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The U.N.I.T. Files

The Appendix

In case you've stumbled across this part of the site by accident and think that it's all real, the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce is a fictional organisation that only exists within the confines of the Science Fiction series Doctor Who. The fictional nature of the UNIT Files section of the site means that I can't really point you to where the information I'm relating comes to and, in a lot of cases I've used my own speculation for details like the cover stories for events and suggestions about "what really happened". However, for your enjoyment I've stepped out of the fiction for this one page, to tell you where in the vast universe of Doctor Who fiction it all comes from. Incidentally, for almost all of the TV stories up until the end of 1972, I have taken details (particularly regarding cover-ups) from Who Killed Kennedy.

UNIT's Formation

  • The Shadow Directory comes from The Death of Art and Christmas on a Rational Planet, The Shadow Congress is from the second of these books.
  • LONGBOW is from Just War
  • SID appears in Just War, which is where the stealth planes come from, and the Ultima Machine is, of course, from The Curse of Fenric
  • The ICMG is from Remembrance of the Daleks
  • Lethbridge-Stewart's role in UNIT's formation is an amalgam of information from Downtime, The Scales of Injustice, and Who Killed Kennedy

Pre-UNIT Incidents

  • The Ultima Incident is The Curse of Fenric
  • The Corman Airbase Incident is First Frontier
  • The Shangri-La Incident is Delta and the Bannermen
  • The Shoreditch Incident (the disappearing teachers) is, of course, An Unearthly Child
  • The Shoreditch Incident is Remembrance of the Daleks
  • The C-Day Fiasco is The War Machines
  • The Gatwick Incident is The Faceless Ones
  • The London Event is The Web of Fear

C19 and the Glasshouse

  • C19 is briefly mentioned in Time Flight, its nature and origins being expanded on in The Scales of Injustice and Who Killed Kennedy
  • The Glasshouse is entirely from The Scales of Injustice and Who Killed Kennedy


  • The Happening is from The Left-Handed Hummingbird
  • The Crook Marsham Affair is from Nightshade


  • The Collapse of IE is The Invasion
  • The Inhuman Blood Rumours and Black Thursday are the events of Spearhead from Space plus details from Who Killed Kennedy
  • The Wenley Moor Plague is The Silurians plus details from Who Killed Kennedy
  • The Mars Probe Crisis is The Ambassadors of Death


  • The Inferno project, unsurprisingly, refers to Inferno
  • The Cheviot Hills Shutdown is The Scales of Injustice
  • The Russian Affair is The Devil Goblins from Neptune


  • The Brecon Hill Investigation was Terror of the Autons
  • The Stangmoor Riots were The Mind of Evil
  • The Nuton Incident was The Claws of Axos


  • The Aldbourne Incident was The Dæmons
  • The Victor Magister Trial was the Master's trial as described in Who Killed Kennedy, and referenced by several other stories.
  • The Auderley House Peace Talks were Day of the Daleks
  • The Birnham Case was Face of the Enemy
  • Magister's escape was seen in The Sea Devils


  • The UNIT UK shutdown is from the Decalog 2 story Where the Heart is
  • The Punk Convoy is Rags


  • The Kebiria Crisis is Dancing the Code
  • Make A Star is Short Trips Companions: Hidden Talent
  • The Nuthatch Affair is The Green Death


  • The Scientist Abductions is The Time Warrior
  • The Space World Closure is The Paradise of Death
  • The Golden Age Scandal is Invasion of the Dinosaurs
  • The Mummerset Monastery Affair is Planet of the Spiders
  • The Think Tank Scandal is Robot
  • The North Sea Crisis is Fury from the Deep
  • The Loch Ness Investigation is Terror of the Zygons


  • The Black Star Era is No Future
  • The Devesham Incident is The Android Invasion
  • The Chase Mansion Affair is The Seeds of Doom
  • The San Fransisco Vampire is from Vampire Science


  • The Xerxes Trapdoor is from Blue Box
  • The Martian Murders are from The Dying Days
  • The Nunton Meltdown is The Hand of Fear
  • The Fetch Priory Implosion is Image of the Fendahl


  • The Nine Travellers is The Stones of Blood


  • The Birmingham Warehouse Siege is from Relative Dementias
  • The Mona Lisa Fakes is City of Death
  • The St Cedds Incident is Shada


  • The incident at the Pharos Project is Logopolis
  • The incident involving the Talichre is from Relative Dementias
  • The Moreton Harwood Coven is K9 and Company
  • The Eridani Supercomputer is Blue Box


  • The incident in Muirbridge is Relative Dementias
  • The Heathrow Incident is Time Flight


  • The chase through Amsterdam is Arc of Infinity
  • The Brigadier's trip to Haiti is from Heart of TARDIS
  • The Doctor's visit to Brendon School is Mawdryn Undead
  • The UNIT reunion is seen in The Five Doctors


  • The Little Hodcombe War Games are The Awakening
  • The UNIT raid is Heart of TARDIS
  • The Det-Sen Investigation is from Downtime
  • The Bomb Disposal Mystery is Resurrection of the Daleks


  • The Other Shoreditch Incident is Attack of the Cybermen
  • The Seville Affair is The Two Doctors


  • The Antarctic STS Incident is The Tenth Planet


  • The Zircon Incident is from The Dying Days


  • The Windsor Incident is Silver Nemesis


  • The Perivale Abductions is Survival
  • The The Senénet Affair is Business Unusual


  • The incident in Llanfair Ceriog is Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark


  • The Manchester Incident is Goth Opera


  • The New World University Incident is Downtime


  • The publication of Who Killed Kennedy refers, of course, to Who Killed Kennedy
  • UNIT's suspension is from the Decalog 3 story UNITed we fall
  • State Secret is mentioned in The Dying Days


  • The Carbury Incident is Battlefield
  • The Vampire Coven is Vampire Science
  • The Salisbury Plain Investigation is The Pit
  • The Martian Invasion is The Dying Days
  • The Kigali Operation is Genocide


  • The incident at Hubway is System Shock


  • The film shoot is from the More Short Trips story Scientific Advisor


  • The Cyber Virus is from the Short Trips and Side Steps story Vrs


  • The assassination attempt on the Queen is Head Games


  • The Plastic Death Dolls are, of course Rose

As always, you might want to e-mail me with feedback, or visit my personal homepage. I hope you enjoyed reading the UNIT files and any other parts of the Whoniverse site which you visited.