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The Doctor's Biography

The following pages contain a very brief "biography" of the Doctor. It lists all the appearances of the Doctor in the order they occur in his timeline. This page includes explanatory notes on this "biography".

This page:

What is included? What do the columns mean?

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What is included?

The TV series (including Shada, and the 1996 TV movie, but not Dimensions in Time), published unused scripts (the 3 missing season stories, The Masters of Luxor). BBC and Virgin novels. Big Finish Audios, radio stories (Slipback, The Paradise of Death, The Ghosts of N-Space), and The Pescatons. The Eighth Doctor Radio Times comic strips. Unrecorded adventures mentioned in any of the above that are quite easy to place.

I have included many incidents from Who Killed Kennedy in this list even though they are not, strictly speaking, part of the Doctor's timeline. They are, however, simultaneous with many of the major events of the Third Doctor's exile. This means that they do correspond to the Doctor's timeline.

I have not included any other stories that do not feature the Doctor, as these do not fit into his personal timeline in any way, shape, or form.

I have grouped stories by season. For televised stories this is simple. For other stories, I have made up (sometimes arbitrary) seasons, often with titles. These include a few seasons in between the televised ones.

What do all the columns mean?


I have assigned a code to each story for reference purposes. Stories from the classic television series have their official production code. As the new series simply refers to episodes by either their title or as, for example, "episode 1", I've made up codes for the new series stories. Other codes are defined as follows:

NAXX - Virgin New Adventure number XX

MAXX - Virgin Missing Adventure number XX

PDXX - BBC Books Past Doctor Adventure number XX

EDXX - BBC Books Eighth Doctor Adventure number XX

NDXX - BBC Books Ninth Doctor Adventure number XX

BFXX - Big Finish Audio Adventure number XX

DEC1 - Story from Decalog

DEC2 - Story from Decalog 2

DEC3 - Story from Decalog 3

ST1 - Story from Short Trips

ST2 - Story from More Short Trips

ST3 - Story from Short Trips and Side Steps

STXX - Story from Big Finish's Short Trips Collections

WKK - Incident from Who Killed Kennedy

MSX - Story X from the original, unfilmed, Season 23

OD - Story from the BBC audio Out of Darkness

EB - Story from the BBC audio Earth and Beyond

RT - The Radio Times Eighth Doctor comic strips

TVM - The 1996 TV movie (Enemy Within)


I have included a story title for all stories. For broadcast stories, I have mostly chosen the final title (though one or two early stories have a more widely used title). I have used the semi-official title Enemy Within for the 1996 TV movie. For novels and audios, I have used the title on the cover. For short stories, I have used the story title, and ignored the title of the collection. For the new series, I have listed each episode separately under it's own title.


For televised stories, this gives the number of episodes. Otherwise, it tells you what sort of story it is (e.g. BBC Novel). For flashbacks, cameos, unrecorded adventures, and guest appearances in another Doctor's story, this tells you what sort of appearance the Doctor makes.


This tells you how certain the placement of the story is. I borrowed (and revised) this system from a far less comprehensive list of stories on an unmaintained (and probably dead by now) website.

5 - the story can be placed absolutely. It is either part of the ongoing series (Classic TV series, New Adventures, TV Movie, Eighth Doctor Adventures, New Series), or it is clearly stated on, for example, the cover blurb, which stories (at least in the ongoing series) it is set between. This rating is, however, not used when there is evidence that stories happened in a different order to screening or [intended] publication date within its series.

4 - the only place the story fits is here. The Doctor and companions featured are only together in this particular gap between stories in the continuing series. This rating still applies if the Doctor/Companion group featured is not unique to one gap, but there are clear references to other stories which force the story to be in a particular gap.

3 - the story can be placed between a range of other stories. We know which Doctor and companion(s) we are dealing with. However, even taking into account references to other stories, we cannot be absolutely certain of the placing.

2 - the story features a particular Doctor, but the absence of companions and references means that we cannot be certain of the placement

1 - there is so little information that we cannot even be sure which Doctor it is (or even if it is the Doctor).


This covers practically everything else. I have generally noted the following information:

  • Explanations of my placement, except for rating 5 stories (including, where relevant, a mention of the most recent story to which a reference is made)
  • Places where there is a direct link between stories. If you intend to write Doctor Who fiction of any kind, I strongly advise you not to try and place a story in one of these gaps.
  • Places where there is definitely a lengthy gap between stories. These are good places to put your Doctor Who fiction.
  • Mention of when companions join or leave the TARDIS, and whenever companions (and a few other important recurring characters) make guest appearances (before or after they have been living on the TARDIS). These references are in light bold.

  • Any other explanatory notes.
The First Doctor The Second Doctor The Third Doctor
The Fourth Doctor The Fifth Doctor The Sixth Doctor
The Seventh Doctor The Eighth Doctor The Ninth Doctor
The "Merlin" Doctor

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