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A Biography of the Doctor

The First Doctor

Travels with Susan

The Doctor and Susan travelled together for a substantial period of time. They shared many adventures together. All we know of this period is from flashbacks and comments in novels and TV references. The order of these events is very uncertain. As, according to Lungbarrow, the Doctor was about 336 when he left Gallifrey and he was about 450 by Tomb of the Cybermen, this period must have been at least a hundred years. This means that Mortimus has been meddling for over 50 years by The Time Meddler.

One of their first stops was on Venus.(Susan remembered its metal seas in Marco Polo). She and the Doctor learnt several Venusian customs including a hopscotch-like game and Venusian lullabies. They made friends with Dharkig, a philosopher. This was probably when the Doctor first learnt Venusian Akkido. (This is expanded on in Venusian Lullaby.)

Another stop was on Esto, where they encountered a screaming jungle with telepathic plants. (The Keys of Marinus and The Sensorites.)

The Doctor had visited Dido at some point before The Rescue.

Their first visit to Earth was to the French Revolution (100,000 BC, The Reign of Terror, Just War). It may have been on this visit that the Doctor was given a lockpick by Marie Antoinette (Pyramids of Mars).

The Doctor also once commented that, on his first trip to Earth, he met a marketing manager who sold poisonous products despite having to say that they killed people. This was presumably a reference to the late 20th century tobacco industry. (Venusian Lullaby).

It was probably on this trip that the Doctor and Susan spent some time in England post-decimal currency (100,000 BC).

They met Archimedes, and the Doctor commented on his theory about moving the Earth with a big lever (City at World's End). The Doctor also collected Archimedes' business card (The Two Doctors). This time the TARDIS disguised itself as an Ionic column (100,000 BC). They also saw ships from the time of Pericles (Enlightenment). The Doctor also spent a few weeks in the company of Plato (Decalog 2: The Nine Day Queen).

They met Beau Brummel, who told the Doctor he looked better in a cloak (The Sensorites).

They met Phyrro, founder of scepticism (The Keys of Marinus).

Gilbert and Sullivan gave the Doctor a coat (Inside the Spaceship).

They were caught in a First World War Zeppelin raid (Planet of Giants).

The Doctor was with James Watt when he discovered steam power (The Space Museum).

They landed in the Tower of London. In order to get back to the TARDIS; the Doctor was forced to throw a parson's nose at Henry VIII (The Sensorites).

The Doctor taught the Mountain Mauler of Montana (The Romans).

Susan goes on an Applied Science Moon Camp (City at World's End).

The Doctor gave Hans Christian Anderson the idea for The Emperor's New Clothes' (The Romans).

The Doctor encounters the Azmec Corporation, under a different name (Decalog 3: Tarnished Image, although how he knows it's the same company is never mentioned).

The Doctor and Susan visit various parts of the Roman Empire. These include Rome (The Romans, Byzantium!), Antioch, Jerusalem (Byzantium!), and Palestine (Short Trips: The Last Days).

The Doctor works with Jules Verne and Mark Twain at both the start and twilight of their respective careers (Short Trips 2: 64 Carlysle Street).

The Doctor removes a piece of impenetrable red glass from a backward planet. He studies it for weeks before losing it (Tragedy Day. This was not long before 100,000 BC).

Four or five journeys before Inside the Spaceship, they almost lose the TARDIS on Quinnus, in the fourth universe. During this visit, a being called Roztoq manages to use the TARDIS to escape into our universe. It is several years before he is able to drop off' (In More Short Trips: 64 Carlyle Street).

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