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The U.N.I.T. Files

What is U.N.I.T.?

U.N.I.T. stands for the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce. Although U.N.I.T. never appears in the press, many rumours about this shadowy organisation have leaked out. Widely believed to be a covert anti-terrorist squad, U.N.I.T. and the related government department C-19 have a very different role. For such a group, U.N.I.T. has a startling amount of power and resources. They actually have the firepower to start and sustain a small war. This firepower includes some of the most sophisticated and top secret weaponry in the world. They have cells based in every major military power in the world, although no country has embassies in all of these nations. The, particularly important, British branch of U.N.I.T. also has extensive legal powers including D-Notices, arrests and being able to hold individuals indefinitely on security charges, as well as being allowed to shoot to kill. In addition, U.N.I.T. has powers to force police to undertake national operations.

U.N.I.T.'s mission statement is to react, assess and respond to outside threats. This leaves a big question mark over UNIT's purpose as, for a global organisation, there should be no outside threats. Do they mean terrorists, fundamentalists, revolutionaries or something else? The answer to this secret has been well hidden since U.N.I.T.'s formation in the 1960's, but now we have access to incomplete and fragmentary records of some of their activities. This site is an attempt to show the full extent of U.N.I.T.'s covert activities, investigate some of it's key figures and probe into the full extent of the horrors associated with it.

Before plunging headlong into our analysis of UNIT, you should be aware that much of what follows is guesswork based on a combination of eyewitness accounts and leaks from highly classified government documents. Much has been omitted due either to insufficient information or because the stories that emerge out of incidents are too bizarre for belief. In addition to this, many of our ideas as to what may have happened are based on information which we know fails to provide a full picture, thus we have avoided jumping to conclusions and instead presented merely speculative ideas as to the true nature of events.

Perhaps the most detailed account of UNIT's activities was given in a book by noted journalist James Stevens entitled Who Killed Kennedy. Though much of the book is good investigative journalism, the end of the book appears to be pure science fiction. Furthermore, many of the dates given in the book differ from the public record and, indeed, from Stevens' own notes. The book was published shortly before Stevens disappeared in April 1996. It has been out of print since May 1997, and Stevens' co-author David Bishop has put the book on a New Zealand based website as an e-book

The U.N.I.T Files contents

U.N.I.T. History

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