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Professor Elizabeth Shaw

Professor Elizabeth Shaw

Professor Shaw holds doctorates in Chemistry and Medicine, honorary doctorates in metaphysics and various qualifications in economics, history, latin and several other subjects. She was conscripted into UNIT whilst working on a project to break down non-biodegradable wastes at Cambridge research facilities, joining UNIT in July 1970, on the same day as the inhuman blood rumour started.

Officially scientific advisor to UNIT, she was reduced in status by the apparently unexpected arrival of the UNIT Doctor, who semi-officially filled the post until 1975. Professor Shaw was key in the various UNIT activities of 1970, acting as the expert for several incidents involving hi-tech equipment. She retired from UNIT in October 1970, apparently due to the Cheviot Hills Shutdown and events connected to that. Professor Shaw then returned to research at Cambridge, working on a highly classified project. Due to the level of security surrounding this project, we have not been able to trace Professor Shaw's activities after this incident, although rumours connect this research to the Wenley Moor Plague.

The big question about Professor Shaw is why would a military squad like UNIT need such a highly qualified scientific advisor? Liz Shaw was, at the time, one of the fastest rising academics in a wide range of sciences, so why use a woman who could surely be used more effectively in a research capacity than among a group of soldiers, even one dealing with a very large number of unusual incidents? Obviously, this question is answered best by looking at the precise details of the incidents UNIT dealt with - and many of them could have used such extensive scientific knowledge.

A more important question is why did C-19 requisition Professor Shaw as scientific advisor to UNIT when they apparently had the UNIT Doctor, a man much better suited to the post, waiting in the wings? In addition, the UNIT Doctor was apparently more knowledgeable than Professor Shaw most of the time, which raises the question of how did he get that good? Professor Shaw was one of the leading scientific brains of the 1960s, but UNIT staff noted that the UNIT Doctor often left her totally baffled. This is a question we have no answer to.

The final word on Professor Shaw is that, after her involvement with UNIT, she has produced no scientific research unless her work has been successfully covered up by government intervention.

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