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The Doctor's Biography

The "Merlin" Doctor

These stories feature future or unknown incarnations of the Doctor. The Doctor in most of these future stories is probably the "Merlin" Doctor first seen in a "flashback" (or "flashforward") in the novelisation of Battlefield.

Code Title Type Rating Notes


(The Doctor buries Arthur and Excalibur in the real universe. He leaves a message for his past self.)

Implicit in the plot of Battlefield. Actually shown in the novelisation.


This is the "Merlin Doctor" - he is described in the novelisation.


Good Companions

More Short Trips


This definitely looks like the "Merlin Doctor". He is travelling with Anna.
Tegan appears.



Short Trips and Side Steps


This definitely looks like the "Merlin Doctor". He is travelling with Guin.


The Dalek Factor

Telos Novella


It is unclear which incarnation of the Doctor this is, or what happened to his companion(s) - if any.


The Infinity Doctors

BBC Novel


This is credited as "the Doctor", and it is uncertain where it fits into the timeline. The most likely suggestions are that it is a pre-Hartnell incarnation, the first Doctor, the eighth Doctor, or an "unbound" Doctor.


Scream of the Shalka

BBC Webcast


This webcast features the ninth Doctor played by Richard E Grant. With the announcement of the new series (and the ninth Doctor played by Christopher Eccleston) it is uncertain where (or even if) this story now fits into continuity.

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