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Dame Anne Travers

Anne Travers is one of the more influential figures in UNIT's history. She is believed to have been present at The London Event, along with her father Edward Travers, where she apparently acted as scientific advisor to Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart. It is rumoured that an account of that event written by Ms Travers was important in securing the creation of UNIT. If this rumour is true, this account was almost certainly formed part of the dossier that Lethbridge Stewart presented to the UN Security Council in the meeting that created UNIT.

Travers continued in the government's employ for the rest of her life following the London Event. She eventually became a senior civil servant - her first civil service appointment apparently concerned the Inferno project. In 1981, she became scientific advisor to the cabinet - a position she held until her untimely death in the early hours of New Year's Day 2000. Travers used her influence in this position to pour a significant amount of money into UNIT, presumably influenced by her experiences during the London Event.

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