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A History of the Whoniverse

Doctor Who is the world's longest-running science fiction programme, running from 1963 until 1989, with a brief revival in 1996 (and due to have another revival in 2005). Featuring the adventures of a time traveller known as the Doctor, the show has explored a vast selection of history, from the creation of the Universe, to its demise. The continuing series of books and audio adventures have taken the Doctor and his companions to previously unexplored realms of space and time. These pages are an attempt to put the whole thing into some kind of logical order.

Histories of the Doctor Who Universe have been done before. Jean-Marc L'officier's book The Terrestrial Index contains a history according to the TV series, Lance Parkin's book A History of the Universe contains a history which also references many of the continuing series of novels. There are other websites that also do this, most of which only use the events of the TV programme. However, there is a (mostly) excellent one on the Outpost Gallifrey site - though it is not there all the time.

So why do we need another chronology? Firstly, I'd almost finished the first version of this history for a fanzine by the time I discovered Outpost Galifrey's chronology, and it seemed a shame to not share it with other Doctor Who fans the world over. Secondly, this chronology is the work of a single individual, and so has a slightly more coherent focus than Outpost Gallifrey's team effort. Thirdly, Outpost Gallifrey goes into excessive detail on the events of stories - I focus only on those details that are historically important. Fourthly, at times the Outpost Gallifrey team have made some historical errors, though it is possible that they have spotted and corrected some of these since I last looked. Fifthly, it's always useful to have a second opinion.

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