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The Scottish Doctor

The Scottish Doctor
The Scottish Doctor in 1988

The Scottish Doctor was the first Doctor agent we have records of. He was first involved in The Ultima Incident during World War 2, having also made wartime appearances aiding the wartime group SID and been seen in Blitz London at the time the Limehouse Lurker was killing people. He was also involved in two important events in the 50s. The first of these was the Corman Airbase Incident, which is the single most important incident in UFO mythology. The second was the Shangri-La Incident, another major UFO incident. He also turned up during the Shoreditch Incident in 1963. We suspect that he was acting as an agent of C-19 during this period.

The bizarre thing about all these appearances is that he is reported as having been in his 40s on all occasions. In the Ultima and Shoreditch incidents, he was reportedly accompanied by a teenage girl called Ace, and the descriptions of the two incidents match - over a 20 year span.

This agent's appearance and character were resurrected on two occasions subsequently. The first of these was during 1976 in the so called Black Star Era, when he was associated, briefly, with UNIT. An identical man, again probably a duplicate agent, turned up more recently during the 1988 Windsor Incident as well as the 1989 Perivale Abductions and the 1997 Carbury Incident. As the man seems not to have aged at all during the gaps between these incidents, they must all have been separate men with the same appearance and personality.

The 1976 appearance is a particular anomaly in the appearances of the Doctor agents, like later appearances by other doctor agents in the middle of periods where another doctor agent was consistently active (the Old Doctor and the Elusive Doctor have also had such anomalies in their records). These later appearances may well have been other men given the face and personality of the original Scottish Doctor. It is, indeed, quite likely that at least 4 distinct individuals have played the role of this particular agent.

The Scottish Doctor is short, with dark hair and a Scottish accent. He carries an umbrella with a red question-mark shaped handle and commonly wears a white fedora and paisley cravat or a tie with a silk shirt and a jacket. He has also been known to wear a question-mark patterned pullover. Generally, he has tended to take control of situations either directly or indirectly by manipulating others. He rarely gets directly involved in the more physical aspects of a situation, preferring to leave that to others, particularly his assistants. He also seems, according to eyewitness accounts, to know a lot more about situations than he lets on and seems to be a master planner, often outwitting even his allies.

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