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A History of the Whoniverse

The Twenty-seventh Century (2601-2700)


Professor Arthur Candy begins extensive research on the Time Lord known as the Doctor.

According to Decalog 3: Continuity Errors, he has been researching the Doctor for 30 years before 2643 (page 214).



On an isolated human colony, the Macra took over. They forced the population to mine a toxic gas, which was necessary for the Macra to exist. They were defeated when a traveller arrived on the planet.

The date is entirely arbitrary. The colony was founded "many centuries" ago. There is little interference from Earth, and the technology level appears to be quite low. I speculate that the colony has been left pretty much to its own devices, and that this story happens as the Empire is beginning to gather strength.


Andrea Talwinning is born.

She is 18 in 2643, according to Decalog 3: Continuity Errors.

c. 2632

Andrea Talwinning's teacher takes a few months unexpected holiday, and the replacement (Mr 'ginger wig' Smith) teaches the class Tibetan mind control in order to make them 'better people'.

Decalog 3: Continuity Errors, page 229, no date is given.


Some of the Shenn on the planet Arden receive telepathic signals ordering them to build kilns.

Shadowmind, this is 30 years earlier on page 164.

Professor Candy of Luna University delivers a lecture on the dangers of the Doctor.
The date is given on pages 214 and 238. This timeline is replaced during the course of the story.


Professor Candy of Luna University is unable to deliver one of his lectures. His replacement delivers a lecture on the importance of lending library books to your friends.

The date is given on pages 214 and 238. Comparing dates, This appears to be in the same year as Gwendoline is born.

Gwendoline Talwinning is killed by living plants on the planet Argolia 4.
Twenty years before Decalog 3: Continuity Errors (page 228). The Doctor wipes out this timeline in the course of the story.


The Doctor's intervention saves Gwendoline Talwinning from death at the hands of living plants on the planet Argolia 4.

Twenty years before Decalog 3: Continuity Errors (page 228).

Freddy Talwinning walks out on his wife Angela.
The year after Gwendoline is killed, according to Decalog 3: Continuity Errors(page 231).


The Doctor stops Freddy Talwinning from walking out on his wife.

Decalog 3: Continuity Errors. In the year after Gwendoline dies (page 231)

On some areas of Earth, there were pressing problems. As the empire expanded, Earth became rich, overcrowded, and polluted. This led to the building of the first Overcities. These vast constructs were built above the existing cities. They helped contain the booming population as well as immigrants attracted by the grants to industries based in the Solar System. To solve the problems of pollution, which plagued the undercities in particular, large numbers of Oxygen factories were built. Sometimes two or more were built next to each other.

The date of the first overcities is from Decalog 4, though Original Sin suggests they only went up during Roz's lifetime. The oxygen factories are mentioned in (page 204).

At the same time, a Haitian deciphered the Rihanssu language. This enabled humanity to begin negotiations with the species, ending the war between them [which had started due to misunderstandings during first contact].

White Darkness (page 129).


The fifth Thargon-Sorsen war lays waste to the planet Fridgya.

According to Stokes in The Well Mannered War chapter 3 page 37, and the war is dated by Romana on the same page.


On the colony world of Jedharan, Mark Forrester is murdered in a take-over bid on his company, Chaba-bug Farming Interplanetary.

There is no date given. It is easily within living memory of the first Overcities being erected, and almost certainly the 27th Century.



The Doctor borrows a copy of Miracle on Deltherus 5: The definitive account of how the Deltherons repelled the Drakoid Invasion from the New Alexandrian Library.

The date is given several times throughout the story.


Human colonists from Tairngaire moved onto Arden.

Three years before Shadowmind (page 64).



Alien infiltrators were discovered on Tairngaire. The C.S.S. Broadsword investigated and traced the problem to a sentient asteroid, which it disabled.

The Doctor says that it's 2673 (page 29). The events of Frontier in Space (2540 - page 74) were 130 years ago (page 61).

27th Century

Human colonists arrive on Arkannis Major (colony world 4378976.Delta-Four). They are affected by a nanoscopic lifeform which feeds on electrical activity. These lifeforms amplify human dreams, causing affected adult humans to behave as if their dreams were real. The government restructures society to make all kinds of fiction and lying illegal and unacceptable. One of their later decisions is to ban toys and games for children to make sure that they don't get into bad habits. The government disbands when the colonists feel that it is unnecessary, presumably when the non-fiction laws are comprehensive.

The Doctor estimates that the colony's technology has stuck in the 27th Century on page 16 of Stealer of Dreams.



In a spaceport somewhere in the galaxy, a Van Winkle free trader gets punched in the face by a woman he was trying to chat up. At around the same time, Sheldukher arrives on the planet Hogsumm, believing it to be the legendary Sakkrat, home of the Highest Science. He walks into the trap set by those on Checkley's World, and is captured. He activates a bomb on his person - destroying the fake city, and the Cell is also destroyed. Whilst he is there, an invasion force of Chelonians and some late 20th Century commuters are transported to the planet by a Fortean flicker.

The scenes in the spaceport are said to be in the 27th Century on page 33, but said to be 230 years after Benny's native time on page 35 (making it the 28th Century). I have assumed that the occur in the same year as the main story. The year of Sheldukher's arrival is given on page 17, and Benny gives the same year on pages 62 and 63.



The Ararax XIV Heritage Centre is set up on a remote asteroid. A number of buildings are stolen from a number of different times and places.

The date is uncertain. However, one of the exhibits is the Pavilion of the Summer Winds from Tara, which dates this as after Decalog 2: The Trials of Tara. I have arbitrarily placed it here.



The Xerons rebel against their Morok rulers.

There is no date to this story. The Time-Space Visualiser is a technology that was being looked into in Vicki's time (the late 25th Century).

c. 2690

The Panafrica Company starts off in an office above a grocery store. During the next 100 years, it will become a major corporation.

Decalog 4: Secrets of the Black Planet places this a century earlier (than c2790) on page 224.


An engraving is made on the entrance to the Pentallion Theatre on Menaxus.

The date is suggested on page 60 of Theatre of War.

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