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The U.N.I.T. Files

The History of U.N.I.T.


Like much of the nineteen eighties, 1983 was a year when nothing much happened to UNIT - at least, not that we know about. We have a couple of reports that the youthful Doctor was involved in a chase through Amsterdam, and that UNIT brought Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart out of retirement for a visit to Haiti. There are also reports that the youthful Doctor visited Brendon School, where Lethbridge-Stewart had been teaching, in the summer term. This may have been linked to the disappearance of a pupil named Turlough Vislor, whose guardian was a solicitor on Chancery Lane. Intriguingly, the solicitor in question has also disappeared - though at a much later date. We also have some evidence suggesting that Lethbridge-Stewart briefly disappeared at a UNIT reunion in this year - perhaps he was being briefed for his trip to Haiti.

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