A History of the Whoniverse

With 26 years of the original television series, a one-off TV Movie, a continuing TV series, and literally hundreds of stories in books, audios, and comics Doctor Who and its numerous spin-offs describe a vast fictional universe. This section of the site attempts to put the events seen and mentioned in these stories into some sort of logical order.

Histories of the Doctor Who Universe have been done before. Jean-Marc L'officier's book The Terrestrial Index contains a history according to the TV series, Lance Parkin's book A History of the Universe contains a history which also references many of the continuing series of novels, whilst the more recent version AHistory extends its range to the audios, and the revision covers . There are other websites that also do this, most of which only use the events of the TV programme. The most notable of these used to be available on the Outpost Gallifrey site, but was taken down a few years before the site split itself up.

This history does not cover the history of the planet Gallifrey. Gallifrey exists in a special relationship with time, and its history cannot be given even an approximate date on the human calendar, although some events in their earliest history do happen within the main timestream. An extensive chronology of Gallifreyan history can be found on our sister site Rassilon, Omega, and that Other Guy.


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