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A Biography of the Doctor

The Tenth Doctor

Series Two


The TARDIS crash-lands on the Powell estate on Christmas Eve. Mickey and Jackie have heard the materialisation and come running, the Doctor comes out of the TARDIS and wishes them a merry Christmas before passing out. They leave him in Rose's room and Rose and Mickey go shopping but are attacked by some Santas. Getting back to the flat, they and Jackie are attacked by a new Christmas tree that just turned up on Jackie's doorstep. They are saved when Rose gives the comatose Doctor his sonic screwdriver, which interferes with the remote control, causing it to explode. They go onto the balcony and the Doctor points the screwdriver at them, at which point they teleport back to their ship. In the morning, there is an alien transmission to Earth, and Rose realises that the TARDIS isn't translating it for her. Soon afterwards, large numbers of people begin walking, as if hypnotised, to edges of the roofs of nearby tall buildings, and a huge alien spacecraft arrives above London. Rose doesn't know what to do and insists that they take the still-comatose Doctor into the TARDIS and hide in it. Jackie leaves the TARDIS to get food supplies, but the aliens - called Sycorax - have detected the TARDIS and brought it on-board. Rose steps out and the Sycorax insist that she be Earth's spokesperson but she can't persuade them to leave the Earth in peace. She is saved when some spilt tea stabilises the Doctor, he exits the TARDIS, discovers that the Sycorax are using blood control to hypnotise humans with A+ blood. He then challenges their leader to personal combat with Earth as the prize. He wins, though during the fight his hand is cut off - though he regrows it as he is within the first fifteen hours of his regeneration cycle. He, the TARDIS, Rose and Mickey are teleported back to London and the Sycorax ship leaves. However, Prime Minister Harriet Jones, who had been transported to the Sycorax ship and was transported back to Earth with the Doctor, orders for the departing ship to be destroyed by a secret project called Torchwood. The Doctor then threatens to bring down her government with six words - whispered to her right hand man - "don't you think she looks tired". He then chooses some clothes from the TARDIS - picking a brown suit and long coat, before having Christmas dinner with Rose, Jackie, and Mickey.

(This follows on from the 2005 Children in Need Special)


Rose says goodbye to Jackie and Mickey, and then she and the Doctor travel to the year five billion and twenty three, arriving on the planet New Earth in the galaxy M87. The Doctor has got a message on his Psychic Paper telling him to go to Ward 26 of the nearby hospital. However, he and Rose get separated. The Doctor discovers that the message was from The Face of Boe, whilst Rose meets Cassandra, the last human, who she believed to have died aboard Platform One. Cassandra uses a Psychograph to take over Rose's body. Cassandra believes that the Sisters of Plenitude who run the hospital are up to something and she uses the Doctor to help her find out what. They discover that the sisters have learnt how to cure diseases by growing human lab rats - infected with diseases to find cures. Cassandra tries to blackmail the sisters, and when she fails, she releases the "lab rats" - whose touch is fatal, due to the diseases they carry. The Doctor rigs a cure from the individual cures the sisterhood have concocted to various diseases and the hospital's standard disinfectants. This cures them all. The Doctor then forces Cassandra to leave Rose's body, even though her own has now died. Cassandra travels into the body of a cloned servant of hers. The Doctor allows her one last wish - to travel back to a party in her youth and tell her younger self that she looks beautiful.

(The TARDIS has moved from the end of The Christmas Invasion, though as there's lots of talk about the Doctor being new, there can't have been much happening inbetween.)


The Doctor intends to take Rose to a concert on the 21st of November 1979, but the TARDIS instead lands in Scotland in the 19th Century. They land next to a carriage carrying Queen Victoria - whose train was stopped by a tree on the track, and the Doctor passes himself off as Doctor Jamie McCrimmon, and joins the Queen's party. The Queen stays overnight at Torchwood House, where her husband often spent time. The Doctor dines with the queen and Sir Robert - who owns the house, who tells them the local werewolf legend, and how his father was obsessed with it. Meanwhile Rose discovers that the soldiers have been drugged by the servants. She is captured and locked in the cellar with the real servants, Lady Isabel (Robert's wife) and a werewolf - actually an alien possessing human bodies. The Doctor works out what's going on and rushes to the cellar just as the wolf escapes. The Doctor, Rose, the Queen and Sir Robert retreat to the library, which the wolf can't get into because of mistletoe built into the doors - and the werewolf is allergic to mistletoe. The Doctor realises that Prince Albert and Sir Robert's father planned a trap for the wolf in the house's observatory. The telescope there, combined with the Koh-i-noor diamond, will focus the moon's light strongly enough to kill the diamond. Sir Robert gives his life to allow the Doctor time to set it up. Victoria gives the Doctor a knighthood (Sir Doctor of Tardis) and Rose a Damehood (Dame Rose of the Powell Estate) before banishing them both from the British Empire.


The Doctor drops Rose off at an Abba concert at Wembley in 1979.

(This is his explanation for why Rose isn't on-board during Attack of the Graske.)

(Placement value 2)

The Doctor invites a new companion onto the TARDIS. He links his new companion's remote control to the sonic screwdriver, enhancing its abilities. They monitor a welsh family at Christmas, noticing that the mother has been replaced by the Graske. They then see a Graske appear, and shoot the father, replacing him as well, before disappearing. They then track the Graske back by about 120 years to 1883. The new companion infiltrates the Graske's base to free the people who have been replaced. However, the companion is spotted, and a Graske opens fire. The blast ricochets around the storage area, damaging the controls and freeing a Raxicoricofallapatorian. The Raxicoricofallapatorian breaks out and chases the Graske. The companion takes the opportunity to activate the controls choosing either to place the planet in stasis or to return the original people to their native time and place, replacing their duplicates. The Doctor then returns his new companion back home before travelling back to pick up Rose. However, this adventure is caught in a time loop, and the new companion makes a different set of choices every time.

(Rose has been dropped off for a short break and she is clearly the only companion. The Doctor's comment that he doesn't know whether he likes mangos might suggest that this is soon after the regeneration. Given Rose's reaction to the idea of using the TARDIS to go to a concert in Tooth and Claw, and the fact that the Doctor was thinking of going to a different 1979 concert in that story, I suggest that Attack of the Graske is set after Tooth and Claw.)


The Doctor picks Rose up from the Abba concert.

(As she's back in the TARDIS in all other stories)


Mickey gives the Doctor and Rose a tip-off about Deffry Vale High School where mysterious things are happening. The Doctor replaces a physics teacher at the school [he is probably responsible for posting a winning lottery ticket through her door at midnight], whilst Rose becomes a dinner lady at the school. On the Doctor and Rose's second day, the Doctor's former companion Sarah Jane Smith investigates the school under cover of writing a profile about the new headmaster for The Times. The Doctor tells Sarah that he is John Smith, but doesn't reveal that he is the Doctor. That night, Sarah sneaks into the school, as do the Doctor, Rose, and Mickey. Sarah discovers the TARDIS parked in a school cupboard and realises that the Doctor is the Doctor, joining the Doctor and co. They discover that the new head and staff are really batlike aliens. They leave the school and the Doctor repairs K9, who is non-functional, in order to analyse a mysterious oil that is used in the kitchens to cook the school dinners. K9 identifies it as Krillitane oil, part of a species that takes part of the substance of species they conquer - and capable of making the children super-intelligent. The next day, Rose and Sarah - who aren't getting on - investigate the maths rooms where the action seems to be, they argue, before laughing at the Doctor and his habits. Meanwhile, the Doctor confronts the head, and then realises that they are using the children to crack the fundamental laws of the universe, giving them the power of gods. The Doctor lures the Krillitanes to the kitchens - realising that the Krillitanes are allergic to it, and K9 uses his laser to blow open the vats of oil, killing them and ultimately blowing up the school whilst Mickey evacuates everyone. The Doctor then invites Sarah to rejoin him, but she decides not to - however, Mickey asks if he can join the TARDIS crew, and the Doctor says yes. When the TARDIS dematerialises, it leaves a rebuilt K9 behind.


The TARDIS lands on an abandoned spaceship about 3,000 years in the future. They discover that it has an 18th Century French fireplace - the other side of which is in 18th Century France. The Doctor talks to Reinette - the little girl whose fireplace it is. He travels to France via this time window, arriving months later. He discovers something hiding under her bed - it wants Reinette, but she is "not yet complete" and flees back into the spaceship. He follows the robot back, and discovers that it is made of clockwork after shutting it down. Returning to Reinette, he finds her grown up and discovers that she is Madame du Pompadour, before she departs, and the Doctor then goes back to the ship. He then discovers another time window to her life, just after she met King Louis for the first time. There is another clockwork robot in the room, and the Doctor discovers that it is a service robot and it tried to repair the ship, didn't have the parts, so used the crew instead. It and its fellows are after one last part, and want Madame Pompadour's brain. However they believe that her brain will only be compatible at the age of 37, when she will be the same age as the ship. The Doctor returns to the ship well after the robot has run back there, and finds Mickey and Rose captured by the robots. He rescues them, but then the robots finally open a portal to a time when Reinette is 37. Rose finds a window when she is 32 and warns her of the danger. Meanwhile, the Doctor finds the window the robots have gone through and crashes through it, disabling all the time windows. The Doctor then convinces the robots that their plan will not work without a way back, and they shut themselves down. Reinette then shows the Doctor that she has moved the original fireplace to Versailles. He realises that it broke before he destroyed the time windows, and that he can repair it to get back to the ship. He does so, checks up on Rose and Mickey, and then goes back to Reinette - who he promised to take to the stars. However, he arrives back in Versailles just as her coffin is leaving the palace, and the King gives him a note from Reinette.

(This is Mickey's first trip in the TARDIS.)


The Doctor asks Mickey to hold down a particular TARDIS control. After thirty minutes of joking with Rose, he says that Mickey can take his hand off it now. When he does so, the Time Vortex just disappears, and the TARDIS lands on a parallel Earth. Without access to energy from the real universe, the TARDIS dies. The alternative London has Zepplins in the sky, and Rose's father is still alive and on advertising hoardings. The Doctor then sees a light within the TARDIS - one of the TARDIS fuel cells is still intact, and with a little energy from the Doctor it can recharge, although it does take ten years of his lif, although it will take 24 hours to fully charge up. Meanwhile, Rose's phone automatically connects to the Cybus Network, and discovers that in this reality her parents are still married, but they never had children. The Doctor and Rose see that the population have earpieces which download things from Cybus Network. Meanwhile, Mickey goes to visit his gran - who died five years ago in the real universe. However, he gets kidnapped by a group called the Preachers run by his alternative self. They don't have earplugs, and consider themselves almost a resistance movement. Mickey's alternate is called Ricky. The Doctor and Rose go to visit Pete and Jackie at Jackie's 39th birthday party (though she's actually 40), posing as a waiter and waitress. However, a group of Cybermen - only just created by John Lumic, a genius who runs the Cybus Corporation - arrive at the party, kill the President of Great Britain, and announce their intention to convert the guests. The Doctor, Rose, and Pete all escape into the gardens just as Ricky's group prepare to attack the Cybermen. However, both groups are surrounded by Cybermen, who are immune to bullets. The Doctor attempts to surrender, but the Cybermen say that they will instead be "deleted".

The Doctor destroys the Cybermen surrounding them by using the power cell from the TARDIS. They escape in Ricky's group's van, and discover that Pete is the group's secret information source, Gemini. Arriving in London, they discover that Lumic has used the earpieces to control London's population, herding them into a factory at Battersea which is creating Cybermen. They get separated and Ricky is killed by the Cybermen. The Doctor and one of Ricky's group called Mrs Moore try to get in through the ventilation shafts beneath the factory, Rose and Pete try to save Jackie by walking in the front door wearing fake earpieces, and Mickey and the other member of Ricky's group try to shut down the transmitter controlling people in Lumic's Zeppelin above the factory. The Doctor and Mrs Moore encounter a Cyberman and discover an emotional inhibitor chip - shut it down, and you defeat the Cybermen - who won't be able to cope with being in a Cyberman body. However, Mrs Moore is killed and the Doctor taken to the control centre for analysis due to his strange physiology. Pete and Rose are also taken there, having discovered that Jackie has been "upgraded" into a Cyberman. Mickey manages to con a Cyberman guard into attacking him whilst he's standing in front of the transmitter, destroying both transmitter and Cyberman. He then manages to spy on Cyber-Control. The Doctor realises that Mickey is watching, and casually mentions the location of the code for the emotional inhibitor and to send it to Rose's phone. She gets the message, chucks the phone to the Doctor, and he inserts it into a conveniently located piece of equipment which sends the code to every Cyberman. The Cybermen all go mad and self-destruct, taking the factory with them. The Doctor and co escape. Mickey decides to stay behind on the alternative Earth, help shut down the Cyber-factories, and look after his gran - although the Doctor says that his departure will close the hole in reality the TARDIS fell through and it will be impossible to return.

(Mickey clearly still hasn't been on the TARDIS for that long.)


The Doctor tries to take Rose to see Elvis in the late 50s, but ends up in London the day before the coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953. They arrive in a street where everybody already has a television, and chase after some police who have just bundled a man into a car. However, they loose the police. They then investigate one of the houses on the street. The family's grandmother has lost her face and her brain appears to have been wiped clean. The are examining her when the police turn up and bundle her into a car. The Doctor chases after her, whilst Rose notices some strange energy crackling around the family's TV. Rose goes to the local electronics shop, which has been selling TVs for only five pounds, and discovers that there is a creature calling itself "the wire" living inside the TVs. It gets her in an energy field, leaving her faceless and mindless. Meanwhile, the Doctor sneaks into the police's secret base, where they keep the victims of the wire's attacks, although they know nothing about how the victims got that way. The next morning, the police find Rose wandering the streets, and the Doctor resolves to destroy whatever has left her in such a state. The Doctor recruits a boy from the house he investigated to help him and investigates the electronics shop, discovering the wire. The wire attempts to suck their faces and minds, but the Doctor interrupts this with the sonic screwdriver. However, he is temporarily knocked out. He recovers, assembles a variety of electronic equipment and rushes after the shop's proprietor, who is intending to attach the wire to the Alexandra Palace transmitter, where it will be able to feed on the faces and minds of millions who will be watching the coronation. The Doctor's equipment removes the wire from the device it is inhabiting and stores it in a betamax video cassette. This has the effect of restoring the minds and faces of all the victims.


The TARDIS is reluctant to land, as they land in a sanctuary base. The discover some writing that the TARDIS can't translate - which makes the writing impossibly old. They meet the human crew and their Ood slaves just before an earthquake buries the section containing the TARDIS in a very deep hole. The base is on a planet orbiting a black hole. Rose is told that the Ood offer themselves as slaves - they want to have orders. The humans are drilling into the heart of the planet to extract a power source that is generating an impossible powerful gravitational field. Rose notices strange messages coming out of the Ood's translators and phoning Rose's mobile. They say that "he" is awake. Soon after this, there is a hull breach and one of the crew is found dead in the space outside the base. Soon after this, the drill reaches the centre, and the Doctor volunteers to be one of the two people going down to investigate. They discover that there are the ruins of a civilisation in the centre. As they investigate, the telepathic field in the Ood's quarters register Basic 100 - when they usually only ever go up to Basic 5. The base's archaeologist, Toby, then reveals that he has been possessed by the being entombed there, and he takes control of the Ood - sending them marching across the base, but losing the lettering that had appeared over his body. Meanwhile, in the centre, a 30-foot trapdoor opens in front of the Doctor and the planet nudges out of orbit and starts falling towards the black hole.

The crew blockade themselves from the Ood, and the Captain, Zach, suggests Strategy 9 - which requires all the crew to gather together, and then the oxygen will be emptied from the rest of the base, killing the Ood. The Beast then uses the Ood to talk to the crew - hinting at dark secrets from each of their lives. The Doctor interrupts it, preventing them from panicing, but the Beast then strands the Doctor and base scienst Ida in the centre and cuts off their communications. The Doctor goes down into the apparrently bottomless pit beneath the trapdoor. Meanwhile, Rose helps the crew to use their skills to incapacitate the Ood. They get back in touch, just as the Doctor deliberately falls further than the rope available would take him. Zach then abandons the base, taking the remaining crew and Rose off planet. The Doctor feels the vibration of lift-off, having landed safely at the bottom in the Beast's prison. He realises that the beast's body and intelligence have been separated, and that its intelligence is onboard the rocket. He destroys the prison, thus destroying the gravity field. Toby, who is still possessed, manifests the beast's intelligence, but Rose grabs a bolt gun, and shoots a hole in the ship and undoes his straps, pulling him out into the vaccuum before emergency shields can be established. The Doctor then discovers where the TARDIS has landed, he collects Ida, but doesn't have time to collect the Ood, before materialising next to the rocket, and towing it to safety.


The Doctor visits Elton Pope's house, trying to defeat an Elemental Shade who had escaped from the Howling Halls. He stopped it, but Elton's mother died before he could do so.

The Doctor and Rose are fighting a Hoix on contemporary Earth when Elton barges in searching for the Doctor. The Doctor and Rose defeat it, stopping it from attacking Elton in the process. He thinks that he recognises Elton.

The Doctor tracks down Elton, and an Absorbalof from the twin planet of Raxacoracofallapatorius who has been trying to absorb Elton. He makes a hint suggesting that the people who have been absorbed can fight the Absorbalof. They do so - pulling its body apart, and Elton breaks snatches a cane it has been carrying and one of their suggestions. The cane contained a limitation field which kept its body together.

(It's unclear when the Tenth Doctor's first two meetings with Elton take place. They most likely take place in the sequence above, but the first two could easily take place at any time before the final one.)

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