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The History of U.N.I.T.


In terms of UNIT activity levels, 1997 could have been a year in the early 1970s. UNIT were heavily involved in the Carbury Incident, carried out investigations on Salisbury Plain, and played a key role in thwarting the Martian Invasion. Later in the year, UNIT troops in Africa sealed off part of the Kigali Gorge in Africa - a key site for palaeontologists.

The Carbury Incident

During March 1997, UNIT were assigned to transport a nuclear missile through the remote village of Carbury - locally believed to have had a connection with King Arthur. The UNIT convoy was halted in the village, and Brigadier Bambera called Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart out of retirement - seemingly after some advice. Eyewitnesses report that the Scottish Doctor was also present during events. Not much information has come out of the details of events. Some conspiracy theorists have suggested that Arthurian Knights returned and did battle with a grave evil. However, we do know that the archaeological dig happening in the area was abandoned. One source says that the site of the dig was blown up.

The Vampire Coven

In March 1997, General Kramer of UNIT US was involved in an investigation into what her report described as a coven of Vampires in the San Francisco area. Her report claims that there were 14 Vampires operating in the less salubrious areas of San Francisco. Their activities are blamed for the deaths of Gordon Pymble, US ambassador to Buranda, and US Senator Daniel Ben-Zvi. These two men's bodies were drained of blood when they were found.

Kramer's report goes on to relate the role played by one of the Doctor agents. This agent apparently struck a deal with the leader of these Vampires, but a rebel faction was responsible for killing most of the others. Kramer and this Doctor apparently set a trap for the renegade Vampires and killed all of them.

This incident also coincided with Kramer recruiting two civilian biochemists to work as scientific advisers to her branch of UNIT. These two, Joanna Harris and Carolyn McConnell were heavily involved in the incident, though our sources don't reveal precisely what role they played. This incident may be linked to a similar one in 1976

The Salisbury Plain Investigation

In April 1997, UNIT troops investigated another dig - this time on Salisbury Plain. They are rumoured to have discovered an alien skeleton.

The Martian Invasion

During May 1997, UNIT were heavily involved in the greatest crisis of any British Government in decades. It started in May - not that long after the general election. On the 6th of May, the Mars 97 - the first manned mission to Mars in 20 years - landed on Mars. Contact was soon lost with the probe, and a spacecraft claiming to be from Mars arrived above London. They claimed that the astronauts had violated some ancient tombs and the punishment under Martian law was that the entire United Kingdom came under the control of Martian rulers. This coincided with the assassination of the Prime Minister, who had been visiting Washington DC.

As is well known, the result of all this was that the Queen fled Britain, and a little-known member of the House of Lords called Lord Greyhaven headed up a new Provisional Government. Many of Britain's military forces - including the entirety of UNIT UK - decided to fight this new government. During the two weeks this provisional government ruled, there were a series of attacks on both the resistance movement and the British public. These included a poison gas raid on the small village of Adisham in Kent - killing hundreds of people, an attack on Portsmouth Harbour, the shooting of civilians in Bradford, and an air raid on Edinburgh.

The resistance forces finally moved on London on the 15th of May as Queen Elizabeth addressed the United Nations General Assembly. They were led by Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and spearheaded by UNIT. They retook London with practically no opposition from the Provisional Government's forces. Following this, a giant hologram of one of the Martians was broadcast to the crowd proclaiming a desire to wipe out all of humanity. Minutes later, the ship was blown to bits by Harrier Jump Jets.

The events of that period are confused. A great many people believe an author known as Oswald - who claimed that the Martian ship had been a combination of ball lightning and mass hallucination. After all, very few people actually claimed to have seen a Martian, and there were no items of alien technology ever recovered. It seems unlikely that the initial ship and its broadcast message was either. However, it is possible that the ship could have been faked as a ruse to divert attention away from what the provisional government had been doing.

The Kigali Operation

In June 1997, a group of UNIT troops sealed off the Kigali Gorge in Tanzania, Africa. This gorge is one of the foremost sites for discovering the apes that are believed to be ancestors of mankind. During this operation, two amateur palaeontologists disappeared. The operation lasted for a few days, and we have absolutely no information about its cause.

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