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A Biography of the Doctor

The Second Doctor


The new Doctor is very different from his blustery old self. So different, indeed, that, initially, his companions Ben and Polly could not believe that it was the same man. Indeed, the Doctor, in his post-regeneration state, referred to his first self as an entirely different person. It seems that the only things he shares with his predecessor are his insatiable curiosity, wide range of knowledge, and general morality.

Whereas the first Doctor was content to explore the universe, the second believes that he has not just a right, but a duty to interfere in the cause of good. He takes pleasure in interfering. Even when his own people tried him for interference, he was unrepentant for the marks he has left in history. In fact, he even berated the Time Lords for their refusal to interfere.

He is also different from his first incarnation in the way he operates. When the first Doctor interfered in a situation, he took command. The second Doctor, however, is a backseat driver. He controls the situation by manipulation, giving just enough information for those he encounters to win through on their own. This is emphasised by his habit of tomfoolery (most marked in the period soon after his regeneration, but there at other times as well). Hiding behind the facade of foolery, the second Doctor is easily able to lull his foes into a false sense of security as they underestimate him. He is also a master of disguise, a talent that he particularly exercised in his early years.

Another difference in his persona is that, whereas the first Doctor was like a distant grandfather to his companions; the second allows himself to get closer to his companions, showing great affection. Even so, he is not above manipulating them, when it suits his purposes.

This doctor has very little patience with or respect for authority, being decidedly anarchistic. He also avoids physical violence. On those occasions where violence is needed, he usually leaves it to his companion Jamie. He also carries, and plays, a recorder that, he claims, helps him to think. He also doesn't care about possessions, not even the blue ring that was the first Doctor's pride and joy.


This incarnation of the Doctor is short, has a moptop of hair, and a face that doesn't stand still. His clothing is, if anything, a parody of his predecessor's. He wears a pair of very baggy checked trousers, a disreputable old frock coat, and a spotted bow tie. He also has a stovepipe hat, which he soon discards. His coat pockets are, however, full of an amazing variety of "useless junk". Two of these items of particular note are his sonic screwdriver and his 500-year diary.

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