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A Biography of the Doctor

The First Doctor

Season Three


The TARDIS lands on a planet in Galaxy 4. The crew discovers two races whose spaceships have crashed on the planet. The monstrous Rills turn out to be friendly, whilst the beautiful Drahvins turn out to be evil. When the various parties discover that the planet is about to disintegrate, the Doctor helps the Rills to re-power their ship and leaves the Drahvins to their fate.

(placement value 4)

The TARDIS arrives on a planet where a Lapino has crash-landed. As Lapinos consume emotions, it tries to force the Doctor and his companions into reactions of fear by killing Steven or Vicki. The Doctor persuades it to instead re-enact a fairy tale, providing the emotion of love. The power is provided by this together with inciting guilt in the Doctor.

(This story features the first Doctor, Steven and Vicki. The Doctor mentions the Chumblies, which sets it between Galaxy 4 and The Myth Makers.)


The TARDIS materialises in the midst of the famous siege of Troy. When the Doctor emerges, he is hailed as Zeus and given two days to win the battle for the Greeks, whilst Steven becomes a warrior in the Greek army. Vicki, however, is still in the TARDIS when it is captured by the Trojans and brought back to Troy. When she emerges, she is hailed as the prophetess Cressida and also given two days to win the battle for Troy. Having fallen in love with Trojan leader Troilus, she is reunited with Steven when he is taken prisoner. Meanwhile, the Doctor finally decides to suggest building the Trojan Horse, which he had believed to have been invented by Homer. In the battle that follows, Steven is wounded. Vicki sends a handmaiden named Katarina to carry Steven back to the TARDIS whilst she stays behind with Troilus. When she enters the TARDIS, Katarina believes that the Doctor is a God and the TARDIS is his temple.


Assessing Steven's wound, the Doctor realises that the TARDIS does not have the equipment to deal with it. [Or, maybe, that he does not know how to use it. Some later stories, particularly the New Adventures, show some pretty powerful and advanced medical technology aboard the TARDIS. Perhaps the Doctor just doesn't know where the equipment is.]

They actually arrive on Kembel in 4000AD, where they discover a recording left by Marc Cory detailing a secret Dalek plan to conquer the galaxy. The Doctor is able to steal the core of a device called the Time Destructor and flee the planet in a stolen spacecraft. When the spacecraft lands on the prison planet Desperus, a convict boards the ship and holds Katarina hostage in the ship's airlock. Katarina manages to open the airlock, ejecting both her and the convict into space. The Doctor is seriously upset by this death, but vows that it should not be in vain.

When the Doctor, Steven, and their new friend Bret Vyon arrive on Earth, they find that Mavic Chen, guardian of the solar system - who is in league with the Daleks - has sent SSS agent Sara Kingdom after them. She kills Vyon and pursues the Doctor and Steven to Mira, home of the invisible Visians, but manage to persuade Sara to join them.

The Doctor, Steven, and Sara are then caught up in a chase through time with the Daleks. They visit 1960's Liverpool at Christmas, 1960's London on New Years Day, an England/Australia cricket match, 1920's Hollywood, and Tigus. On Tigus, they encounter Mortimus, who is seeking revenge on the Doctor for his earlier defeat (The Time Meddler).


Following the visit to 1920s Hollywood, the TARDIS lands on Christmas day in 1885, 1982, 1946, 1931, and in a small Sussex village in 2069. Its next stop is at Christmas in the trenches in 1914. Sara realises that the eight-year-old boy who told them the date in 1885 is in the Trenches and still aged 8 The Doctor then checks the Time Path Indicator and realise that instead of going to random sets of co-ordinates, the TARDIS has been tracking a distress call from a time ship. They track the boy, called Robert, and his time machine to Christmas 1956, where they discover that he stumbled into a time machine with telepathic controls. He had been devastated by the death of his twin brother just after Christmas 1965, and this locked him and the time machine into visiting Christmas throughout history. The machine disguised itself as the eight-year-old Robert. When Robert is woken up from the trance he is in as the pilot of the machine, he grabs the Taranium core from the Doctor's pocket, and it reverts him to the physical age of eight again. He then pretends to be his twin, rewriting his family's history, whilst the Doctor has managed to send the time machine back to where it came from.

(This clearly follows on from The Daleks' Master Plan episode 7, The Feast of Steven)


After a brief trip to ancient Egypt, the TARDIS arrives back on Kembel, where the Doctor uses the Time Destructor to finally defeat the Daleks. Unfortunately, Sara didn't heed the Doctor's warning to keep out of its area of effect. She was aged to death.


The TARDIS materialises in Paris on the 19th of August 1572, just before the infamous St Bartholomew's Day Massacre. The Doctor, [knowing what is about to happen,] leaves Steven with strict instructions to stay out of religion and politics. [He knows that Steven cannot change anything, and merely wants to avoid losing another companion so soon after the shock of losing both Katarina and Sara.] He then pays a visit to the famous apothecary Charles Preslin.

Steven disobeys the Doctor's warning, and rescues a servant girl called Anne Chaplet. He discovers that there is a plot to massacre the Huguenots. He then discovers that the Abbot of Amboise looks identical to the Doctor, and assumes that he is the Doctor in disguise. When the Abbot is killed, Steven is forced to flee, and arrives at Preslin's shop, looking for the TARDIS key. He discovers that the Abbot was merely the Doctor's double. The Doctor then refuses, despite Steven's insistence, to let Anne Chaplet escape with them in the TARDIS. [This decision is probably strongly influenced by the deaths of Katarina and Sara.]


The TARDIS arrives on Wimbledon Common, March 1965. Steven storms out, disgusted at the Doctor's abandonment of Anne. At that point, a girl called Dorothea Chaplette runs into the TARDIS, believing it to be a real police box. Steven, having calmed down, returns to the TARDIS. The Doctor is triumphant, believing that Anne survived and that Dodo is her descendant.

(This is seen on screen at the end of The Massacre. Dodo's side of the story is told in Salvation.)

(placement value 5)

The TARDIS travels to New York City on the same day in 1965. Steven leaves the Doctor again, still upset at the fate of Anne Chaplette. The three travellers quickly discover a race of aliens who appear to be whatever people believe them to be. They become known as The Gods of the Latter Day Pantheon. The Doctor and Dodo help the US Army to discredit these beings by outlining a strategy to weaken belief in them. Steven helps them, believing that, together with his knowledge of the future, the Gods can help humans tremendously. Steven is eventually persuaded by the Doctor that the Gods are dangerous, and so contributes to the Doctor's plan. When the aliens are defeated, the Doctor departs, taking Steven and Dodo with him, having settled his differences with Steven.

(This happens immediately after The Massacre. Dodo's arrival in the TARDIS is an integral part of the plot.)


The TARDIS arrives on The Ark, a giant spacecraft that is evacuating everything from Earth as the sun goes Nova 10 million years in the future. Dodo, however, has a cold. She reintroduces the disease, which had been eradicated millions of years before. As the humans and Monoids on board the ship have no resistance, a plague breaks out. The travellers are put on trial for deliberately spreading the disease. The Doctor manages to find a cure, and the TARDIS leaves.

They re-materialise on board the Ark 700 years later, as it reaches its destination, the planet Refusis. [The TARDIS clearly wanted to show the Doctor that, even if he can't pilot her, she can pilot herself.] They discover that the Monoids have taken control, thanks to the cold epidemic. The Doctor is able to persuade the two races to live in peace with the help of the invisible Refusians who already inhabit the planet.


As the TARDIS materialises, the Doctor vanishes from sight. Dodo suggests that it is the Refusians, but the Doctor claims that it is an attack of some kind. They travellers discover that they are in the realm of the Celestial Toymaker, an old adversary of the Doctor, who makes them perform deadly games. The Doctor is faced with the fiendishly complex Trilogic Game, whilst his companions are subjected to a sequence of increasingly deadly games. The companions and the Doctor manage to escape in the TARDIS, and the Doctor makes the final move in the Trilogic game from the safety of the TARDIS, using the Toymaker's voice. This defeats the Toymaker's strategy - which left the Doctor no way of winning. The Toymaker's domain is apparently destroyed as the TARDIS escapes. Unfortunately, the Doctor has developed a toothache.


The TARDIS arrives in Tombstone, Texas, 1881. The Doctor immediately seeks out a dentist, and finds Doc Holliday. The travellers adopt the aliases Doctor Caligari, Steven Regret, and Miss Dodo Dupont. The Doctor attempts to stop the impending gunfight at the OK Corral, but is unsuccessful. He is, however, named Deputy Sheriff of Tombstone.

(placement value 3)

The TARDIS crew is travelling on a spacecraft bound for Bukol. The Doctor's holographic visa is replaced by that of his sixth self, and he is temporarily jailed. He is eventually released and, in the process, helps catch a shapeshifting criminal called Myklos. During the course of events, he discovers that before he regenerates, he will arrive at the North Pole, to find that something will be arriving...

(This story features the first Doctor, Steven, and Dodo, so it must be set between Salvation and The Savages. The only possible gaps in this period are between Salvation and The Ark, and here. As Dodo is still not familiar with the TARDIS in The Ark, I have placed this story here.)

(placement value 4)

Roztoq from Quinnis finally arrives in the "real" universe, during the first decade of the 20th century. The Doctor is able to track him down and prevent him from causing serious damage to the fabric of space and time.

(This story features the first Doctor, Steven and Dodo, so it must be set between Salvation and The Savages. As Steven recalls having been to Tombstone, it must be here, though it could be either side of Decalog: The Golden Door.)

(placement value 3)

The TARDIS arrives in Kiev a while before the Mongols attack in 1240. The Doctor and companions are quickly separated from the TARDIS, and live amongst the population for "many weeks". Steven is accused of a murder and imprisoned. Meanwhile, Dodo has befriended Lesia, daughter of Yehven, who is advisor to Governor Dmitri. The Doctor soon abandons his plans to avoid interfering when the murders prove to be the actions of an alien creature - he cannot risk the possibility of the Mongols obtaining anachronistic technology. He travels to the Mongol camp to persuade them to spare Kiev. His efforts are unsuccessful, and he returns to the city. As the Mongol army approaches, and plague breaks out, Kiev despairs. Governor Dmitri is turned mad after an encounter with the creature, and Yehven takes command. He, along with most of the population, is killed when the Mongols break through the walls. Meanwhile, Steven, Dodo, and the Doctor track the creature to tunnels underneath the city. They discover that it is programmed to infiltrate and disable military installations; and that it long ago missed its target, landing instead on Earth. It has assumed the people of Kiev to be its enemy. The Doctor is, however, able to disable it and prevent its secrets falling into the wrong hands.

(This story features the first Doctor, Steven, and Dodo - so it must be between Salvation and The Savages. The most recent reference to another story is The Massacre / Salvation, but this appears to have been some time ago on page 17, one day after their arrival. Dodo also appears to have had a variety of adventures before this story. I have, therefore, chosen to place the story towards the end of Steven and Dodo's time on the TARDIS.)


The TARDIS arrives on a planet in the far future that is ruled by the apparently enlightened Elders. The Elders have been watching the Doctor's travels with an unknown technology, and they seek to honour this "traveller from beyond time". The Doctor soon discovers that their society is based on draining the life force of the savages who live outside the Elders' city. The Elders' leader, Jano, drains some of the Doctor's life force, but in the process acquires some of the Doctor's morality. He helps the Savages to destroy the Elders' transference laboratory, and Steven agrees to stay behind and help the two groups rebuild their society.

(It is possible that the Elders are survivors of the Time Lord Empire we see in Father Time, who have obtained their masters' technology after it fell.)

(placement value 5)

The TARDIS arrives in a twisted alternative version of 1804 Paris, ruled by the Dwarf Minski, son of the Marquis de Sade. The Doctor is imprisoned for breaking curfew, whilst Dodo joins a theatre troupe. The Doctor escapes and discovers that he is in a machine based on the real Earth, part of an alien experiment. The Doctor's intervention persuades the aliens to abandon their experiment, and rectify the damage they have done to Earth.

(placement value 4)

The TARDIS materialises on Tarron, in the middle of the demonstration of a new holoprobe, a device that can enhance old holovids. The Doctor and Dodo quickly come to the attention of the local media, and the Doctor claims that the holoprobe cannot possibly work in the way its creators claim it does. Realising that a spate of recent murders points to the founding of the colony, he investigates the ruling Azmec Corporation. He proves that their holoprobe is actually a time travel device, and they have accidentally brought forward cultists from the founding days of the colony. This, together with the revelation that their rule of the colony is based on an ancient fraud, leads to their downfall and anarchy on the colony. The Doctor and Dodo leave uncertain how valuable their intervention was.

(This story features the first Doctor and Dodo, so it must happen in this gap. There is no indication where it fits relative to the other stories in the gap.)

(placement value 4)

The TARDIS lands on what appears to Dodo to be an ugly world. Investigating, she discovers a beautiful crystal grove. The Doctor finds it, and her, and starts destroying the crystal creatures there. When Dodo protests the Doctor pilots the TARDIS into space and shows her that the planet is beautiful, but infected by a crystal plague.

(This story features the first Doctor and Dodo, so it must happen in this gap. There is no indication where it fits relative to other stories in the gap.)


The TARDIS arrives in London 1966, where the Doctor senses evil in the Post Office Tower. He visits the tower to find that a Professor Brett has built WOTAN (the Will-Operating Thought Analogue), a super-computer that can think for itself. He intends to link WOTAN up with other major computers around the world on C-Day. It actually intends to use robots it has created to take over the world. Dodo meets Brett's secretary, Polly Wright, and Seaman Ben Jackson. When WOTAN hypnotises Dodo, she is sent away to recover. Ben and Polly help the Doctor to defeat the War Machine robots.

The Doctor disables one War Machine by using a magnetic force field, reprograms it, and sends it to destroy WOTAN. He returns to the TARDIS to wait for Dodo, only to be told by Ben and Polly that she has decided to stay behind. The two enter the TARDIS moments before it dematerialises, joining the Doctor on his travels.

(There is a big question as to why the Doctor's scientific credentials are unquestioned in this story. Two plausible theories have been suggested. The first says that the Doctor became known amongst the scientific community whilst repairing the TARDIS in the months before An Unearthly Child. The second says that the Doctor checked what had happened to the Hand of Omega during this story. He came across a message from his seventh incarnation saying that the Hand had already been dealt with. This also contained credentials signed by Captain Gilmore. If the latter theory is correct, it may explain why the Doctor knew that Harry's wife had twins in Remembrance of the Daleks. Perhaps both theories are true.)

(placement rating 2)

During these events, the Doctor is snatched up by Borusa as part of his plans to gain immortality. He meets three of his future incarnations and helps defeat Borusa's plans.

(There is no definite way to place this story. The Witch Hunters implies that this happens towards the end of the first Doctor's life. See the notes on the next entry for the information it gives there.)

(placement rating 2)

Following the Death Zone Affair, Rassilon allows the first Doctor to travel to his own past and lay to rest some matters that have been bothering him. He takes Rebecca Nurse from prison for a couple of hours and shows her how history commemorates the Salem witch-hunt.

(The epilogue to this story happens straight after The Five Doctors. The Doctor suggests that he is getting towards the end of his first life. He also signs himself Benjamin Jackson, which suggests that this happens after The War Machines. On the other hand, he muses that all his travelling companions have left him. However, in The War Machines, he does not know that Dodo has left until Ben and Polly have arrived at the TARDIS. I speculate that the two stories happen during The War Machines, after he has met Ben, but before Ben and Polly become permanent companions.)

(placement rating 1)

At Jane Grey's execution, an unidentified old man leaves the crowd and helps Jane face the end.

(Jane's execution takes place at least 15 months after the main body of the story. If this is the first Doctor, then it has to have been in the same place as The Witch Hunters. It also seems likely that he would want to do this as much as the trip with Rebecca Nurse.)

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