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The Old Doctor

The Old Doctor
The Old Doctor (right) in 1966

This Doctor first appeared working among London's scientific community during 1963. Details of his activities at this time are very limited, although he was well known to various civil servants in the area. We suspect that he was actively working for department C-19 at this time, although we have no direct evidence for this other than his fitting into the Doctor agent pattern. He was also seen around the area of Coal Hill School and Totters Lane about a month before the Shoreditch Incident

This agent was also involved in The C-Day Fiasco, again with suspected C19 involvement. This incident took place at exactly the same time as The Elusive Doctor was involved in The Gatwick Incident. After these events in the 1960s, the Old Doctor was only seen once more, in 1986, during the Antarctic STS Incident, although, given his apparent age in the 60's and the fact that this was 20 years later, this could have been a different man with the same face.

The Old Doctor appeared to be in his early 60s although he was much more active than his age might suggest. He had long white wispy hair swept back from his face, reaching almost to collar length. He had haughty features and piercing eyes. He dressed in an Edwardian style cloaked coat, a waistcoat, trousers and, occasionally, an astrakhan hat. He carried a walking stick, an obvious deception as to his physical abilities, claimed poor eyesight and wore a large blue-stoned ring of unknown significance.

He was an irritable and arrogant man who tended to actively take charge of situations, though he was perhaps less adept at controlling the course of events than some of the other Doctor agents. He also had a habit of absent-minded bumbling and displayed a few of the signs of senility. This may have been an act to put people off their guard, or may have been genuine. If it was genuine then it would be strange for an organisation like C-19 to use him as an agent in various unusual and critical incidents. However, it would help explain why he often lost control of situations, certainly more so than the other Doctor Agents.

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