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A Biography of the Doctor

The Second Doctor

Season Five


The TARDIS arrives on the planet Telos. The crew encounters an expedition which is trying to break into the legendary CyberTombs. The Doctor decides to help them, and slips them the clues they need to investigate the tombs further. Two members of the expedition secretly plan to awaken the Cybermen, and learn their secrets. The Cybermen, however, attack the party. With the Doctor's help, most of the party escapes and the tombs are resealed.

(In this story, the Doctor claims to be 450 years old)

The TARDIS visits the 22nd Century. Victoria acquires a credit chip from the NovaLon Hypercities.

(Several weeks before Heart of TARDIS page 165.)

The Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria, remove the influence of a malicious orb on a planet whose name begins with Ma. The people of this planet talk warlike, but are not actually.

(This is the adventure which Victoria is writing up in her journal at the start of Heart of TARDIS.)

(placement value 5)

The Doctor attempts to override the systems that the Time Lords use to prevent a stolen TARDIS going where it's programmed to go. In order to do this, he has to override the safeguards, which prevent it doing things like materialising in the middle of a star. He attempts to travel to London, [1963] - but something goes wrong and the TARDIS. He arrives in what appears to be a small American town, but then he and his companions are unable to get back into the TARDIS. They are arrested by the police for a murder, but the Doctor manages to persuade the Police Chief of their innocence. He then demonstrates to his companions that it is impossible to leave the town, before beginning to investigate some strange murders in the town. The Doctor thinks they are caused by some bodiless entity. They are captured by the entity, but escape - discovering that the entity is, in some way, connected to a Gallifreyan Woprat from an ancient pre-TARDIS time machine. Realising that there is a problem with this reality, the crew go back into the TARDIS (because his fourth incarnation has travelled back to open the door). The TARDIS sensors give the Doctor more information about what's going on, and in less than15 minutes, he comes up with a solution to save the people in the town from the collapse of their reality.

(Victoria has been in the TARDIS for a few weeks, as that's how long ago she visited the 22nd Century according to page 165.)


The TARDIS arrives in Tibet, and the Doctor realises that he is near the Det Sen monastery. The Doctor returns the holy ghanta he was given in 1630. He is accused of murdering John, the companion of Professor Edward Travers and thrown to the Yeti. Jamie and Victoria investigate some footprints, and discover that they had been made by Yeti. Travers meets Jamie and Victoria, and is very interested in their discovery of the Yeti. The three arrive just in time to save the Doctor from Yeti attack. The Doctor then discovers that the Yeti are robots controlled by circular spheres. Eventually, he discovers that Padmasambhava, who was at Det Sen in 1630, is still alive, and controlled by the Great Intelligence. The Doctor enters a mental battle with the Intelligence, whilst Jamie and the monk Thomni destroy its links to Earth.


The TARDIS materialises near a dome on Earth in the future (probably around 3000). Investigating, they find themselves in a converted Georgian mansion housing an Ioniser. The Ioniser is designed to prevent the advance of glaciers over Britain. The crew of the base have recently discovered Varga, a Martian Ice Warrior, frozen in a glacier since the first ice age. Varga finds the rest of his crew, and releases them from the ice. The Ice Warriors attempt to take over the base, but are defeated when the thermostat is turned up. They are able to repair their spacecraft, and head for Mars. However, their ship is destroyed by the Ioniser.

(placement value 5)

The TARDIS lands on an asteroid fortress in the Haddron Empire. The fortress is the prison for General Kesar, who had sole ruler of the Empire, but lost the resultant civil war. Kesar had been injured by a bomb blast shortly before his imprisonment, and had to wear a mask and have his voice filtered. The asteroid is being visited by the leader of the victorious faction, General Milton Trayx - the greatest military strategist of the Republic. The fortress soon finds itself under attack from a battle cruiser crewed by powerful, and probably unbeatable, robots. They, together with someone from Kesar's retinue, aim to release Kesar and restart the war. However, Kesar had actually been killed by the bomb that disfigured him and the prisoner is a replacement whose purpose is to avoid Kesar becoming a martyr. Eventually, Kesar's identity is revealed and a separate robot , programmed to assassinate Kesar and his allies, kills the man commanding the robots. The Doctor suggests restructuring the Empire as a Commonwealth.


Victoria expresses a desire to see how her ancestors lived in the 16th Century. Jamie wants to see some excitement and spectacle. The Doctor, therefore, sets the TARDIS to travel to both Will Shakespeare's house and the Pan-Galactic Games on Alpha Centurai. However, the TARDIS lands in Australia during the early 21st Century. The Doctor and his companions are attacked because the Doctor is the double of Ramon Salamander, who plans to take over the planet. He has persuaded a group of people in a bunker that nuclear war has left the surface world dangerous, and that they must destroy two warring factions on the surface by creating natural disasters. The Doctor infiltrates Salamander's base by pretending to be Salamander. He defeats Salamander's plan, but Salamander enters the TARDIS by pretending to be the Doctor. When the real Doctor arrives, he sets the TARDIS in flight with the doors still open. Salamander is sucked out into the vortex, whilst the Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria manage to hold onto something

(In Timewyrm: Apocalypse (pages 106-107) there is a flashback scene of the start of this story. This establishes that the last 4 or 5 trips have been to Earth, travelling further into Earth's future each time.)


Jamie manages to shut the TARDIS doors, and it materialises in the middle of space. It is quickly covered by a strange web-like substance, but the Doctor manages to free it and the TARDIS then lands on in Covent Garden tube station on 20th century Earth. Jamie and Victoria discover some soldiers who are planning to blow up the tube line, accompanied by Professor Travers and his daughter Anne. The Doctor observes Yeti preventing the explosion, and meets the soldiers' commander, Colonel Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. The Doctor modifies one Yeti control sphere so that it obeys his or Anne's voice commands. He also creates a device that will block the other Yetis' control signal. The Intelligence takes over Travers, and uses him to force the Doctor to submit to having his knowledge and memories drained. Travers is then released. Before this can happen, Jamie causes a distraction and the Doctor immobilises the Yeti and tampers with the mind-draining device. The Doctor is forced to submit to the process, which he has subverted to drain the mind of the Intelligence. However, he is "rescued" before the process is complete. He and his companions then depart.

Prologue to DOWNTIME
(placement value 4)

The Doctor clears away the last of the web from the TARDIS doors, and apologises to Victoria because of how she was possessed by the Intelligence during The Abominable Snowmen. He the realises that, although he's shut the door on the Great Intelligence, he hasn't plugged the keyhole.

(The second Doctor part of the prologue is clearly set a couple of hours after the end of The Web of Fear, and before the TARDIS has gone anywhere.)

(placement value 5)

The TARDIS arrives on Vortis, which has entered the Rhumon system since the Doctor's last visit. The two warring factions in the system have each sent a warship to claim Vortis, but both ships crashed. The two sides have enslaved native Menoptra and reached a stalemate. The Doctor discovers that grey creatures have been stealing the buried corpses from both sides. It is eventually revealed that the Animus has duped prominent people from both sides to mine isocryte and take both camps to where it was based. The isocryte allows the Animus to spread faster than before. The Rhumon factions and the Menoptra unite against the Animus. The Doctor removes the TARDIS's temporal controls, and attempts to transport a warhead to the Animus's centre. He instead arrives at the centre of Vortis, where he encounters energy beings which created Vortis. He persuades the elders of this race to attack the Animus, but they are defeated. Following this, he uses their equipment to project giant versions of Jamie and Khrestos, one of the Menoptra, onto Vortis, where they destroy the Animus. Vortis becomes a permanent addition to the Rhumon system, and the Doctor begins a peace process between the Rhumon and the Menoptra.

(placement value 5)

The TARDIS is caught by temporal distortions, and arrives on the planet Darkheart in the 34th Century. Darkheart was an outpost of Earth's Empire, which had just been discovered by the emerging Galactic Federation. The Federation has sent envoys to facilitate Darkheart's integration into the Federation. The Doctor and his companions are taken to Darkheart's capital city, assumed to be part of the delegation. Meanwhile, Koschei, accompanied by a human companion called Ailla, arrives on the Federation's ship. The two Time Lords meet each other and discover that Darkheart was created by ancient aliens, and was able to alter morphogenic fields. It has been used on the federation ship, and destroyed some alien species whilst changing others into humans. The two cannot agree how to destroy Darkheart. When Koschei sees Ailla gunned down, he helps the imperials to destroy Terileptus. While tensions escalate, the Doctor discovers that Ailla is a Time Lady, keeping tabs on Koschei for the CIA. She has regenerated. When Koschei discovered this, he decided to take over the Darkheart, to become ruler of the universe. The Doctor manages to change Koschei's destination, damaging the machinery, and trapping Koschei in a black hole. The Doctor then evades capture by Ailla, escaping in his TARDIS.

(This book is said to be between Twilight of the Gods and Fury from the Deep on the cover.)


The TARDIS arrives on the North Sea coast in the 20th Century. The Doctor and his companions are taken to a nearby gas refinery, where they discover that intelligent seaweed has been found in the pipes. In a short time, the seaweed has covered the North Sea oil rigs, cutting off contact. The Doctor then discovers that the seaweed is sensitive to sound, and that Victoria's scream is the perfect frequency to kill it. He then arranges for its destruction. Victoria, however, has decided that she wants to stay behind with the Harris family, as she wants a more settled life.


The Doctor is still trying to console Jamie when the TARDIS lands. They are forced to leave the TARDIS by a back entrance when the mercury fluid links overheat. The Doctor takes the Time Vector Generator with him, shrinking the internal dimensions to those of the outer shell. The Doctor and Jamie find themselves on a spacecraft bound for a space station in the 21st Century. They arrive on the station as a group of Cybermen begin their plan to capture it. The Doctor helps the crew of the station to defeat the Cybermen. As the Doctor and Jamie prepare to leave, they discover that one of the crew of the station, Zoe Heriot, has stowed away on the ship.


The Doctor decides to show Zoe what she is letting herself in for. He uses a thought visualiser to show her the story of his last encounter with the Daleks.

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