A Biography of the Doctor

The First Doctor


The First Doctor is an arrogant man with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, which has got him into trouble on many occasions. He is brusque and irritable, but beneath the surface he is also kindly, sentimental and compassionate. The influence of his human companions softens his attitude considerably, making him more human than Gallifreyan in attitude. He often comes across as senile, though he has a sharp intelligence and a wide range of scientific knowledge. His judgement is generally superior to many of his subsequent incarnations (as shown in The Three Doctors and The Five Doctors).

He regards himself as an explorer, a wanderer, and an observer, though he is more than willing to intervene against tyrants when necessary. He has a tendency towards absent-minded bumbling, although he has never been known to say anything stupid as part of this. He refuses to discuss his past except, possibly, with Susan and consistently avoids the subject of his origins on all but the most superficial level. He has a tendency to react strongly to events. His attachment to Susan means he is upset when she leaves and he comes to regard his new companion Vicki as a surrogate Susan. He is also clearly shaken when Katarina and Sara Kingdom die. As a result of this tragedy, he refuses to meddle by saving Anne Chaplette from a massacre. He is very much a collector; the TARDIS is full of antique furnishings and alien art. He picks up souvenirs of places he visits and a variety of technical equipment, such as Saladin's dagger. He meticulously keeps a 500-year diary and is in many ways unfamiliar with his TARDIS. He has some telepathic ability, which seems to be latent, but can still sense danger. He carries all sorts of things in his pockets, including matches, binocular spectacles, a magnifying glass and a penlight.

[It is possible that much of his apparent absent-mindedness and lack of knowledge about the TARDIS is due to mental blocks put in place to hide his knowledge of the old times.]


This Doctor looks like a human in his 60's. He has long white hair and sharp features. He dresses as a Victorian or Edwardian gentleman with an astrakhan fur hat and a cape or cloak. He usually carries a walking stick, which he uses as a weapon. He always wears a blue ring that has several powers, including hypnosis and opening the TARDIS. This particular body has many limits. He only has one heart and has no respiratory bypass system. He has problems dealing with thick smoke and high altitudes. He is longsighted, tires easily and suffers backache. At the same time, he has far superior mental facilities to normal humans. He has a pipe, which he smokes on one occasion.


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