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The History of U.N.I.T.


During 1989, there were two incidents involving one of the Doctor Agents, both of which saw UNIT activity in the area soon afterwards.

The Perivale Abductions

In Perivale, an area of London, there a number of teenagers had disappeared over a period of about a month. The arrival of the Scottish Doctor in the area coincided with the unexplained re-appearance of several of the teenagers. Rumours persist of some kind of cat-people being active in the area, but there is no evidence to support these rumours.

The Senénet Affair

The Loud Doctor is known to have been present in the village of Pease Pottage in Sussex during a series of unfortunate incidents. The company Senénet, based in the area had just brought out a new games console called the Maxx - which had the capacity to connect to other consoles via a phone line - years before the internet became widely available. Ten local children won a free console, and died in mysterious circumstances soon afterwards. Two Japanese businessmen were also found dead near Senénet's headquarters. The company ceased operating following a fire at their headquarters. Several locals, including 25 year old Computer Programmer Melanie Bush, went missing during these events. Melanie Bush was a co-signatory of the account at Coutts Bank kept by the UNIT Doctor. It is interesting to note that there are absolutely no official records of Senénet's existence. The company was clearly not a legal entity, and it is surprising that it was not closed down by the authorities for tax evasion and suchlike.

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