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A Biography of the Doctor

The Second Doctor

Season Six


The TARDIS arrives on the peaceful planet Dulkis, landing in an area affected by nuclear weapons many years before. They soon discover that a spacecraft has landed nearby. It contains three Dominators, and their robotic servants the Quarks. The Doctor warns the natives, who decide not to take action. The Dominators arrange to take Dulcians offworld as slaves, whilst the Doctor discovers their plan to turn Dulkis into radioactive fuel. The Doctor manages to find the device the Dominators are using and place it on their ship. When it explodes, it destroys the ship, but leaves the planet unharmed. However, this starts a major lava flow...


The lava causes the fluid links to begin overheating. The Doctor prevents a crisis, but is forced to use an emergency unit to jump out of the time-space continuum. Visions of the Scottish highlands and Zoe's home city appear on the scanners, tempting them outside into a white void. The Doctor, influenced by a voice inside his head, goes to find them, and brings them back into the TARDIS. He attempts to leave, but the TARDIS bursts apart. Jamie and Zoe end up hanging onto the TARDIS console whilst it is spinning in a black void. The TARDIS crew then "wake up" into a new environment. They face a variety of characters from fiction. They are able to destroy many of them simply by refusing to believe in their existence, and defeat others by wordplay, being in the land of fiction. They finally meet the master of the land, who wants the Doctor to take his place, as he is getting old. The Doctor is able to start rewriting some of the events going on around him. Eventually, the computer controlling everything in the land is overloaded by the actions of the Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe, and the Doctor and companions find themselves back in the suddenly re-formed TARDIS.


The re-formed TARDIS arrives above the dark side of Earth's moon. It is quickly targeted by a missile, and dematerialises, only to re-materialise on Earth in the 20th Century. However, recent events have damaged the visual stabiliser, turning the exterior invisible. The Doctor seeks out Professor Travers to help repair the circuit. However, Travers' house is occupied by Professor Watkins and his niece, Isobel Watkins. The professor has recently disappeared, possibly in connection with his employer, electronics company International Electromatics. After investigating, the Doctor and Jamie are abducted by the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT), headed by Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, now promoted to Brigadier.

The Doctor soon discovers that Tobias Vaughn, IE's managing director, has been working with the Cybermen. He has been planning to control them using the cerebration mentor on which Watkins has been working. The Cybermen plan to use micro-monolithic circuits hidden in IE technology to send the population to sleep, but the Doctor creates devices that will enable UNIT to escape this effect. UNIT then arranges for missiles to destroy the Cybermen ships. The Cybermen react to this by deciding to use a massive bomb. This makes Vaughn switch sides. The Doctor and Vaughn then use the cerebration mentor to defeat the Cybermen, though Vaughn is killed. UNIT then use missiles to destroy the bomb and the final Cybermen ship. The Doctor and companions, having repaired the faulty TARDIS circuit, return to the TARDIS and continue their travels.

(placement value 3)

The TARDIS follows an emergency signal, apparently sent by the Doctor's own TARDIS. It materialises on the starship Hope in the far distant future. Hope contains a group of robots called the Guardians and relics of the last humans. It is travelling to seed a new world with human DNA. The ship is attacked by an evil species called the Other. The Doctor examines one, and discovers that it used to be human. As a last resort, the Guardians destroy the ship to prevent the Other getting their hands on the pure human DNA. They give the Doctor an artefact called the Face of Humanity to save something. The Doctor drops it off on his next stop, millions of years before it was created.

(This story features the second Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe. Zoe recalls a visit to the 1960s, presumably a reference to The Invasion.)


The TARDIS arrives on an unnamed planet inhabited by the Gonds. The Gonds have been ruled by the Krotons for generations, in fact ever since the Krotons crashed on the planet. The Krotons had been draining the mental energy from the brightest Gonds to re-power their ship. The Krotons realise that the Doctor and Zoe have enough mental energy to fully re-power their ship. However, the Doctor manages to destroy them and their ship by using sulphuric acid. He and his companions then slip away


The TARDIS arrives on Earth in the 21st Century, an era when T-mat, a system of teleportation, has replaced space travel. The Doctor and companions soon end up on the moon, where a vital T-Mat relay centre is located. They discover that the moon has been attacked by Ice Warriors. The Ice Warriors successfully use T-mat to spread seed pods around Earth. They explode, and the fumes produce a deadly fungus. The Doctor, however, deduces that the fungus can be destroyed by water, and uses weather control systems to destroy it. He also creates a duplicate homing beacon to draw an approaching Martian fleet towards the Sun. When the last of the Ice Warriors on the moon are killed, the Doctor and his companions leave quietly.

(placement value 5)

The TARDIS lands on the planet Kalaya in the year 2204. The planet is a battlefield between the humans and the Selachians. Zoe is captured by the Selachians, whilst the Doctor and Jamie join up with the Terran Security Forces. Jamie joins TSF in an attack on the Selachian base, but the Selachians leave the planet. During this, Jamie is injured and has to undergo intensive medical treatment for three days. The Doctor tries to delay the human commander from using a new bomb that would destroy the Selachians home planet, where Zoe is. He persuades him to take a team to the planet to verify that the Selachians have lots of prisoners. However, he is forced to betray the humans when they start slaughtering civilians. He is captured, and placed in the same prison camp as Zoe. The two escape, and find their way back to the ship. However, the Selachians have discovered the humans' hidden T-Mat, and travelled to the humans' lead ship. Taking control of it, they decide to use the second bomb on the ship to destroy Earth. However, a remaining crew member manages to blow up the bomb in transit, destroying the ship, and the Doctor and his companions narrowly escape.

(The Doctor's musings in the epilogue suggest that he learns here that it is possible to tamper with the details of history without damaging the fabric of space-time. The main story is some time before the epilogue.)

(placement value 3)

The TARDIS almost collides with an object in the vortex. The Doctor performs a materialisation flip-flop to avoid the collision. The TARDIS lands inside the object, a hotel created by the Second Empire. Its inhabitants have been living there for the last year to avoid paying tax. However, the hotel has been deliberately cut off and, without shielding, the inhabitants have faded into ghosts, subject to periodic time shifts. Zoe changes the course of events before the Doctor realises what has happened and leaves. However, the TARDIS and its crew leave behind their own ghosts, trapped in the hotel.

(This features the second Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe. Zoe's thoughts include a reference to the Ice Warriors, so it's probably after The Seeds of Death.)

(placement value 3)

Whilst the TARDIS is in flight, there is the sound of someone knocking on the door. The Doctor opens the doors, and discovers that it is a double glazing salesman. The Doctor initially tries to get rid of the salesman, but becomes interested when the salesman points out that the window offers a choice of any view in the universe.

(This features the second Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe. The Doctor's mention of phantoms might suggest that this happens before Decalog 2: Vortex of Fear. However, in that story, Zoe is unaware of time winds, and has definitely not experienced them, which she does here.)

(placement value 3)

The TARDIS arrives on Mars, where the crew find a Millets tent. The Doctor begins clearing it away when a probe from Earth is about to land. The probe loses contact with Earth after hitting the TARDIS.

(This features the second Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe. Jamie mentions the Ice Warriors, so it's probably after The Seeds of Death.)


The TARDIS materialises inside a beacon in the middle of space. They quickly end up on the Liz-79, a spacecraft belonging to miner Milo Clancey. Clancey is being pursued on suspicion of being involved with a group of pirates. Clancey repairs his ship on Ta, which Zoe calculates as the base of the pirates. The Doctor and his companions eventually discover that the pirates are operating in conjunction with Madeleine Issigri, owners of the Issigri Mining Corporation. They eventually arrange for Madeleine to be brought to justice, and the Doctor and companions are given a lift back to the TARDIS in the Liz.

(placement value 5)

The TARDIS arrives in the city of the knights of Kubaris. The city is built on top of an ancient genetics laboratory. There are three created species living beneath the city, as well as an engineered killer race, the Mecrim. The experiments were abandoned when a gut microbe caused disease. This caused an anti-science culture above ground. Zoe ends up attached to a freak show, where she discovers and helps defeat a Mecrim. Jamie helps expose the secret Brotherhood of Rexulon, and the Doctor makes contact with the subterranean species. Events lead to the three species making proper contact with the surface dwellers.

(This happens immediately after The Space Pirates, as the TARDIS crew have only just returned to the TARDIS on board the Liz.)

(placement value 3)

The Doctor arrives in an alien prison disguised as an English country home. He escapes, pursued by the guards. Meanwhile, the alien prisoners all die, killing each other. The Doctor destroys the androids, contacts the wardens, and asks them to shut down the prison.

(This features the second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe.)

(placement value 3)

The Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe arrive on Earth shortly after the Dalek invasion. They meet a young Wayne Redfern, who is on clear-up duty in New York City.

(This is the final chapter of The Final Sanction, and appears to happen some time after that story.)


The TARDIS arrives on a World War I battlefield. When the Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe eventually escape, only to encounter a Roman legion. The Doctor discovers that a race known as the Aliens have been kidnapping humans from different time zones to create the ultimate soldier. The Doctor allies with rebel factions in various zones, and manages to shut down the operation. Unable to return the groups to their native time, the Doctor is forced to contact his own people, the Time Lords.

(placement value 4)

The eighth Doctor visits his past to recover lost memories. He encourages his past self to contact the Time Lords to help get all the kidnapped parties back home.

(The second Doctor segment happens between scenes of The War Games. It happens while the Doctor is pondering whether to call the Time Lords for help.)


The Time Lords return the War Lords' captives to their native times and places.

(placement value 4)

Whilst the Time Lords are busy returning all the War Lords' specimens back to their native times and places, the Doctor and his companions make an escape bid. He discovers a planet populated by an aggressive wolf-like species.

(This happens after the arrival of the Time Lords in The War Games and before the Doctor's trial.)


The Time Lords try the Aliens, and the Doctor. The Aliens are time-looped. Jamie and Zoe are returned to their native eras with their memories wiped of their travels. The Doctor is sentenced to regeneration and exile on Earth.

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