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Whoniverse Links

A brief guide to some of the better Doctor Who sites on the internet:

General Doctor Who Websites

Paul Harman's webguide
The definitive guide to Doctor Who websites. If a site's not down here, it's not a real Doctor Who site. There are also about half a dozen mirror sites which I might link to in a future update.

The Console Room
The official BBC Doctor Who site. Features news, webcasts, e-books, reference material, and lots more.

Outpost Gallifey
One big fanzine. Features news, the most popular Doctor Who forum on the web, a history of the universe (second only to mine, of course), and the Canon Keeper's Guide - a list of all stories in internal chronological order.

Nitro Nine
Almost certainly the earliest Doctor Who website, contains lots of random stuff.

Continuity-related Doctor Who Websites

The Doctor Who Reference Guide
Synopses of all official Doctor Who stories in any medium ever.

The DiscContinuity Guide
Discontinuity Guide style reviews of the audio adventures.

Who's Doctor Who
A detailed biography of the Doctor using only the TV series.
The New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club website. Features the Who Killed Kennedy e-book, and the DiscContinuity Guide mentioned above

Rassilon, Omega, and that Other guy
(there's a mirror of it here)
Will B Swift's extensive guide to Gallifrey - taking into account absolutely everything. He knows more than I do.

Whoconcord is a yahoo group set up to produce a multi-volume encyclopedia of everything (and I mean everything) that has ever appeared in Doctor Who. The Doctor Who database on this site is tied into the whoconcord project, mostly because these two similar ideas happened at the same time.

The Universal Databank
Online version of Jean Marc L'Officier's Universal Databank - an encyclopedia of the whoniverse as seen in the original TV series.

Other Specialised Doctor Who Websites

These are more specialised that those mentioned above

Dalek Links
A complete guide to sites featuring the Daleks, the Doctor's most famous foe.

The Doctor Who Bloopers List
If you like the goofs section of the discontinuity guides, you'll love this. A list of every mistake made in any televised Doctor Who story.

Dr Who Online
A general Doctor Who site.

Crossover Adventures
You've probably heard of fan fiction crossovers, but these guys do it better - by using actual audio clips from the franchises they're crossing over.

Non-Who sites

Enormouschicken Productions
Home of Tom Hey, aka Enormouschicken, who did our header graphics, navigation buttons, and forum graphics. You too can hire him.

Links policy

This list is intended to be a "best of the internet" list. Just because you e-mail your site to me doesn't mean I'll include it. If I think your site deserves to be included, I will most likely pick it up from Paul Harman's webguide anyway. However, if you think that your site really deserves to be here, e-mail me and I'll consider it.

If you would like to link your site to mine, please feel free to do so. Like all webmasters, I like it when people link to me.