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The U.N.I.T. Files

The History of U.N.I.T.


1978 was another quiet year for UNIT. Activities were low-key, and their involvement in unusual incidents tended to be little more than sending clear-up squads after the occasional incident involving a Doctor Agent.

The Nine Travellers

During this year, the Bohemian Doctor was involved in a minor incident on Boscowan Moor, Damnonium. The moor contained a circle of standing stones, which had been known as the Six Travellers, the Seven Travellers, and the Nine Travellers at different point in history. Rumours connected this site with human sacrifices. To the best of our knowledge, there is no evidence of such sacrifice. However, Vivien Fay, assistant to the Archaeologist Professor Amelia Rumford, disappeared somewhere near the circle, and the number of stones in the circle changed again.

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