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A Biography of the Doctor

The Third Doctor

Season Eleven


UNIT investigate the disappearances of several top scientists. To prevent further disappearances, they gather other scientists together in one place. One of those gathered together is journalist Sarah-Jane Smith, who is posing as her aunt Lavinia. The Doctor detects the Sontaran Linx, who has been taking scientists back to medieval Wessex. Meanwhile, Sarah has stowed away on the TARDIS. She is captured and Linx realises that she is from the future before she escapes. The Doctor discovers the prisoners, and that Linx was shot down, and is trying to repair his spacecraft. The Doctor is able to free the imprisoned scientists and return them to their native time. Meanwhile, Linx finishes the repairs to his ship and leaves Earth.

(Placement value 5)

Both UNIT and Sarah investigate a death at the new (not yet opened) Space World theme park. However, Sarah's editor forces her to work with a totally inept photographer called Jeremy. The Doctor quickly discovers that Space World's Experienced Reality is a highly addictive alien technology. Eventually, the owners of the park admit to their alien origins, and claim to be merely trying to open trade relations between Earth and the Parakon Corporation. When Sarah is kidnapped, the Doctor (with the Brigadier and Jeremy) travels to what he thinks is Parakon's home world to find her. He discovers himself on a war-torn world whose weapons come from the Parakon Corporation. He then travels to Parakon, where the population waste their days in ER simulations, whilst the miracle plant Rapine provides for their needs. Recovering Sarah, the travellers discover that Rapine has devastated Parakon's farmland. They also discover that it has caused social breakdown on other worlds that used it. Allying with dissidents, they are able to shut down the worst excesses of ER before leaving the planet.

(This story is set between The Time Warrior and Invasion of the Dinosaurs - even though there appears to be no gap between the two stories.)

The Doctor and Sarah take another trip in the TARDIS.

(We have to assume this in order to fit The Paradise of Death into this gap.)


The TARDIS materialises in a completely deserted London. The Doctor and Sarah discover that UNIT has arranged the evacuation of London because of Dinosaur attacks. The Doctor theorises that the Dinosaurs are deliberately being brought forward in time. Sarah investigates the scientist Whittaker, who has written about time travel and some cold-war bunkers. She is captured and hypnotised. She awakes on what appears to be a spacecraft three months out from Earth. This craft contains colonists who are planning to create a new human society free from pollution. She soon realises that three months have not passed, and eventually persuades the other passengers of the truth. Meanwhile, the Doctor has discovered that those behind the dinosaur attacks are planning to roll back time to a golden age of history, where the colonists can restart human civilisation. The Doctor is too late to stop the process beginning, but interferes with the machinery - sending the plot's instigators, Whittaker and Grover, into the past. The Brigadier offers Mike Yates, who had been involved in the plot, the opportunity for a quiet exit from UNIT. The Doctor tries to persuade Sarah to join him on a holiday trip to Florana.


The Doctor and Sarah are travelling to Florana when there is a power failure. The TARDIS materialises, and the Doctor has to open the TARDIS doors with a crank handle and use an oil lamp to see. The TARDIS has landed on Exxilon, the only source of Parrinium, the cure to a galactic disease. Humans have landed there to obtain a supply, as have the Daleks who created the plague. The power drain was created by the famous living Exxilon city, which expelled its creators. The Doctor manages to destroy the city, whilst one of the humans sacrifices himself to destroy the Dalek ship. The humans leave with adequate supplies of Parrinium and the Doctor and Sarah also leave the planet.

(Placement value 5)

The Brigadier visits his Italian uncle Mario's castello on the island of San Stefano Minore at the same time as Sarah and Jeremy are on a holiday in the region. Mario has been having trouble with the Mafia and with ghostly monsters. The Brigadier calls the Doctor to help, and he arrives in the TARDIS. The Doctor constructs a machine to probe into null-space (N-Space), a realm closely connected to our own, where perceptions affect reality. The barrier between the two has been breached in the past, and is currently unstable. The Doctor and Sarah journey into N-Space, where they discover two significant breaches - one connected to a poltergeist in 1818, and one connected to an alchemist in 1504. The Doctor and Sarah decide to visit the two eras to try to stop the breach from occurring. They start with 1818, where Sarah befriends Louisa, a 15-year old girl who is fated to become a well-known ghost of the castello. During this trip, they realise that the Mafia boss, Max Vilmio, must be the alchemist from 1504 - as his N-Space servant attempts to kill the Doctor.

When the Doctor and Sarah arrive in 1504, they discover that Vilmio intends to unite his body and his N-form, making him immortal. He might also be able to gain immense power in N-Space that he can use to take over the world. The Doctor manages to prevent him from doing this, and seals him in N-Space before leaving. They then realise that he must get out of N-Space in 1818. They attempt to prevent this, but are too late to prevent Louisa becoming a ghost or Vilmio's release.

Returning to the present, the Doctor is unable to stop Vilmio re-entering N-Space at exactly the time the rift re-opens. The Doctor and Sarah travel into N-Space to defeat Vilmio, and are successful. However, Sarah stays too long, helping Louisa's N-form to escape to a higher plane. This means that the Doctor cannot permanently close the rift in time. However, he is able to trick Vilmio into absorbing other N-forms to the point that switching on the Doctor's N-Space machinery destroys him.

(The TARDIS is still recovering from its energy being drained in Death to the Daleks.)

(Placement value 3)

The Doctor is driving in Bessie when he is kidnapped by Borusa's time scoop. He finds himself in Gallifrey's Death Zone, where he meets his first, second, and fifth incarnations. He is forced to play the Game of Rassilon, before being returned to his own time.

(The Third Doctor recognises Sarah, so it has to be after The Time Warrior. Other than this, there is no indication of when in the Doctor's timeline this takes place.)

The Doctor builds a new futuristic car. He also starts a research project into the psychic potential of humans [after discovering that the Brigadier was able to briefly resist the will of a Time Lord in the Death Zone].

(The Whomobile is seen in Planet of the Spiders, although the Doctor is still using Bessie. We also see the research project in Planet of the Spiders.)

(Placement value 3)

(This is the third Doctor visiting Victoria, and he can control the TARDIS, so it's after The Three Doctors.)


The TARDIS travels to Peladon, 50 years after the Doctor's last visit. Peladon is an important source of the mineral trisilicate, needed to fight the terrorist organisation Galaxy 5. The miners are protesting against new mining equipment. Federation troops are called in, and Ice Warrior forces quickly arrive and place Peladon under martial law. However, Sarah has already seen an Ice Warrior in the mines and so the Ice Warriors are not the troops that were summoned. It transpires that the Ice Warriors and some of the engineers installing the new equipment plan to sell the trisilicate to Galaxy 5. The Doctor tames the fabled beast Aggedor, and Aggedor and the miners attack the Ice Warriors, defeating them. At the Doctor's suggestion, Queen Thalira appoints the miners' leader as her adviser. Meanwhile, Galaxy 5 decide that without the trisilicate, they will have to make peace.

(Galaxy 5 are revealed to be only a terrorist organisation in Legacy.)

Prologue to ALIEN BODIES
Placement rating: 4

The Doctor tells Sarah that he wants to conduct a funeral. Over a period of over an hour, he makes over 100 short hops before finding the rocket he is looking for. He materialises around the capsule containing Laika, the dog that was sent into space in Sputnik 2, just before it is due to re-enter Earth's atmosphere. He then takes the TARDIS to the planet Quiescia in the system furthest from Earth in its galaxy - a planet with no native life forms. He buries Laika there, before travelling to an entirely different galaxy.

(This was immediately after their trip to Peladon, according to Interference: Book One, page 262.)

(Placement value 4)

The Doctor discovers an unexpected door in the TARDIS and decides to explore. He discovers his eighth incarnation apparently dying, surrounded by temporal equations marked in his own blood. The eighth Doctor appears to have made a mistake in his calculations and crossed his own timeline. The Doctor returns to the console room, which has started dripping blood - terrifying Sarah. The TARDIS then materialises on the planet Dust in the far future. A group called the Remote have been causing trouble on the planet, and a travelling showman called I.M. Foreman has arrived with a freak-show - 11 beings who have pushed their genetic envelope to the limit. The remote attack, capture the town whilst the Doctor and Sarah retreat into I.M. Foreman's tent. However, the Remote have (unknowingly) summoned a Faction Paradox warship.

(Placement value 4)

I.M. Foreman reveals that he is an ancient Gallifreyan, that the other members of the freakshow are his future incarnations, and that the show is a sort of TARDIS that can draw other time travellers - like it did in 1963. Meanwhile, the leader of the remote - actually a former Father of Faction Paradox called Fitz Kreiner - threatens to kill the townspeople unless I.M. Foreman surrenders. In response, Foreman releases Number 13 - his thirteenth incarnation - which is pure lifeforce, and wants to absorb everything around it. Number 13 destroys the Remote. The Doctor and Sarah flee to the TARDIS, and arrange for Foreman's first twelve incarnations to be sent back to ancient Gallifrey. They are mortally wounded, each one regenerates and loses their memory shortly before their first incarnation met them all. The Doctor then persuades number 13 to merge itself with Dust, becoming the planet's ecosystem. However, one of the townspeople shoots the Doctor - fatally - and the Doctor regenerates. This change to his timeline enables him to become infected with a virus released by the Faction Paradox warship overhead. The virus won't change anything about the Doctor until his seventh or eighth incarnation, when he will begin to become an agent of Faction Paradox.

(This adventure takes place two trips after The Monster of Peladon. However, it is a change to the Doctor's timeline, and causes his regeneration to happen early. It is unclear precisely what changes this makes to event in Planet of the Spiders and any other stories between The Monster of Peladon and Robot.)


The Doctor investigates the psychic powers of the stage magician Clegg, which turn out to be genuine. Clegg is killed by fright when he looks into a crystal from Metebelis 3 and sees spiders. Meanwhile, Sarah investigates goings on in a Buddhist monastery in Mummerset which Yates has been at. She discovers that a group are summoning giant spiders. The crystal is stolen by an unknown man. The Doctor and Sarah visit the monastery. Whilst the Doctor is talking to someone, Sarah discovers another ceremony transported to Metebelis 3. The Doctor follows in the TARDIS, and the two meet the humans of the planet. They are slaves of the spiders, who mutated into intelligent giants after arriving with the humans centuries ago. The Doctor is captured by the spiders to travel back to Earth and retrieve the crystal. The Doctor and Sarah return to Earth, where they meet the Abbot - K'Anpo Rimpoche - who taught the Doctor on Gallifrey. K'Anpo persuades the Doctor to take the crystal to the spiders. He returns the crystal, which has the effect of destroying the Spider leader's mind. However, the Doctor is severely affected by radiation from the crystal and others like it. This causes him to slowly begin regeneration. His trip back to Earth takes ten years, whilst three weeks pass on Earth. When he returns, he finally regenerates, with the help of the regenerated K'Anpo, in front of the Brigadier and Sarah.

(The Doctor's trip back to Earth is said to have taken ten agonising years on page 95 of Love and War.)

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