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This section gives a blow by blow account of UNIT's activities for each year of its existence. Each entry contains a series of incidents in which UNIT was involved over the year, along with some speculation as to what really happened. Some years have no incidents listed because we are currently unaware of anything that happened during that year.

UNIT in 1968 UNIT in 1969 UNIT in 1970 UNIT in 1971 UNIT in 1972 UNIT in 1973
UNIT in 1974 UNIT in 1975 UNIT in 1976 UNIT in 1977 UNIT in 1978 UNIT in 1979
UNIT in 1980 UNIT in 1981 UNIT in 1982 UNIT in 1983 UNIT in 1984 UNIT in 1985
UNIT in 1986 UNIT in 1987 UNIT in 1988 UNIT in 1989 UNIT in 1990 UNIT in 1991
UNIT in 1992 UNIT in 1993 UNIT in 1994 UNIT in 1995 UNIT in 1996 UNIT in 1997
UNIT in 1998 UNIT in 1999 UNIT in 2000 UNIT in 2001 UNIT in 2002 UNIT in 2003
UNIT in 2004 UNIT in 2005

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