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A Biography of the Doctor

The Third Doctor

Season Ten


The Doctor investigates a weather balloon containing a device that is supposed to measure cosmic rays. The balloon had come down, and a local gamekeeper investigating it just vanished. When he returns to UNIT, he encounters a gel organism that appears to be hunting him. UNIT HQ is soon besieged by the creatures, and the Doctor, Jo, and Benton take refuge in the TARDIS. He contacts the Time Lords for help, but the Time Lords have their own crisis - something from an anti-matter universe is draining their power. They decide to send the Doctor's second incarnation to help him, but the two quickly begin arguing. The Time Lords then send the Doctor's first incarnation to advise the other two, but are not able send him physically - though he can communicate with his later selves. He points out that the organism that is surrounding the TARDIS is a bridge, and the third Doctor and Jo step outside into it, arriving in an anti-matter universe inside a black hole. This calms the entity, and the Brigadier returns and meets the second Doctor. His actions to control the organism cause UNIT HQ to be transported to the anti-matter universe. The Third Doctor discovers that the anti-matter universe has been created by Omega, who was trapped in the supernova that gave the Time Lords power for time travel. He blames the Time Lords for this, and now wants revenge. He plans to trap the Doctor in the anti-matter universe to run it so that he can leave, but the second and third Doctors discover that Omega no longer has enough substance to leave. Omega is defeated when he comes into contact with the second Doctor's recorder, which had not been converted into anti-matter. This [apparently] destroys the anti-matter universe, and moves UNIT HQ and the TARDIS back to the real universe. It also restores power to the Time Lords, who return the first and second Doctors to their own timelines. As a reward for the Doctor's help, the Time Lords lift his sentence of exile, and remove some mental blocks - restoring his knowledge of time travel.

(The first Doctor is taken just before during The Empire of Glass and the second Doctor from soon after his trial. It is likely that the Doctor was unaware that some of his knowledge of Time Travel had been removed. It is also possible that some mental blocks from before his trial are removed here.)

(Placement value 5)

Having repaired the TARDIS, the Doctor offers Liz a place on his first test flight (along with Jo). Liz suggests visiting the site of the Siberian Explosion of 1908, but the TARDIS lands in St Petersburg 1916. However, the TARDIS is stolen. Jo meets and befriends Grigory Rasputin whilst the Doctor and Liz uncover a network of spies. They are all involved in the historical events of Rasputin's murder.

(The Doctor and Jo visited Liz to invite her on the Doctor's first post-exile trip.)

(Placement value 4)

The TARDIS materialises in a swanky cocktail bar far from Earth, inhabited by a wide variety of aliens. They meet Iris Wildthyme and Tom, and catch up over a drink. When they return to the TARDIS, they also meet Verdigris, who congratulates the Doctor on his new-found freedom.

(This epilogue is said to be the Doctor's first trip in the TARDIS following The Three Doctors. As the narration of the epilogue sounds suspiciously similar to Iris's diary, I'm more inclined to believe the same claim made by The Wages of Sin.)


The Doctor is trying to take Jo to Metebelis 3, but instead arrives on board the SS Bernice, a sailing ship in 1926. This ship was recorded as having vanished two days out from Bombay. Investigating, the Doctor finds an unusual metal hatch that the crew and passengers can't see. Travelling through the hatch, the Doctor and Jo find themselves in the guts of a vast machine. Thinking that they have found an exit, they encounter a Drashig, a ravenous alien beast, and manage to escape being eaten by them long enough to escape into the works. The Doctor then realises that they are inside a Miniscope - a timescoop used as a peep show. While the Doctor was still on Gallifrey, he persuaded the Time Lords to ban them from the Universe. The Doctor manages to escape from the Miniscope, and grows to his normal size, whilst Jo is trapped inside. He discovers that the TARDIS has also been taken out of the Miniscope. The scope is on a planet called Inter Minor where it and its owner, a showman called Vorg, is being assessed by an immigration tribunal. The Doctor then creates a device, plugged into the TARDIS, allowing him to go back into the scope to rescue Jo, and return the specimens to their native times. However, Platroc, a member of the tribunal, deliberately destroys the device once the Doctor is in. Platroc's colleague, Kalik, then manages to release the Drashigs from the scope - hoping to create a political crisis, but is then eaten by one. Vorg, the owner of the Miniscope, is able to destroy the Drashigs using a weapon called the Eliminator which the tribunal has left in the area. Vorg then repairs the Doctor's device, which returns the specimens to their native times and places, removes the Doctor and Jo from the scope, and renders it unusable. After this, the Doctor and Jo quietly leave.


The TARDIS materialises inside a 26th century human cargo ship, narrowly avoiding a collision with it. The ship is apparently attacked by the Draconians, before the Doctor and Jo meet the pilot. Jo perceives the pilot to be a Drashig, whilst the pilot believes the Doctor and Jo are Draconians. The ship is then raided by Ogrons, before the Doctor and Jo are taken as prisoners to Earth. They are accused of treachery, and the Doctor is imprisoned on the moon, until the Master arrives. The Master claims to be from Sirius 4, and takes custody of the Doctor and Jo - he claims they are escaped criminals. Eventually, the Master takes Jo to the Ogrons' home planet, and the Doctor gains the trust of humans and Draconians - the latter due to something he did 500 years earlier. This helps bring peace between the two sides. Arriving on the Ogrons' planet, the Doctor rescues Jo and discovers that the Daleks have been behind a recent series of attacks. The Ogrons, Daleks slaves, have been attacking human and Draconian ships, but a device of the Master's had been fooling the humans and Draconians into thinking they were being attacked by each other. When the Doctor and Jo return to the TARDIS, the Doctor sends a telepathic message to the Time Lords before collapsing.

(Jo is still wearing her costume from Carnival of Monsters.)


The TARDIS arrives on the planet Spiridon, and Jo, worried about the Doctor's condition, leaves the TARDIS to find help. She meets a group of Thals, who have landed on the planet. Meanwhile, the TARDIS is covered in a fungus that drains its oxygen supply. He is only saved from suffocation by the Thals. The Doctor and the Thals then discover that the Daleks are trying to learn the native Spiridons' secret - how they can be invisible. The Doctor and one of the Thals are (temporarily) captured when another Thal ship crashes on the planet. Its survivors warn that there is a Dalek army of 10,000 hidden on the planet. The Doctor discovers that the Dalek army is frozen in suspended animation. The Doctor, Jo, and the Thals sneak into the Dalek base, and manage to permanently freeze the Dalek army by triggering the eruption of an ice volcano beneath the Daleks' city. This also destroys some recently arrived Daleks. The remaining Thals return to their people, and the Doctor and Jo continue on their travels.

(This follows on immediately from Frontier in Space. It is unknown how a fungus could drain the TARDIS's oxygen supply from the outside - there's an awful lot of air in there.)

(Placement value 5)

The Doctor hears a telepathic cry of pain from the planet Kastopheria - often referred to as Catastrophea. He follows the cry, and he and Jo end up in court for helping a man who was being beaten up. They are given a suspended sentence, but in the process become revolutionary symbols. The Doctor decides to leave, as he cannot solve all the planet's problems - which include a blockade by imperialistic Draconians, oppression of the natives, and authoritarian corporate rule. However, the Doctor is forced to become involved he is thrown into the revolutionary camp and the authorities capture his TARDIS. He realises that the telepathic natives have been going berserk. The people had suppressed their barbaric tendencies by telepathy and the drug Skar. However, most of the Skar has been stolen by drug dealers. A Draconian patrol, aiming to provoke a diplomatic incident, land on the planet and happens to destroy the last major source of Skar. This leads the natives to begin a massive rebellion against their human masters. The Draconians decide to use the rebellion as an excuse to invade. The Draconian force is slaughtered by the natives, and the remnants of the humans and Draconians withdraw from the planet - pledged to avoid interference in the planet's affairs.

(Placement value 3)

The Doctor meets Miss Gallowglass, who provides a mail forwarding service for aliens and time travellers. One of her customers had got annoyed about a lost parcel, and declared war on the Earth. His first move was to steal one of the Crown Jewels. The Doctor replaced it with a fake.

(Mentioned in Relative Dementias (pages 18, 44), this was just after The Three Doctors.)

(Placement value 3)

The Doctor spends thee days in a completely motionless sleep. The Time Lords have alerted him to a major developing time rift. He uses the TARDIS intuition circuit to tell him where and when he might be able to prevent catastrophe. The circuit directs the TARDIS to Alkrakis. The Doctor and Jo are separated by a timestorm. The Doctor encounters the Yed Prior, who aims to harness the time distortions to live forever whilst the people live out normal lives in a single hour. Jo finds herself amongst rebels who aim to stop the Yed Prior. They stop the Yed Prior. However, the experiments had called up a creature called the Cerunnos, an ancient and terrible being. This creature escapes to Earth, and the Doctor and Jo are flung thousands of years into the future, where there is no sign of the Alkrarian civilisation. They then leave in the TARDIS.

(This features the third Doctor and Jo. It is after The Three Doctors. Jo remembers the Doctor's trance-like state from a previous occasion - probably Planet of the Daleks.)

The Doctor and Jo return to UNIT HQ.

(Placement value 5)

The Doctor creates a Personal Time-line Prognosticator (based on the formula he picked up during Venusian Lullaby). The device predicts that the Brigadier will shoot both him and Jo. Meanwhile, UNIT receives a report from the North African Arab country Kebiria - a UNIT officer, Captain Deveraux, has been mysteriously killed. Yates, Benton, and Jo are sent to investigate events in Kebiria, they end up in prison. Jo escapes with a reporter, and finds herself in a rebel settlement, which is attacked by organic alien helicopters, who capture Jo. The Doctor and the Brigadier travel to free their troops, but are shot down near the centre of alien activity. The Brigadier leaves the country with copies of the Doctor and Jo, and the real UNIT troops who were imprisoned. The copies set up a nest in Britain, causing the Brigadier to shoot them. The real Doctor and Jo discover that the aliens, Xarax, can duplicate almost anything, and have been here for centuries. A government minister plans to use them to replace the whole of humanity with perfect replicas, in order to make a better world. The Doctor returns to Britain and shuts down that nest. He returns to Kebiria, and shuts down the nest there moments before the Americans would have nuked Kebiria, actions which would enable the Xarax to build nuclear weapons themselves.

(The Doctor and Jo have only been at UNIT HQ for 5 days out of the last 2 months. From Jo's point of view, she and the Doctor have spent a few weeks trying to get to Metebelis 3).

(Placement value 5)

Mike Yates and Jo are set up on a blind date. Instead of this, they decide to accompany the Doctor in the TARDIS, aiming to travel to Karfel. However, instead of Karfel, they arrive on Nooma -an artificial world with only on sixth of Earth's gravity. On Nooma, men are born from the forest. When they grow, they fight to the death, the loser becomes one of the Dead, and the winner becomes a flying Naieen. The Doctor meets Epretu, the man responsible for a recent industrial revolution, and accompanies him on a trip to a fallen sun - which turns out to be a spacecraft. Meanwhile, Jo gains a mission to bring the Doctor to the Dead, whilst Mike is killed and becomes one of the Dead. The Doctor is unable to prevent Epretu from taking the present sun and poisoning the sky. The Doctor realises that previous suns were destroyed in such conflicts. The Doctor eventually helps an army of the Dead to travel to the sun and stop Epretu - who loses his interests when he becomes a Naieen. The Doctor manages to restore peace to Nooma, and leaves with Mike, restored to his normal self, and Jo.

(This is said to be after Dancing the Code both on the cover and in references made in the text.)

(Placement value 3)

[Soon after this], the Doctor, Jo, and Mike visit Karfel. The Doctor saves Karfel from a disaster. During the course of this adventure, he discovers that a scientist called Magellan is conducting unethical experiments on the Morlox. He reports Magellan to the presidium.

(This adventure is mentioned in Timelash, where it is clearly a Third Doctor and Jo adventure, although the Doctor seems to have had at least 2 companions. Presumably, the Doctor did make it to Karfel with Jo and Mike before returning to Earth.)

The TARDIS returns to UNIT HQ on Earth.

(Placement value 4)

The Doctor begins investigating the disappearance of the contestants who have been knocked out of TV talent contest Make A Star. He arranges for Jo to be in the audience for one of the shows. She is one of three audience members picked to compete to join the contestants, and wins. She and the Doctor use this access to investigate the show. They discover that the Master is behind it, but he captures them. They escape, Jo appears on the show's finale, whilst the Doctor arranges for it to never be televised. They then confront the Doctor, who escapes in his TARDIS.

(The Doctor and Jo discuss her brief relationship with Latep in Planet of the Daleks.)

(Placement value 5)

The Doctor returns to UNIT HQ soon after the Brigadier has received a tip-off call from an old friend concerning a company called Legion International. However, his investigations have been blocked by the highest levels of government. The Doctor and UNIT eventually discover that aliens called the Gadarene are behind Legion International, that they intend to invade Earth, and have allied with the Master. Events climax in a confrontation between the Doctor and the Master in which the Master is betrayed by his allies and is caught in an exploding Transmat link. However, the aliens are defeated.

(There is no reference to events in other books or short stories.)

Prologue to LEGACY
(Placement value 3)

The Doctor and Jo visit the planet Pakhar, where they topple a dictator, who had been controlled by the Ancient Diadem, a powerful artefact. In the course of events, the Diadem ends up falling into a bottomless pit, but is not destroyed.

(This features the third Doctor and Jo, and the Doctor thinks that Jo has matured a lot - so presumably this is towards the end of her travels with the Doctor.)


UNIT are called in to investigate a mysterious death in a Welsh colliery, whilst the Doctor returns from a brief trip to Metebelis 3, on his own. It turns out that the mines contain toxic chemicals from Global Chemicals, which have created some dangerous giant maggots. Eventually, the Doctor discovers a fungus that will kill off the maggots, and uses it. He manages to arrange the destruction of BOSS, a sentient computer that has been controlling Global Chemicals. During the course of events, Jo has fallen in love with Professor Clifford Jones, a local Nobel-winning environmental scientist. She decides to marry him, and the couple begin planning an expedition to the Amazon. The Doctor gives them a blue crystal from Metebelis 3 as a wedding present, and then leaves - upset at Jo's decision to leave UNIT, and being his assistant and companion.

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