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1985 saw very little verifiable activity on the part of UNIT. There were a couple of sightings of Doctor Agents, but nothing of any apparent importance.

The Other Shoreditch Incident

During 1985, the Loud Doctor was spotted in Shoreditch, site of the Shoreditch Incident of 1963. He was reported to have run into a pipe organ outside a junkyard. The observer claimed that the Pipe Organ turned into an old-fashioned Police Box and vanished. At the same time as this, a series of, possibly linked, hi-tech thefts across London abruptly stopped. It is rumoured that UNIT were looking into these thefts.

The Seville Affair

During the Summer of 1985, two Doctor Agents were sighted in Seville, Spain. The Elusive Doctor and the Loud Doctor are reported to have been present as there were several violent incidents. These incidents included the stabbing of a restaurant proprietor, and the disappearance of a well loved old lady from her hacienda not far from Seville. UNIT Spain are reputed to have arrived in Seville after the event.

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