and the good" who have gathered to watch the event. Rose suffers an attack of culture shock at the aliens, and leaves the reception. The Doctor follows her. She comments on everybody seeming to speak English and the Doctor explains that the TARDIS is altering her perceptions. She is annoyed at this, and demands the Doctor tell her where he is from. However, he is evasive about the issue. Rose quits the discussion, and comments that her mobile has no signal. The Doctor fits a new device to it, and she is able to call her mum. At this point, the space station they are on shakes. The Doctor goes to investigate the machinery, teaming up with a tree-person called Jabe to investigate the systems. They discover some little spider-robots who appear to have been tampering with the station. Meanwhile, they discover that the Steward in charge of the station has been murdered by the spiders, and that Rose has been trapped in one of the observation galleries. Unable to get her out, the Doctor and Jabe confront the guests, and use the spider to discover that it is all the fault of Cassandra, the last human. Cassandra teleports away, and the Doctor and Jabe return to the machinery to locate the reset switch. Rising temperatures mean that Jabe bursts into flame, but the Doctor activates the switch just in time. He then reverses Cassandra's teleport device, and she arrives back on the station. Because of the increased heat levels, her extensive plastic surgery, and the lack of her attendants who regularly moisturise her, Cassandra cannot stand the heat, and dies. The Doctor and Rose then mourn the Earth, before returning to Rose's native time, where the Doctor finally talks to Rose about his origins, telling her that he is a Time Lord and his home planet was destroyed in a war, which they lost.

(This follows on immediately from the last scene of Rose)


Having shown Rose the future, the Doctor chooses to take her to the past. He sets the controls for Naples, December the 24th 1860. However, the TARDIS is playing up a little bit. When they arrive, he insists Rose get changed into something more fitting for the era, directing her to the TARDIS wardrobe. When the Doctor buys a paper, he discovers that they're in Cardiff, on the 24th of December 1869. Walking through the streets, they hear screams coming from a theatre and rush inside. Rose rushes after a man and a woman who look like they're kidnapping an old lady, and the Doctor rushes onto the stage, and notices that the ghostly being flying around the theatre is a gaseous being. He leaves the theatre to notice that the man and woman have kidnapped Rose as well. He then gets into a carriage, which happens to be Charles Dickens' and chases after Rose, with Dickens in tow. He follows her to an undertaker's. They are in time to rescue Rose, who has been locked in with some walking corpses, who ask for help to open "the rift", before the gas creatures leave the bodies. He soon works out that the undertaker's servant Gwyneth has a link with the rift, and holds a seance to enable her to contact the beings. They reveal themselves to be the Gelth, whose physical forms were destroyed in the Time War. They claim that they need this rift in time and space to be opened so they can animate human corpses and save themselves from dying out. They go to the morgue, where the rift is at its weakest, and open the rift. The Gelth then travel through the rift to invade Earth. They trap the Doctor and Rose, but Dickens escapes, and realises that he can use the house's gas supply to draw them out of their hosts. The Doctor tries to convince Gwyneth to close the rift. She says that she can't, but is able to sacrifice herself by lighting a match in the gas-filled room, blowing up the house in the process. The Doctor and Rose bid a fond goodbye to Dickens before departing in the The TARDIS in front of his eyes.

(This is implied, but not stated, to be soon after The End of the World and, in any case, it is Rose's first visit to the past. The Doctor claims that Rose is 19, but her birthday, as given in Russell T Davies' Meet Rose article in the 2005 Doctor Who Annual would make her a few months younger than 19 by the date of Rose as given in Aliens of London.)


The Doctor takes Rose back home, believing it is about 12 hours after she left. However, it is actually a whole year, and Rose and the Doctor say that they've been travelling. Soon after this, they see an alien spaceship fly over London. It damages the Westminster Clock Tower and lands in the Thames. Unable to get to the crash site, they watch the story on Rose's TV, as the Doctor doesn't want to risk putting the TARDIS inside the cordoned off zone. The coverage reports the discovery of an alien body. The Doctor sneaks off to check the details, promising Rose he won't disappear, and gives Rose a TARDIS key - but he sneaks off to investigate anyway. He travels to the hospital where the body has been taken, he discovers that the "alien" is a pig augmented by alien technology. He then returns, to find Rose and Mickey waiting outside the TARDIS. he demonstrates to Rose and Mickey that the alien ship originally came from Earth. They step outside the TARDIS to find that, thanks to Rose's mum phoning an emergency phone line, there are security forces waiting to "arrest" the Doctor and escort him to Downing Street. He attends a meeting including top UNIT personnel, and the acting PM and a general who has been assisting them unveil themselves as aliens called the Slitheen, and activate an electrocution device in the id badges. Meanwhile, Harriet Jones, an MP who has just seen the Slitheen killing and replacing the general tells Rose about her experience, and they discover the body of the Prime Minister. They are interrupted by another Slitheen.

The Doctor is able to resist electrocution, and puts the id card on one of the Slitheen, distracting all of the Slitheen long enough for Rose and the MP to escape their Slitheen. The Doctor gets some of the military police, and shows them the bodies. However, the Slitheen disguised as the temporary PM and a general convince them that the Doctor was responsible, however, he escapes them, and rescues Rose and Harriet from the Slitheen, escaping into the cabinet room. He manages to discover that the Slitheen are a family business looking to profit from Earth, before sealing himself, Rose, and Harriet inside the Cabinet Room, which has 3-inch thick steel walls. When Mickey phones Rose with a picture of a Slitheen, the Doctor explains how get into UNIT's website and listen to the Slitheen's signal, though this is interrupted when the Slitheen which Mickey photographed turns up. The Doctor works out how to destroy it, and then discovers that the Slitheen have appealed to the UN to release the codes for their nuclear missiles. He then gets Mickey to crack into the Royal Navy's computers and fire a conventional cruise missile at Downing Street. He, Rose, and Harriet shelter in a cupboard in the Cabinet Room, and survive the strike. The Slitheen do not. The Doctor then remembers that Harriet Jones is a future Prime Minister. Rose spends a bit of time with her mum, before packing her things to join the Doctor full-time. The Doctor also gives Mickey a virus to erase all mention of him from the world's computers. He also offers Mickey a place on the TARDIS, but Mickey refuses, and asks the Doctor not to tell Rose that he couldn't hack the Doctor's lifestyle. When Rose suggests that Mickey come with them, the Doctor tells her no, and the two of them depart.

(Rose says that she has been travelling in the TARDIS for a few days, though she's not entirely sure how long it's been. The Doctor [erroneously] claims to be 900 years old. Either he's lying about his age, or he's not counting from his looming - perhaps he restarted the count after The Burning.)


The TARDIS is drawn off course by a signal, and arrives in an underground museum of aliens in Utah, 2012. Investigating, the Doctor and Rose are captured by armed security staff. Taken to the boss's office, the Doctor demonstrates his knowledge of the alien. He discovers that their one living specimen is a captured Dalek, who has no power for his gunstick. He taunts the Dalek about how he destroyed the Dalek race, and is forced to admit how he also destroyed the Time Lords along with the Daleks. He tries to kill the Dalek, but the staff prevent him from doing so. The staff chain him up and examine him. Meanwhile, Rose goes to see the Dalek, unaware of its nature. She sympathises with it, by touching it, she inadvertently gives it the ability to revive itself and snap its chains. It then regenerates its power from the vault's systems. The Doctor negotiates his release in return for his help, but is unable to help the soldiers enough to keep them from being exterminated. In the end, he insists that the vault's bulkheads be sealed off to keep the Dalek exterminating the entire planet. However, he isn't able to delay long enough for Rose to get through. The Dalek finds itself unable to kill Rose thanks to "contamination" from her DNA, but it does threaten to kill her if the bulkheads aren't open. The Doctor raises the bulkheads, and then grabs an alien gun to kill the Dalek. He tracks it and Rose close to the exit, but Rose tries to protect it, because it's found itself unable to kill. The Dalek is distressed at what it is turning into, and asks Rose to order it to commit suicide. She does, and it does. The Doctor and Rose then depart, taking Adam, a worker at the vault, with them.


The TARDIS arrives on a space station in approximately 200,000 AD, orbiting Earth during the time of the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire. When the Doctor explains this to Adam, he faints. The Doctor asks two passersby where he is, and they assume he's management testing them, and tell him everything. The station is the hub of the Empire's news network. He arranges for them to see the newsgathering process, where the computer uses human brains to process the news. He concludes that the technology should have been abandoned years ago. Meanwhile, Rose has let Adam borrow her phone to phone home. Adam claims to be freaked out, and Rose lets him have her TARDIS key. He goes to the observation deck and tries to gain information about the future of computer technology, phoning it through to his parents' answerphone. In order to do this, he gets a chip inserted. After the demonstration, the Doctor investigates floor 500, the floor to which people are promoted and never come back. He discovers that the station is set up so that heat is channelled from there to the lower floors. Breaking into the systems in order to travel up there, he and Rose discover that the station, and hence the Empire's media, and hence the Empire, is controlled by a massive alien, assisted by a human called the editor. The "promoted" people had been killed, and their bodies, brains, and chips used to run the control systems. The Doctor and Rose are captured and chained up because there is no record of either of them, and the editor wants to know who they are. However they are saved when an employee who has followed them up and overheard what is happening accesses the computer and overrides the heating controls, taking the alien up to unsafe levels of heat, and it explodes. The Doctor then leaves, dumping Adam back at his parents' house, and using the sonic screwdriver to destroy his messages.

(This appears to be Adam's first, and indeed last, trip in the TARDIS.)

(Placement value 3)

The Doctor implements an emergency protocol in the TARDIS to send Rose home in the TARDIS in case he faces a threat where he's about to die at the hands of an opponent who mustn't be allowed to get their hands on the TARDIS.

(We see the recording in The Parting of the Ways, and it must have been set up at some point between Rose and Bad Wolf. I suggest that it happens shortly after Dalek as a reaction to both the unexpected survival of a Dalek and to Rose nearly being exterminated.)

(Placement value 3)

The Doctor decides to take Rose to the British Empire Exhibition in October 1924. When they materialise, they save the life of a butler called Dickson from a mysterious attacker. After taking him home and meeting his employer, Sir George Harding, they return to the TARDIS only to find it has been carried away. They return to the Harding's house, taking up an invitation to dinner, learning that George's wife is exiled Russian princess Anastasia, and her son Freddie is heir to the Russian throne. They also meet Melissa Heart, a woman who always wears a mask. However, during dinner, the Doctor's jacket disappears. The Doctor and Rose are offered lodgings at the Imperial Club, an association for European and Commonwealth nobility who have been forced to leave their countries. The next morning, Melissa Heart returns the Doctor's jacket, clearly having been the one who stole it. The Doctor and Rose then spend the day visiting the British Empire Exhibition. That night, the club is broken into, but the criminals are driven off. The next morning, the Doctor visits Freddie, who confirms that Melissa Heart stole his jacket. He and Rose then pay Melissa a visit, and she attempts to trap them. They escape with the help of Freddie, but are traced back to the club. Melissa then tracks them back to the club, believing the Doctor to be the former dictator of her home planet, who she has come to kill. She then decides that Repple, a resident of the club, is the dictator, and captures him and the Doctor. However, the Doctor discovers that Repple is an automaton, and persuades Melissa that both of them are innocent. They join forces to track down the real dictator, who is another resident of the club, and has planned to reactivate his spacecraft with a device attached to Big Ben. The combined forces of the Doctor, Rose, Repple, Melissa, and Freddie manage to defeat him, and the Doctor ends up giving his jacket to Repple before the TARDIS leaves.<>

(The Clockwise Man is officially the first in the series of Ninth Doctor novels. The first three of these feature the Doctor and Rose on their own, and publication dates suggest that they belong here.)

(Placement value 3)

The Doctor and Rose visit several spaceships, maybe a few more space stations, and probably make several more trips to Earth.

(In The Monsters Inside (page 1), the Doctor and Rose talk about having visited spacestations and spaceships (both in the plural), and having visited Rose's planet so often that they could get T-Shirts made up. As we've yet to see them visit even one spaceship in the new series, this means at least two unrecorded adventures must have taken place.)

(Placement value 3)

The TARDIS lands on the alien planet Justice Prime, part of the Justicia Solar System, which is a giant prison complex. However, within minutes of leaving the TARDIS they are captured and separated. The Doctor is incarcerated in the SCAT-house, a prison for non-humans where they are forced to help in scientific research, whilst Rose is sent to a young offenders institute. The Doctor uses his scientific knowledge to arrange for Rose to be sent to join him, whilst she has discovered a Raxacoricofallapatorian posing as a senior guard at her prison. Whilst waiting for Rose to arrive, the Doctor discovers that the Blathereen family have taken over the entire system and intend to use gravity warps to travel through space with the system and raid entire solar systems for worlds to turn into nuclear fuel, and that his contribution to the research has accelerated this process. He escapes and travels to the planet where the Blathereen control the system. He meets Rose again, as the shuttle taking her to him has crashed there. Joining forces with a warder and a couple of prisoners, the Doctor manages to arrange for the Blathereen's warp hole technology to be destroyed and in the process the key members of the family are killed. The Doctor and Rose then depart.

(The Monsters Inside is officially the second in the series of Ninth Doctor novels. It features Rose's first trip to an alien planet, and is clearly after Aliens of London / The Doctor Dances. Publication dates suggest that this story belongs here. Also, Rose identifying the Slitheen arm in Dalek as Slitheen suggests that she still hadn't met any other Raxacoricofallapatorian families by that point, placing The Monsters Inside after Dalek.)

(Placement value 3)

Rose calls her mum, who casually mentions that it's possible that at some point Rose might come back and she wouldn't be there, as well as claiming that she's won the lottery. Rose asks the Doctor to go back so that they can check up on her. They discover that actually she's only won a games console on a scratchcard, which she's given to Mickey. Visiting Mickey, they discover that the games console comes with only one game, and the Doctor racks up a phenomenal high score on it. The Doctor and Rose leave Mickey's for a bit, whilst Mickey is captured by porcupine-like aliens called the Quevvils. Returning to the flat, the Doctor realises that the game is actually for real, and plays some more to ensure that the Quevvils come to kidnap him. He is teleported away, and Rose tags on to the end of the teleport. She rescues the Doctor and Mickey, and they discover that people who win holidays on the scratchcards are used to become the characters in the game, which is a ploy to get a weapon into the stronghold of the Quevvils' rivals the Mantodeans. The Doctor and Rose travel to the Quevvil planet of Toop, where they are captured. The Doctor is made to play the game with Rose as his character. However, he manages to use her to free most of the other people trapped in the game before being forced to take her to the centre. When she arrives, the Quevvil weapon attached to her activates, and the Quevvils are able to teleport to the heart of the Mantodean stronghold, although they are actually disintegrated. The Doctor returns all the surviving humans home, before resuming his travels with Rose.

(Winner Takes All is officially the third in the series of Ninth Doctor novels.The interaction between Rose, Jackie, and Mickey indicates that it is after Aliens of London/World War Three.)


Rose asks the Doctor if he can take her to see her Father, Peter Alan Tyler, before he died. They visit her parents' wedding, though they don't interact with anyone there. Then Rose asks the Doctor to take her to see her father when he was killed by a hit and run driver on the 7th of November 1987, so there can be someone who is there for him. She flinches when the car hits, and then runs off. She asks the Doctor if she can try again, and instead of running to comfort her dad, she runs out to save him, causing the earlier versions of herself and the Doctor to wink out of existence. The Doctor leaves her in 1987, storming off to the TARDIS, only to discover that the interior has vanished, leaving only the police-box shell. He runs to the local church, where Rose and her parents are at a wedding, and Rose has been traumatised by seeing her parents at each other's throats. As he arrives, extradimensional beings called Reapers attack and consume the people there - there has been a wound in time, and they have come to sterilise it. The Doctor ushers the survivors inside the church, as its age will keep them safe for a time. Whilst inside, Peter works out that Rose is his baby daughter grown up. Shortly afterwards, the Doctor realises that the TARDIS key is glowing hot, and uses it to summon the TARDIS, which begins reforming inside the church, albeit only very slowly. Peter then works out that Rose changed history by saving his life, Jackie overhears him saying that Rose is his daughter and assumes that she's his daughter from a previous relationship, rather than the grown-up version of her baby. During the resulting argument, Rose accidentally touches her infant self. This causes enough of a disturbance to allow one of the Reapers through the church walls. The Reaper consumes the Doctor and the reforming TARDIS. However Peter notices that the car that Rose saved him from has been winking into and out of existence outside the church. He decides to run out in front of the car, ensuring his death, and healing the wound in time. This restores everything that had been consumed by the Reapers, and Rose runs to her father to comfort him.


The Doctor detects an object in the vortex which sets up an alert, and decides to chase it. Despite it skipping time tracks, he follows it to London, arriving a couple of months after the object. Rose wanders off in search of a mysterious child in a gas mask who keeps asking "are you my mummy?". The Doctor discovers that he has arrived during the Blitz, and discovers a bunch of street children who wait for an air raid, and then sneak into a house where there's a half-eaten meal. Their leader, a girl called Nancy, knows a lot about the object, and the child - she says that anybody who touches him will become like him, an "empty child". Nancy directs the Doctor to a hospital where all the patients have identical wounds and gas masks fused into their skulls just like the boy. Meanwhile, Rose has met Captain Jack, a time traveller from the 51st century, who is responsible for the object landing on Earth. Jack was planning to sell the item, actually a hospital ship, to the "time agents", just before the site was due to be destroyed by a German bomb, thus making it useless. He and Rose track down the Doctor just as he visits Doctor Constantine, who has been tending the patients and just after Doctor Constantine begins to develop the same symptoms. As this happens, all the patients in the ward begin to advance on the three of them.

The Doctor tells the patients to "go to your room", and they retreat. Investigating the room in which the original patient, a child, had been put. The child ends up there as well, as this is his room. The three time travellers run, and hole up in a room in the hospital. Jack is able to teleport himself back to his ship, and eventually arranges for the Doctor and Rose there too. They go to investigate the bomb site, and Jack goes to distract the guard, who he knows from his stay in Britain. However, the guard turns into one of the gas-masked beings as well. They discover Nancy has broken in and been captured, and the guards have all succumbed. The Doctor and Jack open the object, it is a Tula medical ship, full of nanogenes - little machines that heal and rebuild people. Their first contact with humans was a little boy who had just been killed in an air raid, so they have been reconstructing humans to match the boy. They also installed additional protocols in the people they altered, and the intrusion into the medical ship calls the affected people to the bomb site. The Doctor then works out that Nancy is older than she looks, and is actually the boy's mother, though she had claimed to be his sister. Jack escapes back to his ship to prevent the bomb from landing on the site. Meanwhile, the Doctor convinces Nancy to tell the boy, Jamie, that she is his mummy. As she embraces Jamie, the nanogenes realise that Nancy is Jamie's mother, and they use the information to rebuild Jamie into a normal boy. The Doctor then makes sure that the nanogenes rebuild all the people that they have converted, including repairing all the injuries and sicknesses that those in the hospital had previously had. He then sets the capsule to self-destruct, thus fulfilling history. The Doctor then travels to Jack's ship, in the vortex, where the stasis field he is using to keep the German bomb from exploding has a limited lifespan. Their intervention saves his life, and he joins the TARDIS crew as his own ship explodes.

(Placement value 3)

The TARDIS detects an emergency signal and Jack responds to it just before the Doctor and Rose run into the console room. The signal is in the isolated village of Novrosk in Northern Russia. Novrosk is the site of an abandoned naval base. Some Russian soldiers have been sent here to investigate a recent unexplained energy spike. Jack teams up with the soldiers to investigate the decommissioned submarines, the Doctor investigates some unusual local deaths where the victims were drained of their energy with help from the skeleton staff of a nearby research institute and Rose teams up with the local police officer Sofia Barinska. Their investigations discover that a spacecraft is buried underneath the village, and has been killing members of the population by draining their life energy. Barinska has kept herself young thanks to that energy and is responsible for the deaths. The ship is now looking for enough energy to revitalise itself, having received Jack's response to the distress call, and it sends its remote units to drain the energies of all the villagers, soldiers, research staff, and TARDIS crew. However, the Doctor manages to destroy most of the remotes and Jack tricks the others into draining energy from the ship, causing a feedback loop which means that both the ship and the remotes which it powers are drained of energy, as well as the humans it has been keeping alive past their time.

(This features the ninth Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack. As the gap between Boom Town and Bad Wolf is pretty well mapped out, I'm placing it here. This is officially the fourth in the series of ninth Doctor books.)

(Placement value 3)

The Doctor decides to travel to Kegron Pluva, a planet with a mad ecosystem. However, the TARDIS detects a dirty rip engine, a primitive and dangerous time travel device travelling to Bromley in 2005, and the crew decide to investigate. They discover a Neanderthal (called Das) has been taken from his native time by the device and rescue him from the local hospital. The rip engine has damaged his cells, so he cannot survive time travel and be returned to his own time. Jack stays with Das for four weeks to help him adjust to 21st Century life, whilst the Doctor and Rose go to his native time in 29,185 BC to investigate the time machine responsible. They discover the city of Osterburg, a small town of time-travellers whose goal is to investigate pre-human history and discover why the Neanderthals died out. The leader of Osterburg (called Chantal) is, however, secretly intending to breed a new race of super-humans called Hy-Bractors to replace humanity, and lets them loose. In order to protect the local tribe of humans, Rose marries one of them so that they will listen to her telling them to get to a place of safety. Later on, Chantal disconnects Rose's head from her body. The Doctor manages to concoct a short-term genetic upgrade to the local humans and Neanderthals to defeat the Hy-Bractors. He then persuades the survivors of Osterburg to reconnect Rose's body before returning to pick up Jack. The reunited TARDIS crew then hop forwards a couple more weeks to visit Das's wedding.

(This features the ninth Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack. As the gap between Boom Town and Bad Wolf is pretty well mapped out, I'm placing it here. This is officially the fifth in the series of ninth Doctor books.)


The TARDIS arrives in Cardiff to refuel from the scar caused by the closing of the rift in 1869 (The Unquiet Dead). Rose contacts Mickey, asking him to bring her passport. He arrives by train, and joins the three time travellers in a restaurant. However, the Doctor notices a newspaper which has a story about a new Mayor for Cardiff, and the picture is one of the people replaced by a Slitheen (World War Three). They travel to the Town Hall, and manage to capture her. They discover that she's building a nuclear power station on top of the rift. She has a surfboard-type thing that she can use to escape the planet when the power plant explodes as it reaches capacity. They determine to take her to Raxacoricofallapatorius, but the Doctor allows her a last meal (she is fitted with a device of Jack's that stops her from going too far from the Doctor), whilst Rose and Mickey catch up, and Rose discovers that Mickey is now going out with another girl, thanks to Rose being away from Earth for so long. Whilst this is going on, the rift opens, throwing Cardiff into Chaos. Rose, the Doctor, and the Slitheen race back to the TARDIS. The Slitheen takes Rose captive. Her surfboard device has the effect of opening up the soul of the TARDIS, which reverts her to egg form. The Doctor then manages to re-close the rift. Rose then darts back to see Mickey, but doesn't find him. He's been lurking in the shadows, and lets her go. She decides that he deserves better. The TARDIS departs, with its crew intending to place Margaret's egg into the hatchery of a family other than the Slitheen on Raxacoricofallapatorius.

(There are lots of references to unrecorded adventures. It's uncertain how long Jack has been in the TARDIS. He asks about the reason for the Police Box exterior for the first time, but that probably doesn't mean anything.)

(Placement value 3)

The TARDIS arrives in a jungle on a human colony planet. The crew get chucked out of a restaurant for "lying", before booking into a hotel for the night. The Doctor trails a police officer on the trail of people who go "fantasy crazy" - believing that fiction is totally real. However, the police officer is herself fantasy crazy and is not a police officer at all. Meanwhile, Jack goes around the city telling stories (which is illegal, as all fiction is banned and seen as dangerous by society), and eventually gets sent to a prison/asylum (known as the Big White House) for people who believe in fiction, whilst Rose teams up with a youngster who is part of an illegal group of "fiction geeks" who swap fiction that they have written. Rose goes "fiction crazy" and ends up walking into captivity within the asylum. Jack manages to free Rose and they free the prisoners and take the staff hostage. Meanwhile, the Doctor returns to the hotel, meets Domnic, and takes him to the TARDIS. Examining him, he discovers nanoscopic creatures that are interfering with the brain's electrical signals, making dreams seem utterly real - hence people going fantasy crazy. He and Domnic then go to the Big White House and the Doctor begins broadcasting to the whole planet, claiming to be Hal Gryden - the urban legend who people believe has been broadcasting fiction on TV. When the police storm the building, he confronts the Inspector he met earlier, who is not a police officer but believes herself to be one, having become fantasy crazy. This scene affects the whole planet. The Doctor also arranges for the colony to have enough information to synthesise a cure for the micro-organisms. The TARDIS crew then leave the planet.

(This features the ninth Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack. At one point, Rose phones Jackie, who mentions the events of Boom Town. This doesn't necessarily mean that this is after Boom Town from Rose's point of view. but it's easier to place this in the gap between Boom Town and the trip to Raxicoricofallapatorius.)

(Placement value 4)

The TARDIS crew goes to Kyoto, Japan, 1336, and only just escape.

(This is immediately after their trip to Raxacoricofallapatorius and immediately before Bad Wolf.)


The TARDIS crew are just leaving Japan when a transmat beam breaks through into the TARDIS and scoops up the crew. The Doctor materialises on the set of Big Brother, Rose on the set of The Weakest Link, and Captain Jack on the set of a makeover programme. However, all the programmes are fatal - Big Brother evictees, and losers on The Weakest Link are disintegrated, and the robots on the makeover show undertake cosmetic surgery with implements such as a chainsaw.Jack destroys the makeover robots with a gun he had concealed on his person, and the Doctor realises that whoever put him there obviously wants him alive, and uses this to escape.It turns out that he is on Satellite Five 100 years after his last visit. His shutting down the station is [partly] responsible for the society. It is now run by the Bad Wolf corporation. He and Jack meet up, and discover where Rose is. However, they are moments too late to stop Rose from being disintegrated. The Doctor and Jack are arrested, but escape from prison and travel up to the control centre on Floor 500. They find the TARDIS, which gives Jack a clue that Rose has been transmatted rather than disintegrated. Meanwhile, the controller takes advantage of the shielding of a solar flare to tell the Doctor that her masters have been controlling the human race in secret, she snatched the Doctor to destroy them. The Doctor and Jack then override a signal broadcast from the station to mask their fleet - the fleet is a fleet of 200 Dalek ships - half a million Daleks. They have Rose captive, and the Doctor tells them that he will rescue Rose and destroy every single Dalek, and the Daleks mobilise all their forces for a major attack.

The Doctor, having told the station to evacuate, materialises the TARDIS around Rose. He walks out to ask them how they survived the Time War. They discover that the Dalek Emperor's ship survived, and his ship survived and fell through time. He hid himself for centuries, and quietly harvested humanity, picking the best available cells from the dross of humanity to create an army of Daleks. These Daleks have become insane, the Emperor believing itself to be god, and the other Daleks also believing this. As he leaves the Dalek mothership, they begin moving towards Earth, planning to invade it and the station. The Doctor begins attempting to convert the station to generate a delta wave - which will kill all the Daleks. Rose helps him, and Jack leads the remaining occupants of the station in a defence force - hoping to keep them from the Doctor, or at least to delay them long enough for the Doctor to finish. The Doctor then cons Rose into going into the TARDIS, whilst he nips out of it, and then activates an emergency protocol to take her back home so that her life will be saved, the delta wave would destroy all life on Earth as well as the Daleks. The Daleks exterminate Jack and his defence force. The Daleks break through just as the signal is ready, the Emperor Dalek contacts the Doctor and confronts him with the moral dilemma of killing the humans - asking him whether he is a killer or a coward, and talking about him as "the great exterminator". Meanwhile, Rose has realised that the words "Bad Wolf" scattered throughout history are a message that she can get the TARDIS to go back and save the Doctor. She thinks about opening the TARDIS like she saw in Cardiff, and she tells Jackie about her encounter with her father, and that persuades Jackie to call in a favour and get a car recovery lorry to pull it open. It works, and Rose looks into the heart of the TARDIS. She pilots it to where the Doctor is and emerges, having fully seen the time vortex. She has gained godlike powers, and leaves the words "Bad Wolf" scattered throughout time and space. She destroys the Daleks and restores Jack [and possibly the other dead humans on the station] to life. The Doctor kisses Rose, drawing the energy of the time vortex out of her, saving her life. He carries her into the TARDIS, and she wakes up, remembering nothing after looking into the TARDIS. However, the vortex energy causes the Doctor to regenerate...


The newly regenerated Doctor sets a course for Barcelona - heading for 6pm on a Tuesday in October 5006. He examines what his new body feels like, and then has to persuade Rose that he is actually the Doctor - she thinks that the Doctor has been replaced - and he reminds her of the first time she met him. She asks him if he can change back; when he tells her he can't, he asks her if she wants to leave now he's a different person. He then sets the TARDIS to travel to London, the Powell Estate, on the 24th of December. However, something happens to him, which he thinks is his regeneration going wrong, and he begins losing control of some of his actions.

(This follows on immediately from the end of The Parting of the Ways and leads into The Christmas Invasion.)

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