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A Biography of the Doctor

The Second Doctor

Season Six-b

Before the Doctor's sentence is enacted, the CIA send him on a number of missions. To begin with, he is travelling on his own, Jamie and Zoe having already been returned to their own times. Before this series of missions, the Time Lords may have carried out extensive repairs to the Doctor's TARDIS to ensure it worked and, possibly, to fit a tracking device and Stattenheim remote control.

(There are a number of reasons for suggesting this. Firstly, the Doctor ages from 450 to around 750 between Tomb of the Cybermen and The Pyramids of Mars. Although this could be accounted for by trips on his own during his time with UNIT, it makes more sense for the bulk of it to be here. In The Five Doctors, the second Doctor remembers what happened to Jamie and Zoe in The War Games, so it must be after his trial. In The Two Doctors, the second Doctor has been sent on a mission by the Time Lords, who he had no contact with before The War Games. In both stories, he is also able to control his TARDIS - which he could never do before, and in The Two Doctors he has a Stattenheim remote control - which the sixth Doctor claims he always wanted.)

(placement value 3)

The Time Lords from the third Doctor's era take the second Doctor out of his timestream in order to help the third Doctor defeat Omega. With advice from the first Doctor, the two are successful.

(The only indication of what point the Doctor is from is that he remembers The Invasion. It is possible that his reprieve is because of these Time Lords from his future, rather than the ones at his trial. However, as there are irregularities between what we see of his trial on screen and later accounts, this is the less likely explanation.)

(placement value 4)

The Doctor visits a UNIT reunion in the 1980s. Whilst he is catching up with the Brigadier, the two are kidnapped by a time scoop. They arrive in the Death Zone on Gallifrey, where they meet up with the Doctor's first, third, and fifth incarnations and some of their companions. Aided by Rassilon, they defeat a plot by President Borusa to gain immortality. The Doctor is then returned to his own timestream.

(The Doctor remembers Jamie and Zoe's fate from The War Games.)

(placement value 2)

The Doctor visits Earth, where he tracks down a boy with the ability to absorb others' pain, taking it away from them. With the help of a local girl, he finds the boy in the clutches of a woman who is abusing his power, to the point where it will kill him. The boy eventually releases his pain, and that of the girl, into the woman - killing her. The Doctor subsequently takes the boy to safety.

(There is no indication when in the Doctor's timeline this happens. However, it seems quite likely that the Doctor is travelling alone.)

(placement value 3)

The Doctor visits Earth, where he becomes scientific advisor to a film about the Cybermen invasion of the late 1960s. Working on behalf of the Brigadier, he spreads misinformation about the invasion. The Doctor discovers that the producer's daughter, Kate, has been implanted with Cyberman technology. He discovers that she has been used to spy on the film by a Cyber infiltration unit. He forces the unit to flee, removes the implant from Kate and restores what it has destroyed in terms of memories.

(The Doctor is travelling alone, and remembers The Invasion.)

(placement value 1)

The Doctor attends Dodo's funeral.

(A short dishevelled man is described as doing so. Presumably this is the second Doctor.)

(placement value 2)

The Doctor visited the late 20th Century to investigate a time distortion. He traced it to a being named Dobtcheff, who has gathered a group of influenced humans onto a tube carriage. He had travelled back in time and crashed on Earth. He subsequently infected a human child with his mind, and was trying to reunite his mind. Those on the tube carriage contained the most intact fragments. The Doctor was able to stop Dobtcheff, who died in the incident.

(This features the second Doctor. The only clue to when it is in his timestream is that he uses a device that he has only just used and/or that he last used thirty years ago.)

The Time Lords allow the Doctor to travel with Jamie and Victoria. During these travels, the Doctor drops Victoria off to learn Graphology.

(This is the background to The Two Doctors.)

(placement value 3)

The Doctor and Jamie are sent to investigate time travel experiments on space station Camera in the Third Zone. One of the Androgums on the station has decided to provide the Sontarans with the technology they are developing. The Doctor is captured, and they intend to dissect him to find out about the Rassilon Imprimatur, a biological element of time travel. The Doctor's suffering alerts his sixth incarnation, who comes to his rescue.

(This features the second Doctor and Jamie, who have left Victoria behind to learn graphology. The Doctor is able to pilot his TARDIS, and has a Stattenheim remote control. This is something the sixth Doctor says that he always wanted but never had. The fact that the Time Lords sent the Doctor and Jamie here is another reason for this to be in Season 6b, rather than earlier.)

(placement value 4)

As the Doctor regenerates, he recalls the events of his second incarnation.

(This flashback, on pages 147-148, happens during the final scene of The War Games - as the Doctor regenerates.)

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