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A Biography of the Doctor

The Second Doctor

Season Four


Ben and Polly, even having witnessed the Doctor's transformation, are unsure whether the new Doctor is really the same man. The Doctor explains that he has been renewed, like a butterfly coming out of a Chrysalis. He is, however, unable to put on the first Doctor's ring, and repeatedly refers to his former self as a different person. Ben and Polly are still not completely convinced when the TARDIS arrives on the planet Vulcan. There, they discover a human colony, which has found a 200 year-old crashed spaceship.

The Doctor, posing as an Earth Examiner, finds a way into the ship. He discovers that it contains two Daleks, and that another one is missing. His attempts to warn the colonists of the danger posed by the Daleks fail. Their leader, Lesterton, is taken in when the Daleks claim to be his servant. At the same time, Ben and Polly are convinced of the Doctor's identity when the Daleks recognise him.

The Daleks are soon able to set up a production line, producing new Daleks, and events rapidly lead to a Dalek invasion of the colony. The Doctor is able to manipulate events so that the Daleks are defeated, and he returns to the TARDIS with Ben and Polly.

(placement value 3)

The TARDIS lands and Polly wanders off and gets lost. This leads to a big row between the Doctor and his companions. During these events, the Doctor meets a girl called Lilith - unaware that his presence has enabled the legendary Timewyrm to latch onto Lilith as a host.

(These events are mentioned in Timewyrm: Apocalypse {pages 55-56, 164, 179}, and are stated to be very soon after the regeneration.)

(placement value 2)

The TARDIS lands at the Det Sen monastery in 1630, on one of a number of visits to this time and place. The Doctor is entrusted with the sacred Ghantra.

(These visits are mentioned in The Abominable Snowmen. The monks recognise the Doctor, so at least one of these visits was by the second Doctor. As Jamie has never been there before, this visit was before The Highlanders. I suggest that this happened in the period of 'mollycoddling' mentioned by Ben in Invasion of the Cat People.)

(placement value 5)

The Doctor checks the interior dimensions of the console room, aware that the TARDIS has done a bit of regenerating along with his regeneration. He discovers that the console room has shrunk by 15 centimetres - which means that there will be very little room in there by his fourth incarnation. During the night, all three travellers are contacted by a telepathic alien asking them for help. Partly in response to this, the TARDIS materialises in Cumbria 1994, and the travellers soon intrude on what is supposed to be a ghost hunt in a haunted house. Ben and Polly find themselves very out of place in this new era. Ben and the Doctor soon end up as prisoners of the Euterpian Thorgarsuunela and the Cat People. Thorgarsuunela is planning to use the Cat People to escape Earth, by offering them the immense energy that ancient beacons she planted will have when they destroy the Earth. Meanwhile, Polly is taken in by the Euterpian Atimkos who claims to be trying to stop Thorgarsuunela.

The Doctor, Ben, Thorgarsuunela, and some of the Cat People travel back to Baghdad at the time of the Arabian Nights (using a Reverse Tachyon-Chronon Unit [RTC]). The Doctor's interference leads to Thorgarsuunela being abandoned there. He quickly gets on the Cat People's good side by exposing a plot to overthrow their leadership. Polly and Atimkos travel to Australia to find the entrance to the Nexus, an area the Euterpians created outside of space and time. Atimkos activates the Beacons, and turns Earth into a ball of energy. Soon afterwards, the Doctor, Ben, and the Cat People arrive at the Nexus in the TARDIS (piloted with the RTC). Aided by two other Euterpians, the Doctor is able to restore Earth to its original form, and destroy the Cat People's ship.

(The story is between Power of the Daleks and The Highlanders. Ben mentions that they have been mollycoddling the new Doctor for three weeks. I therefore place the story after the events mentioned above, and before The Murder Game.)

(placement value 4)

The Doctor, Ben, and Polly have a drink in a bar whose inhabitants may have included Venusians, Draconians, and Alpha Centurai.

(According to Ben, this happens just before The Murder Game. However, as Venusian Lullaby establishes that the Venusians died out somewhere around 3 Billion BC, and the Draconians are always seen as contemporaries of the humans on the galactic scene, I suggest that the alien races actually present in the bar are not the ones Ben mentions.)

(placement value 5)

The TARDIS receives a distress signal from a spaceship. The Doctor decides to follow a specific course in order to land on the space station. He misses his target, and the TARDIS is hit by a passing spaceship. The TARDIS then arrives on the space station, which is a hotel being used for a Murder Mystery game. The Doctor and companions join the game, and the Doctor tries to discover who sent the call - which was on an anachronistic frequency. Things get interesting when two of the players are murdered for real, the Doctor discovers that there is a cloaked Selachian ship nearby, and a bomb causes the station to go into a decaying orbit. The Selachians then board the ship, to complete an arms deal with some of the players. They kill some of the players before setting the weapon, a computer program designed to murder, on Ben. One of the players protects Ben, exploiting the fact that the program is not allowed to harm another human. Polly is taken to the Selachian ship to become their new go-between with humans, but the Doctor and Ben rescue her. However, the program has spread to the Selachian ship, and blows it up in order to kill him. The TARDIS crew all escape and deposit the surviving players on Earth.

(There is no reference to Invasion of the Cat People, including when Ben mentions his previous involvement with aliens. However, this hardly fits into the three-week period of "mollycoddling," between in Invasion of the Cat People and The Power of the Daleks. The events of Power of the Daleks are also said to have been 'some time ago' on page 7, and Ben and Polly have been on board the TARDIS for 'months' on page 281.)


The TARDIS lands in England shortly after the battle of Culloden. They quickly fall in with a group of Scots fleeing after the battle. Ben and three of the Scots (Jamie McCrimmon, Laird Colin McLaren, and Alexander McLaren) are captured by Redcoats. They are imprisoned on board a ship that is taking slaves to the West Indies. The Doctor, Polly, and the Laird's daughter Kirsty stage a daring rescue attempt. This enables the slaves to take control of the ship, which they plan to sail to France. The Doctor, Ben, Polly escape to the TARDIS, Jamie decides he want to go with them, and the Doctor allows him a place on board the TARDIS.


The TARDIS arrives on an extinct volcanic island on 20th Century Earth. The Doctor and his companions are captured by the survivors of Atlantis. They are rescued from being sacrificed by Professor Zaroff, who has promised the Atlanteans to raise Atlantis from the sea. He has also created a race of fish people. The Doctor discovers Zaroff's plan, and realises that it could cause the destruction of life on Earth. He persuades the fish people to go on strike, whilst Zaroff kills the king and his attendants. The Doctor then arranges to flood the lower levels of Atlantis. This foils Zaroff's plan, and drowns him. The Atlanteans and Zaroff's men escape to the surface, and begin to build a new Atlantean society.


As the TARDIS leaves Atlantis, the Doctor sets the co-ordinates for Mars. However, the TARDIS goes out of control, and lands on the moon in the year 2070. The TARDIS crew discover the moonbase, that housed the Gravitron, a global weather control device. The graviton had been responsible for the TARDIS's malfunction. The moonbase has just been placed in quarantine by Earth, due to an unexpected plague. The Doctor discovers that the plague has been caused by the Cybermen, who intend to use the Gravitron to help them conquer Earth. The Doctor and his companions discover that the Cybermen are vulnerable to solvents and gravity. They use these weaknesses to defeat the Cybermen.

(It seems strange that the Doctor suddenly knows how to set the TARDIS co-ordinates for Mars, and that the Gravitron can affect a TARDIS in the vortex.)


The Doctor uses the TARDIS's Time Scanner to show what is due to happen at the TARDIS's next destination. It shows an image of a giant claw. The TARDIS then lands on apparently idyllic Earth colony. They discover that there are crab-like creatures in the colony. Ben, however, is hypnotised in his sleep, and betrays his friends. He is then unable to see the alien Macra. The Doctor, Jamie, and Polly are eventually rescued when Ben's conditioning breaks down. They cause an explosion that kills the Macra. They then leave quietly.

(placement value 5)

The TARDIS arrives in London 1648, at the end of the English Civil Wars. The Doctor fetches a history book from the TARDIS to help understand the complexities of the time. He and Jamie are arrested by Parliamentary forces due to Jamie being Scottish. They claim that Jamie is a fortune teller, and find themselves presented to Oliver Cromwell. Ben is kidnapped and press-ganged onto a ship bound for Amsterdam, where he discovers that his captain is working for the Royalists - before jumping ship to his captain's great enemy. Meanwhile, Polly is unwittingly co-opted into a Royalist plot to set the king free. Polly is arrested, and taken to see Cromwell whilst the Doctor and Jamie are seeing him. She recognises them, and all three are imprisoned. They are released when they reveal that the Doctor and Jamie saved the life of a top Parliamentary spy. When Ben returns to London, the travellers help foil a plot to assassinate Cromwell and help Parliamentary forces to recapture the King.


The TARDIS materialises on the runway of Gatwick Airport, 1966. The TARDIS crew separate when a policeman appears. Polly sees a murder, and tells the Doctor. She is kidnapped, and replaced by an identical woman called Michelle Leuppi, working for Chameleon Tours. Ben finds the real Polly, who is in a trance. He is attacked, and disappears. The Doctor discovers that Chameleon Tours passengers have disappeared, and that fake postcards are being sent from abroad to cover this up. Eventually, the Doctor and the authorities captured another replica, and learnt that Chameleon Tours was a cover for aliens called the Chameleons. They had lost their identities, and stolen human identities. The Doctor eventually helps the Chameleons discover a cure for their condition. Ben and Polly discover that they have arrived on the same day they left Earth, and decide to return to their old lives.


Returning to the TARDIS, the Doctor and Jamie discover that it has been stolen. They trace it to an antique shop, and find themselves transported to 1866. They discover that Theodore Maxtible and Edward Waterfield have been conducting time travel experiments. These experiments attracted the Daleks, who imprisoned Edward's daughter Victoria and forced them to bring the Doctor here. Jamie is forced into a series of tests to isolate the "human factor" that enabled them to defeat the Daleks. The Doctor also dupes Jamie into believing that he has sided with the Daleks. He implants the human factor into three Daleks, giving them human consciences. The humans are brought to Skaro, where the Dalek Emperor reveals that he plans to use the human factor to isolate the "Dalek Factor". He will then spread this to humans, allowing them to be beaten more easily. The Doctor, however, arranges for large numbers of Daleks to be given the human factor. This starts a massive Dalek civil war, which leads to the extermination of almost all the Daleks. The Doctor and Jamie then recover the TARDIS, and leave. However, as Edward Waterfield was killed by the Daleks, they offer Victoria the chance to travel with them.

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