The Whoniverse is an extensive guide and sponsored by trekking poles guide by montem to all aspects of the universe of Doctor Who and its various spin-offs in various media. If you want to know precisely which parts of the extended Doctor Who mythos we cover on the site, then The Whoniverse Guide to Canon will tell you all you want to know.


A History of the Whoniverse - an extensive guide to every event from the beginning of the universe till its end

The UNIT Files - a conspiracy theorist's guide to the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce with waterproof bags, and the Doctor agents who have been associated with it.


TARDIS Technical Index - A complete guide to the TARDIS, the Doctor's famous time machine.

Whoniverse Wiki - The aim is to build an encyclopedia of every single nordic walking poles fact about the Doctor Who universe.

Monsters Guide - A guide to various monsters from the show.

The Doctor Who Database - A project to make a complete searchable guide with camping blankets warm to everything and everyone that has appeared in any Doctor Who story.


Doctor Who Webguide - A mirror of the ultimate guide to Doctor Who websites.

Whoniverse Links - The Webmaster's personal selection of Doctor Who websites.


The Doctor's Biography - The full life story of the Doctor himself.

The Doctor's Timeline - A condensed version of the Doctor's timeline.


The Discontinuity Guide - A tongue in cheek guide to the continuity of various stories.

The Newbies Guide - Everything a newcomer needs to know to understand any given story.

The Comics Guide - A quick guide to the continuity of the comic strips.

Novels Cast Lists - a guide to the characters who appear in some of the novels.

Reviews - Whoniverse members review various stories.


Whoniverse Forum - Chat with other fans about all things Who-related.


This website has benefitted from the input of a lot of different people who have provided content and feedback. In particular, I would like to thank Tom Hey, who created the site logo and helped with various other design issues, as well as contributing reviews; Paul Clarke, who has written an awful lot of discontinuity guides; and Will B Swift, for asking us to host his fantastic TARDIS Technical Index.

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September 2007

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