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A History of the Whoniverse

The Twenty-third Century (2201-2300)


Wayne Redfern is tried in connection with the Interbank scandal.

According to The Final Sanction pages 145-146, 178. The trial is said to have taken a year. It's uncertain how long this was before the war.


Terran Security Forces begin a war with the Selachians. It is claimed that the Selachians were a threat, but the war was more because they were threatening human Corporations on the arms markets.

According to The Final Sanction page 75. Page 146 suggests that the war has been going on for a year.


Adam Dresden is on his first TSF mission when he is captured by the Selachians on Molinar. He is transported to Ockara as a prisoner.

According to The Final Sanction page 196.

Humans invade Kalaya, the final planet to need liberating from the Selachians. After a while, they stop air raids in order to protect the native population. Out of 1,000 troops, only around 300 would survive the campaign.

According to The Final Sanction. The air raids stopped two or three months ago on page 20.


The war with the Selachians was coming to an end. Terran Security Forces had liberated all the Selachian worlds except Kalaya and Ockora. Their assault against the final Selachian stronghold on Kalaya fails, and the remaining Selachians flee to their homeworld of Ockora, taking prisoners with them. Three days later, Commander Redfern of the TSF launches a gravity-bomb that destroys Ockora, and all life on it.

The Doctor says that it is 2204 on page 40.

Laura Mulholland, creator of the G-Bomb that destroyed Ockora, hangs herself. She leaves a note saying I was arrogant and blinkered enough to open Pandora's box. I cannot live with the demons I have released.
The Doctor knows this from history in The Final Sanction pages 120-121, where it is dated as six months after the bomb was used. However, his actions erased this from the timeline, as Mulholland instead sacrificed her life to stop the Selachians from using a second G-bomb on Earth.

c. 2205

By this time, you can get a mortgage right on top of the Face of Mars for a bag of Maris Pipers.

According to Captain Jack's Data Record on page 91 of Only Human.

In the early years of the twenty-third century, humanity again came into conflict with the Cybermen. The ensuing CyberWars saw humanity wipe out several different groups of CyberNomads.

The CyberWars are mentioned in Deceit, Iceberg, The Dimension Riders, and Killing Ground (which places them slightly earlier).

The Eurogen-Butler Corporation changes its name and becomes the Spinward Corporation.

Deceit (page 23).

At some point during the century, humans begin testing cold fusion bombs in the outer reaches of human space. They discover that eight bombs together can shatter every planet in a solar system and ignite its gas giants. Fusion bombs are subsequently banned, even as a last resort.

Cold Fusion, page 180.

Humans discovered the planet Mechanus (or Mechon) and sent Mechanoid robots to prepare it for colonisation.

This was 50 years before The Chase.


The Intergalactic Mineral Exploitation Act is passed. It allows mining companies to overrule colonial governments in certain circumstances.

The Romance of Crime.


The Doctor, Ace, and Benny visit the Moscow City Carnival.

Strange England (page 7).

During the course of the century, there were numerous law enforcement organisations. In addition to the Adjudicators and various colony law enforcement agencies, there were groups like the Serial/Spree Killers Investigations National Unit. These were often semi-official and had fewer constraints than other organisations. [Generally, such agencies specialised in particular crimes. They were eventually absorbed by the Adjudicators or turned into private detective agencies.]



FLORANCE is taken off-line and stored at DKC's R&D laboratory on Dione.

SLEEPY. This is 'four years' before 2227 on page 137.



Two investigators from the Serial/Spree Killers Investigations National Unit visit the Dione-Kisumu Corporation's R&D base on Dione. They are discovered to be impostors and taken prisoner. They escape and set FLORANCE free. Meanwhile, the GRUMPY AI is used to manufacture memory tablets and other such substances.

Benny and Roz travel back 30 years (page 137) to 2227 (page 159).

Soon after this, GRUMPY escapes from Dione. He hides pieces of himself across the Solar System. DKC keeps his escape a closely guarded secret for ten years.


The early-mid part of this century has been referred to as 'The first great break-out'. [Earth had finally rebuilt itself sufficiently to start to care about the rest of space. Subsequently, it began to contribute to the growing human colonisation movement. This far exceeded the moderate colonisation of previous centuries.]

In The Romance of Crime, we learn that the first great breakout happened about this time.


Humans colonise Uva-Beta-Uva 5.

The Romance of Crime (page 61).


The Survey Corps vessel Icarus is built.

This is 150 years before The Dimension Riders.

New Canaan declares itself independent.

Decalog 4: Heritage (page 92). I suspect that this was independence from a company, rather than Earth. Given Earth's condition in 2185 (when the colony was founded), it clearly had no role in founding this particular colony.

c. 2235

Mining companies discover Belzite on Uva-Beta-Uva 3 and use the 2217 Mineral Exploitation Act to rescind the colony's rights.

The Romance of Crime (pages 61-62).


DKC track down GRUMPY's operating system and shoot down the fighter shuttle containing it above Yemaya 4.

This was 20 years before SLEEPY, on page 195.


New Canaan institutes a Co-dominion government.

Decalog 4: Heritage (page 92). It is unclear whether this is due to a political revolution or whether this was when a post-independence provisional government gave power to a permanent one.


The Unukalhai system is colonised. This colony is unusual, being funded through public donations rather than corporate money. The colonists do, however, trade airavata (a native species that produce a radiation decontaminant) with the Spinward Corporation.

Lords of the Storm (page 43). The date is given on page 24.



The Pabulum Corporation stages a religious rally on New Zion, in order to help turn the planet into an easy market for them.

It's the mid 23rd Century, and Decalog 4: No One Goes to Halfway There was 3 generations ago (page 54).


The Fomasi and Argolians fight the twenty-minute war. Interplanetary missiles leave Argolis a radioactive wasteland. The Argolians are left sterile, so they begin experimenting with Tachyonics.

The Leisure Hive.

[A mystic] called Jung the Obscure publishes his Eiger Apocrypha sometime in the [mid] 23rd Century. It contains his theory of the Inner Dark.

Managra (page 63).

By this century, humans are publishing the text of sperm-whale songlines.

Sam reads one in Genocide (page 27).



The Dione-Kisumu Corporation starts a colony on Yemaya 4. The colonists soon develop psi-powers, the result of a corporate experiment. The corporation, in fear of their experiment being exposed, agrees to leave the colony alone.

The Doctor states the date on page 29.

About this time, Steven Taylor [visits] the ruins of New York City. This persuades him to enter the military. He becomes a helmsman on a battleship. This ends when he takes shore leave on Roylus Prime, shortly after a rebellion. He saw a street person clubbed to death for failing to vacate the street quickly enough. He pressed charges against the culprit, and was subsequently consigned to a one-man non-combat pilot.

According to Salvation (page 58), though no date is given. In The Empire of Glass, we discover that he grew up in an Earth Hiveblock. This was probably in England; his English accent is recognised on Salvation page 116. After this, he spent the rest of his life in spacecraft and space stations.


There have been fifty years of interplanetary wars, including the CyberWars, when Steven Taylor crash-lands on the planet Mechanus. He is imprisoned by the Mechanoids, but escapes two years later when a rogue group of Daleks arrive on the planet.

The date is uncertain, but given that Steven saw what the Daleks did to New York City (Salvation page 58), and other information we have about interplanetary wars in this period, this seems the best place to put this story.


The Computers and Cybernetic Systems Act was passed on Uva Beta Uva. It affected what evidence could be presented in a courtroom.

The Romance of Crime.


Booth Kitava's Fictional Voices is published.

We see an extract on pages 214-215 of Theatre of War.


The creation of Pangol [leads to] a moratorium on the use of Tachyonics on Argolis. They set up the Leisure Hive, turning Argolis into the first ever Leisure Planet. Meanwhile, the old Fomasi Lodge system was destroyed by a new, centralised, government. The new government tried to reconcile themselves with Argolis.

Twenty years before The Leisure Hive.


By this time, Raghi has finally been terraformed - taking the efforts of 40 million people and a quarter of a century.

The task takes 'nearly a quarter of a century' on page 53 of Lords of the Storm.


Playwright Stanoff Osterling writes The Good Soldiers. This play is universally held to be better than his other classics, such as Death by Mirrors, The Captain's Honour, and The Mercenary. The play breaks the standard dramatic conventions of the period. It is, however, lost to posterity.

Theatre of War, page 80.


The Mutant Rights Act is passed. It gives certain settlements of mutants protection from vigilante groups.

The Romance of Crime, page 74.


By this time, Uva Beta Uva III was at the centre of a belzite rush unparalleled in human history.

The Romance of Crime is set about 150 years after the Belzite rush (page 8).

Jancis begins working as housekeeper to Commissar Sallis when he takes a fancy to her when she is working on the production line. They have a son together.

She tells the Doctor that this was 20 years ago in Excelis Decays.



The West Lodge Foamasi attempt to take over the (failing) Argolian Leisure Hive. This attempt is thwarted, and negotiations open with other Foamasi.

According to Romana, it's 40 years after the war of 2250.


Checkley's world is settled for the scientific frontiers base - a research centre run by Earth Government.

The Highest Science page 228.


Bolvavin's Stories from the Theatre is published. It includes a retelling of The Good Soldiers.

We see an extract on pages 287-288 of Theatre of War.



The planet Varos negotiates a fair price for its Zeiton 7 ore, as rebel forces take over and free the population.

The colony has been stable for over two hundred years, having been a mining colony for centuries. Peri is from nearly three centuries before the Governor is born [hence, it's after 2285]. Thus, I arbitrarily place the story a decade after 2285, which means it's only been stable [and in existence] for just over 200 years.

c. 2295

The leaders of the powers on Artaris met together to draw up the Artaris Convention - a bill of rights that might have ended the war. Within two weeks, the only signatory left alive was the chairman of the Excelis Inner Party.

According to Commissar Sallis in Excelis Decays, this was five years ago

c. 2295

The Captain's Honour opens at the Pentillanian Theatre on Menaxus.

An account of the opening performance is presumed to be dated c. 2295 on page 121 of Theatre of War.

c. 2398

Excelis starts deploying the Elite, creatures activated by others' lifeforce. They had been created by Lord Sutton. Despite, or because of, this the Excelis State doesn't increase it's overall surface area by one metre.

Commissar Sallis says this was 2 years before Excelis Decays



Mathematical prodigies Romulus and Remus are kidnapped and taken to Joconda. They are returned shortly after. Their abduction is part of a series of events that lead to the overthrow of the tyrant Mestor.

The date is not stated. The freighter disappeared 8 months ago - dated "12-99", so it's August at the turn of a century. Most other chronologies place this story in the 23rd or 24th centuries.

The laboratories on Checkley's World are released from state control. Although the major funding partner remained Earth Government, a consortium of planetary empires and corporations provided much of the funding. Members of the consortium included Riftok, Masel, and Arcturus.

According to The Highest Science page 228.

c. 2300

Jancis is reassigned to become Major Brant's housekeeper.

She tells the Doctor that this was a few months ago in Excelis Decays


In the City State of Excelis The Wardens round up a group of rebellious proles for use in Lord Sutton's secret experiments. However amongst them is a suspected member of the inner party. Soon after this, Excelis activates its orbital defence systems - firing nuclear weapons at every major city on Artaris. A few people manage to get to the underground shelters, and survive this nuclear holocaust.

The Doctor says that the Relic was brought to Excelis 1300 years ago Excelis Dawns. Grayvorn seems to concur with this date, when he talks about souls on Artaris being trapped within the Relic for 1300 years. In The Plague Herd of Excelis, set in 2601, these events were an unspecified number of generation ago. The DiscContinuity Guide estimated 300 years between the two stories, and I see no reason to disagree with their guess.

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