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A History of the Whoniverse

The Early Twentieth Century (1901-1959)


An unnamed author begins writing the Captain Jack Harkaway stories for The Ensign, a weekly boy's magazine. He will continue this for 25 years, delivering 5000 words a week.

The Mind Robber episode 4. The Master of the Land of Fiction wrote it for 25 years before his disappearance. The real life author of these stories was Frank Richards.

The first British submarine was launched.

According to the sailors in Enlightenment.

The first Doctor, Ben, and Polly briefly visit Mars.

The Doctor says that his earlier self had been aiming for Victoria's coronation in 1901 on page 125 of Short Trips and Side Steps: Shut the Gate.

The Doctor trained the Mountain Mauler of Montana.

The Romans. I don't have a clue when (or even if) the Mountain Mauler was around, so I'm taking Parkin's date.

The Doctor learnt escapology from Houdini (1874-1926).

As mentioned in Planet of the Spiders and Revenge of the Cybermen.

The Doctor met Einstein (1879-1955).

The Stones of Blood.

Rocastle was a soldier in the Boer War, as was Alexander Shuttleworth's uncle. During this war, Joan Redfern's husband Arthur died.

According to Human Nature page 114 and 110. Joan's late husband is mentioned in Human Nature, where she is said to be a war widow. However, it is only explicit that he was in the Boer War during the Prelude to Human Nature.


A Rutan scout exploring the Solar System decides that Earth is a good point from which to launch a major assault on the Sontarans. His scout-ship develops a fault and falls to Earth.

Just before Horror of Fang Rock.


The crew of the lighthouse on Fang Rock, in the English Channel, are all killed in mysterious circumstances.

The exact date is uncertain. There's a reference to King Edward, hence it's after 1901. The beast was last seen 80 years ago, which was "in the 20's". So it's the first decade of the twentieth century.

Kitty Hodges dies.

Ten years before Human Nature page 101.


The War Lords kidnap soldiers from the Russo-Japanese war, which occurred in this year.

The War Games.

Jules Verne dies

He has been dead for four years by More Short Trips: 64 Carlysle Street.

Beth is born.

She was 14 when she went into service, which was five years before The Clockwise Man page 64.


A Rakshassi army is destroyed in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake by a gas explosion.

All Consuming Fire.

After the earthquake, Joanna Harris' vampire coven buys the old Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco. They also discover "Weird Harold", a vampire who had been badly injured and buried himself to recover. His grave had been built over and the Earthquake freed him, though he had been driven insane in the process

The theatre is mentioned in Vampire Science (page 105) - and dated as this was "after 1906". Harold is mentioned on page 259, and his discovery is said t o have been just after the '06 earthquake.

Lady Edith Greystone dies.

More Short Trips: 64 Carlysle Street.

The woman who will become Samantha Jones' great-grandmother on her father's side is born.

According to The Bodysnatchers page 227, she was 88 when she died (which dates as 1994).



Dorothea Chaplet became a servant to Lord and Lady Greystone for a short period. During this time, a Doctor befriended the household, looking for the Marquis of Rostock. The deaths, soon after, of Annabel Greystone and Mr Golightly were never accounted for.

Golightly has been in London since '56 and it is now 50 or so years on (page 91), thus it's around 1906. Christy Pankhurst has been imprisoned. Edith died in 1906 (page 95), which was three years ago (page 93).


Jared Khan and the New Dawn secret society attempted to bring the alien Chaarl to this time. This caused a number of deaths in London's East End.

The date is on page 15 and page 203.

Sophia Barinska discovers the Arcane Collegiate ship buried underneath the Novrosk Penninsula.

Almost a century before The Deviant Strain page 205.



The Osirian Sutekh attempts to escape from his prison on Mars, but is instead trapped in a time corridor. This causes a fire at the Old Priory, killing Laurence and Marcus Scarman.

Laurence Scarman says it is 1911. This date is confirmed in The Sands of Time page 136 (instalment 5, page 21).

The Nine Travellers stone circle is surveyed.

The Stones of Blood.


The King's Regulations are published.

The War Games.

The Royal Flying Corps is formed.

Ghost Light.

April 1912

The Daniels family of Southampton have their picture taken with an anonymous friend. The next day, they cancel their planned trip on the Titanic.

This is the backstory to the photo given by Clive in Rose.

14th April 1912


The Titanic hits an iceberg on its maiden voyage. Whilst it is sinking, the Doctor stops Huitzilin from acquiring the Xiuhcoatl, an Exxilon weapon.

The date is on page 221. The Titanic is mentioned in Robot. In The Invasion of Time, the Doctor denies all involvement in its sinking.

The Doctor was on the Titanic, and ended up clinging to an iceberg.

He suggests this in The End of the World, though he may be misremembering the details.

October 1912

Constance Harding is let out of prison for the first time. She feeds herself up before being captured and going back to prison, where she goes back on hunger strike.

She says that this was eighteen months before Human Nature page 76.


The Nemesis Statue comes near Earth, heralding the Great War, which will engulf Europe from 1914-1918.

Silver Nemesis.

Rosy Parks is born about this time.

Ian estimates that she's about 50 in Short Trips Companions: The Splintered Gate (page 16).

Gamio discovers part of the Aztec's Great Temple underneath Mexico City.

The Left Handed Hummingbird, page 58.

Thomas Edward Hawthorne is born.

He is 55 in Nightshade, page 80.

29th May

There is a riot in the Auditorium of the Ballets Russes during a performance of Le Sacre du Printemps. Dorothée and a friend from 2000 probably watch it from a stage box, and the Doctor is probably is the wings with Nijinsky, beating time with the Dancers.

According to Lungbarrow page 224 (chapter 25 page 4).

World War I



Doctor John Smith and his niece Bernice Summerfield arrive in the Norfolk village of Farringham.

This was nine weeks before Human Nature page 15.

February 1914

Doctor John Smith begins teaching in the Hulton College School.

He has been teaching at the school for six weeks by Human Nature page 28.


Alexander Shuttleworth gives a talk to the local Womens' Institute about the Archaeology of the Bronze Age.

This is after Doctor Smith has begun teaching.

Freddie is born to Princess Anastasia in Russia.

He is 10 in The Clockwise Man, page 39.

April 1914


A series of bizarre events occurred in the town of Farringham in Norfolk. There was an assault on a lady in the town, followed by a fire in the local hospital, which was claimed to be a poison gas attack, followed by a violent break-in robbery - all on the same day. None of these got any media coverage. The next day, there was a similar attack on the local police station and the town was sealed off by the army. Following this, a massive explosion destroyed the Hulton College School. A large number of the staff and boys were killed in the explosion.

The year is given on page 16 and the month on page 17.

June 1914

The Serbian Gavrilo Prinzip assassinates the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand. Austria makes impossible demands on Serbia. Serbia refuses to meet them, Austria prepares to invade Serbia. This kicks off the system of alliances between European countries, dragging most of Europe into the Great War.

According to Human Nature page 247. It's quite a good description of the immediate causes of the war.

25th December 1914


The TARDIS arrives in the trenches during World War 1. The Doctor poses as a minister from the war office and watches the football match between the British and German armies.

This is dated on page 155.


Merryweather refuses to order his troops onto a train bound for the front, but is forced on at gunpoint.

According to Human Nature page 249, the date is uncertain - though it has to be between the start of the war and the battle of the Somme in 1916.

Professor Edward Travers begins searching for the legendary Yeti.

Twenty years before The Abominable Snowmen.

The Doctor and Susan are caught in a Zeppelin raid.

Planet of Giants. The date is not stated, but this was the year of the first such raid.

The Doctor is wounded in the Gallipoli Campaign.

The Sea Devils. The campaign lasted from 25th April 1915 to 8th January 1916.

Neville Albert Miller takes a shrapnel wound.

During the Great War, according to Salvation. The date is not stated.

Wilfrid Holland is killed in the war.

According to his wife in Nightshade, the year is given on page 139.

Stella Peel, a girl of eight or nine, dies from eating poisonous berries.

According to Nightshade page 140 this happened during World War 1. The date is arbitrary.

August 1915


American troops invade Haiti amidst rumours of Zombies and Voodooism.

The date is on page 22.


Jack Prudhoe first meets his future wife Win

He thinks that this was 1916 in Nightshade, page 5.

14th July 1916
Captain Richard Hadleman is killed by poison gas during the Battle of the Somme.
According to Benny's Portable History Unit on Human Nature page 108. This timeline is erased by events later in the book.

14th July 1916

Captain Richard Hadleman and Lieutenant Hutchinson fight in the Battle of the Somme. Hutchinson dies. He is one of over 400,000 casualties. Richard Hadleman survives.

According to Human Nature pages 247 to 252.


The War Lords kidnap a first world war battlefield.

The zone is referred to by its date in The War Games. The year is also given by one of the kidnapped soldiers in The Eight Doctors pages 58 and 61.

Burton fought in the war and ended up using his sabre in hand to hand combat.

Delta and the Bannermen.

Arthur Kendrik distinguished himself by second-guessing German U-boat attacks on convoys.

Just War.

November 1917

The Doctor meets Lenin in Petrograd. He becomes a hero of the October Revolution.

Or so he claims on pages 50 and 53 in The Devil Goblins from Neptune. And yes, the October revolution did actually happen in November - it was October by the Russian calendar, but November everywhere else because they were still using the Julian rather than the Gregorian calendar.

During the Revolution, Princess Anastasia and her 10-year-old son Freddie escape Russia with the aid of Colonel Oblonsky, head of the Tsar's personal guard.

Anastasia dates this as October 1917 on page 37 of The Clockwise Man. Although the revolution took place in November 1917 by the Gregorian Calendar, Russia had still not made the change, making it October by the calendar. On page 26, Freddie says that this was when he was 2.


11th November

A number of men from both the English and German trenches disappear, abducted by the Q'ell. They include Lieutenant Charles Sutton.

Toy Soldiers pages 3-9.

The Inter-War Years


The 1919 flu epidemic hits Europe, It is responsible for more deaths people than the Great War.

The Doctor mentions this in The Clockwise Man, page 86.

The Imperial Club is established in London as a focal point and meeting place for the dispossessed nobility of Europe and the Commonwealth.

Aske gives its origins in The Clockwise Man, page 46, dating it to "after the Great War".

He is 64 in Heart of TARDIS (page 45).

An archaeological expedition finds remains of palaeolithic quarrying near Crook Marsham. The dig is abandoned after several prominent members of the team disappear.

According to Nightshade page 125.

Anton Drexler and Dietrich Erhart found the German Workers Party (later known as the National Socialist German Workers Party or the Nazi party)

According to Timewyrm: Exodus page 95, though it uses the party's later name when referring to its founding.

25th September onwards


Across Europe, there had been a number of cases of disappearing children. These included German Jew Josef Tannenbaum, who disappeared on 12th February and the French Gabrielle Govier, who disappeared on 26th March. The disappearances were investigated by the seventh Doctor, Benny, Chris & Ros. In September the village of Larochepot was suddenly depopulated.

On another planet, the Q'ell had been enslaved by the Recruiter for centuries. They were forced to maintain an ancient war that the disappeared children had been brainwashed into fighting. The Doctor stopped this war and reprogrammed the Recruiter, allowing the Q'ell to begin a flourishing society. The survivors were deconditioned and returned home.

The dates of specific abductions are on pages 9 & page 14. The main story is dated on page 29.

October 1924

The first impression of Every Boy's Book of the English Civil Wars is published.

According to The Roundheads page 144.

A girl called Beth goes into service at Lord and Lady Hutchinson's, aged 14.

Five years before The Clockwise Man page 63, and at the same time of year.

Lloyd George may have drunk the Doctor under the table.

The Doctor claims this in The Aliens of London. Lloyd George was Prime Minister from 1916 to 1922, and lived from 1863 to 1945. The date is arbitrary, but the context of the remark suggests it was during his term of office.


Jack Prudhoe marries Win

The year after the archaeological dig on the moor, according to Nightshade page 6.

Joel Haasterman is born.

1st week of November 1920


The Doctor is bequeathed an HOP Timeshare for this week, but doesn't take it up for several years. The person owning the previous week was from a vampiric race but died this year when he drained less energy than he needed from the occupant of the week before him. The Doctor removed his body.

The Time Lord says that this is the year in which the Doctor was supposed to turn up.

A new impression of Every Boy's Book of the English Civil Wars is published.

The copy the Doctor picks up in The Roundheads dates from November 1920 (page 144).


Judson is crippled in an incident that he blames on Millington.

The Curse of Fenric.

A foreigner staying at the Fox Inn, Tullock, vanishes whilst out on Tullock Moor.

Terror of the Zygons.

In this year, Mario Verconti became anti-fascist. [Presumably following Mussolini's rise to power.]

The Ghosts of N-Space.


George Cranleigh is reported killed by Indians in the Amazon.

Black Orchid.

Edmund Trevithick joins Acton Rep.

According to Nightshade page 111.

The Empire Stadium (later known as Wembley Stadium) opens for the 1923 FA Cup Final, which is won by Bolton Wanderers.

According to the Doctor in The Clockwise Man, pages 90-91.

9th November 1923


Adolf Hitler attempts to seize power in Munich, planning to recreate Mussolini's famous march on Rome with the aid of war hero General Ludendorff. The Putsch fails miserably, and the Nazis run away. Hitler escapes with a damaged shoulder. He briefly meets The seventh Doctor and Ace. There are also several apparently random explosions amidst the chaos. Hitler is captured, sentenced to five years imprisonment for treason, but only serves 6 months as a VIP prisoner. During his imprisonment, he dictates Mein Kampf.

The Doctor mentions the year on page 103. The actual date is historical. A quoted textbook erroneously says it was September on page 95.

George Rocastle MBE dies in pain due to a tumour in his bowel.
Or so Timothy predicts on page 134 of Human Nature. However, events later in the book erase this timeline.


October 1924


There are seven or eight attacks on domestic servants in the Westminster area. Two of the victims die, the second of these being Beth, a maid at the Imperial Club. Shortly after Beth's death, there is an attack at the Imperial Club in London, and one of the residents is killed whilst another disappears. There is also a break-in at the Westminster Clock Tower, the criminals damage some of the workings, and leave behind components from a clockwork device.

The Doctor says that they are heading to October 1924 on page 10. The story starts on Monday night, and ends on Wednesday night.


11th June 1925


A mutilated George Cranleigh, believed dead, attempts to abduct his fiancée Ann Talbot, who had since become engaged to his brother Charles. George died during the attempt.

The date is given by the Doctor.

A Silurian colony may have been found in Antarctica around this time.

This rumour is mentioned in The Scales of Injustice (chapter 5 page 13), but the UNIT base set up to verify this hadn't produced any concrete evidence.


March 1926

The Doctor and Ace visited the Great Rift Valley, Africa.

Prelude to Birthright.

Saturday 3rd April 1926

An edition of the Illustrated London News is published.

We see this edition in Carnival of Monsters episode 1.

4th June

The SS Bernice is abducted by Vorg's miniscope. It is returned by the Doctor shortly afterwards. [Some other incident caused the ship to vanish before reaching Bombay.]

Carnival of Monsters. The Bernice actually did disappear. In episode 1, Jo thinks that it's 40 years before the UNIT era.

Summer 1926

A writer for the magazine Ensign vanished.

The Mind Robber episode 4.

The Doctor saw a baseball game in which Babe Ruth hit three home runs.

Illegal Alien page 83.


Lord Cranleigh weds Ann Talbot in the local church near Cranleigh Hall. The Doctor arrives at the reception to ask Ann a favour.

The year is given on page 7 (instalment 1, page 7).


Cuban chess grandmaster José Raúi Capablanca loses his title to the Russian Alexander Alekhine. The Doctor is present.

The Androids of Tara.

About this time, the Doctor met Dame Nellie Melba (1861-1931), learning her party piece.

The Power of Kroll.

The Doctor learnt sleight of hand from the magician Mescalin.

The Ribos Operation. I'm using Parkin's dating here, because I can't be bothered to find out when Mescalin was around.

Anthony Hemmings is born.

He was born 13 years before the (parallel Earth) Nazi victory in Timewyrm: Exodus (page 89).

Professor Karl Muller published Ballots, Blood, and Bullets - Political Chaos in Post-War Germany.

The date is given in Timewyrm: Exodus (page 96).


Aaron Blinovitch formulates his [Temporal] Limitation Effect. He publishes it in Temporal Mechanics. [For some reason the Time Lords named the effect it after him, even though they must have known it before he did.] Though he wasn't the first to talk about this effect, he was the first to properly formulate it.

The effect is first mentioned in Day of the Daleks, and subsequently mentioned in countless stories. Its origins are elaborated on in The Ghosts of N-Space (page 147) and Timewyrm: Revelation (page 51).

Garonwy makes at least one jar of Hibiscus Blossom honey.

According to the Doctor in Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark, Ace finished one of those jars.

Win Prudhoe spends a night alone.

She hasn't done this for forty years before Nightshade page 17. I wonder where her husband was.


Among the models of car built in this year was the Humber 1650 Open Tourer Imperial Model, one of which was later driven by the Brigadier.

The car and its manufacture date are mentioned in Mawdryn Undead.

Umberto Callanti's brother builds a wireless.

The Ghosts of N-Space page 39.

Jackson Laboratory produces a paper titled The Lane List of Named Mutations & Alleles of Polymorphic Loci of the Mouse.

We see a copy on The Sands of Time page 199 (instalment seven, page 27).



In Chicago, Doc opened a speakeasy in the middle of disputed territory. He was instrumental in creating a gangland cease-fire at one of the most violent points of the prohibition era.

This was during prohibition (1920-33) and before Capone's arrest (1931). The exact year comes from the cover blurb. On page 5, it is winter, and on page 114, we see the "St Valentine's Day Massacre". Thus, it's early in the year. On page 273,the Doctor claims it was the 30s.

First week in November 1929


The Doctor and Peri arrive in a HOP Timeshare in Devon and accidentally put a second week's money in the meter. The Doctor averts the resultant crisis by adjusting the meter.

The Doctor gives the date on page 292.


Win Prudhoe gives her husband Jack a walking stick with a horse's head on it for their tenth wedding anniversary.

According to Nightshade page 3.

The shelter containing Icthar and the Silurian Triad awakes. They quickly learn about how the world has changed.

About 40 years before The Scales of Injustice page 89 (chapter 3 page 5).

25th December 1930


The TARDIS lands in the middle of a Hollywood film shoot.

The date is difficult to establish. The film's a talkie, so it's after 1927. It resembles Chaplin's Gold Rush (1924). The following stars are at least mentioned: Valentino (debut 1919, famous 1921) Fairbanks (debut 1915, big 1921), Chaplin (debut 1914), Bing Crosby (got to Hollywood 1930). I've set a date that seems most consistent with all these stars. The Little Drummer Boy starts with a recap of the end of this segment, and establishes that it was set on Christmas day.

June 1930


London experienced an inexplicable heatwave. During this, the Doctor and Romana stopped a group of 32nd century natives from sending people to retire here.

It's early June (page 27). May '29 was just over a year ago (page 91)

Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart is born.

He's 46 by No Future (set 1976) page 10, and 64 by Blood Heat (set 1993) page 54.

The Doctor visits Tigella and sees the Dodecahedron.

This was fifty years before Meglos.

About this time, the Urbankans begin receiving radio signals from Earth. The Doctor meets Donald Bradman, probably at the same time as taking five wickets for New South Wales.

Four to Doomsday.

25th December 1931


The TARDIS briefly lands on Christmas day.

This is dated on page 154.


Barbara Wright was born. She [grew up] in Bedfordshire.

In The Rescue she should be 550 (and thus born in 1943), but would then be too young to be teaching by 1963. Byzantium! page 77 puts her first year at University around 1950, which would push her birthday back to 1932. It also says that she was 12 nearly 20 years ago, which gives the same result. The 1963 writers' guide provides a date of 1940. According to The Dalek Invasion of Earth, she lived in Bedfordshire for a while. I suggest that she was either born there, or evacuated there during the War.

Edmund Trevithick goes to Hollywood.

15th June 1932

Dorothy Frances Gurney dies

The Doctor mentions this on page 13 of Option Lock, though he only gives the year.

According to Nightshade page 111.


Cuevas discovers part of the Aztec Great Temple.

The Left Handed Hummingbird.

On Parakon, a plant called Rapine is discovered. It is usable as food and building material. The Parakon Corporation use their control of it to dominate the planet.

Forty years before The Paradise of Death page 131.

The League of Nations secretly set up LONGBOW, an organisation dealing with matters of world security. [Although its main aim was the containment of communism and possibly fascism] it dealt with unexplained and extra-terrestrial phenomena on several occasions.

Just War. The date of its foundation is arbitrary, but has to be after 1919, when the League was created. My speculation is based on the fact that the USSR was deliberately excluded from the League.

Hitler comes to power in Germany. One of the things his regime does is to suppress the book Ballots, Blood, and Bullets - Political Chaos in Post-War Germany and execute its author, Professor Karl Muller.

According to Timewyrm: Exodus page 96.

5th December

Doc's Place celebrates the end of prohibition.

Prelude to Blood Harvest.


8th-9th June 1934


The Constitution III is beached in the South Pacific on an island full of giant animals and plants. The ship is destroyed by what appears to be a volcano. Among the dead are film star Nancy Norton and Amelia Grover.

The date is on page 42.

29th June 1934

Hitler orders the execution of most of the brownshirts (the SA or Stormtroopers) - an army of thugs that the Nazis used to help them into power. He believed that they were plotting against him. There were 2000 executions in one day.

According to Timewyrm: Exodus page 184, which gives the date as '34. The precise date is historical.


Sam tells Iris Wildthyme what really happened in 1968 when Andy Warhol was shot.

The date is on page 318.



Edward Travers encounters Yeti near the Tibetan monastery of Det-Sen. This coincides with the death of 300 year old Padmasambhava and the return of the Holy Ghantra, entrusted into the hands of a traveller centuries ago.

This was 300 years after 1630. The Web of Fear says it was 1935. Downtime says it was 1936.

February 1935

Gustav Heinrich Ernst arrives in 1935, having been transported back in time by a Fortean flicker.

According the The Highest Science, this was six months (page 258) before August 1935 (page 257).

Edwin Pratt is born.

The year is mentioned in Vampire Science (page 183).

The Doctor was involved in Mao Tse-Tung's (aka Mao Zedong) Long March.

The Mind of Evil.

August 1935

The Doctor and Benny attempt to visit Virginia Woolf at 52 Tavistock Square. The Woolfs are actually at Monk House. They go to see a play instead.

The Highest Science pages 255-258.

Cody McBride's mother dies in a Chicago nursing home.

Five years before Illegal Alien (page 82).

Fiona, who would later marry Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, is born.

She is 35 in The Scales of Injustice (page 62 / chapter 2, page 13).

Billy Coote hears the King's abdication speech a year before it happens.

According to Nightshade page 105. Edward's abdication speech was dated 10th December 1936


Ian Chesterton is born in Reading.

The date is from a format document from July 1963. Ian tells us the place in Byzantium! (page 89).

The Seventh Doctor and Mel meet Emil Hartung in Cairo.

Just War.

The Master founds the Freedom Corporation as a safeguard against future arrest.

Short Trips: Freedom.

December 11th 1936

King Edward VIII abdicates so that he can marry American Wallis Simpson.

This is mentioned (but not dated) in Timewyrm: Exodus (page 7) and Nightshade (page 105). The date is historical.


Grote Reber of Wheaton, Illinois builds Earth's first radio telescope.

This was 40 years after Pyramids of Mars (1911). I'm going with the historical date rather than 1951, for no good reason.


The Nazis acquire the Validium Arrow. Meanwhile, the Nemesis Statue passes close to Earth, heralding the Anschluss and World War Two.

Silver Nemesis.

Jamie is born. His teenage mother, Nancy, pretends that she is his sister.

In The Doctor Dances, the Doctor guesses that Jamie is about four, and that Nancy gave birth to him about 4 or 5 years ago (from 1941).

Professor Travers returns from Tibet, bringing back some robot Yeti. He sells one of them to Silverstein.

The Web of Fear.

The Brown Bomber, American Joe Louis, beats German heavyweight challenger Max Schmeling in a New York boxing match. Cody McBride was amongst the spectators.

This was two years before Illegal Alien.

Ian Chesterton goes on holiday to a cottage in North Wales.

This happened on several occasions when he was a boy according to Byzantium! page 34. The date is slightly arbitrary.

Mr Bayles started being the Crook Marsham butcher.

Thirty years before Nightshade page 173.

World War II


In the Cambridge University Fiasco, an attempt is made to excavate Devils Hump. An Anglo-Saxon burial ship is excavated at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk.

The Dæmons.

Late August to Early September 1939


Hitler made a speech at the Nuremburg Rally shortly before the invasion of Poland. He then returned to Berlin, having admitted a man called the Doctor into his inner circle. This Doctor told him that if he invaded Poland, the English would declare war, and taught him to control the fits he had been having. Whilst the invasion of Poland was going on, Reichsmarshal Goering led an armoured column to attack Castle Drachtensburg, an SS base due to rumours of treachery. The column defeated the traitors. Soon after it had left, the castle was engulfed in a pillar of fire and a cloud hung over the area for days. Local people got sick and died. The locals believed the area had been cursed, and it was largely abandoned.

The year is given on page 111. The Doctor says that it's 15 or 16 years since the Munich Putsch on page 116, Hitler says that it's 16 years since then on page 135, page 153 gives the date of September the third. This happens over several days, or maybe a couple of weeks.

Oswald Mosely, leader of the British Union of Fascists is interned. Ratcliffe was one of the Britons imprisoned for having Nazi sympathies during the war.

Mosely's internment is said to have happened at the start of the war in Timewyrm: Exodus (page 7). Ratcliffe's imprisonment is mentioned, but not dated, in Remembrance of the Daleks.

Bunkers were built around the London Underground. One of them was at Covent Garden.

The Web of Fear.

Mario Verconti's blunderbuss was loaded at about this time, in case of a German invasion.

The weapon has been loaded 'since the second world war' in The Ghosts of N-Space. As this is due to Mario's anti-fascist sympathies, I have placed it at the start of the war.

Edmund Trevithick returns to England for the War. During his service he gains a Distinguished Service Medal.

According to Nightshade page 111.


Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart's house was destroyed by a Nazi bomb in this year.

The Ghosts of N-Space.

Alexander Christian is born.

The Brigadier notes that Alexander has a ten year advantage on him (born 1930) in The Dying Days (chapter 4 page 7), and the Brigadier was born in 1930.

Holly Kidd and her future lover James are born.

According to Nightshade page 101, they were both 17 in 1957.

Ross Grant is brought up in council tenements before being evacuated to Kingsdown, Kent.

According to Face of the Enemy page 21, this was during the war.

Aubrey Prior is born.

He is in his mid-50s by The Sands of Time page 180 (instalment 7, page 4) - set 1996.

May 1940


The Doctor visits Felsennest and confronts the Timewyrm. He then persuades Hitler to hold back the German forces, thus allowing the famous British evacuation to take place.

The Doctor gives the month on page 217.

4th June 1940

The Doctor was present at Dunkirk.

Just War.

June 1940
In an alternate universe the British army was totally defeated at Dunkirk - the British Navy being decimated by freak storms. One of those captured was Harry Barker. General Strauss's 19th Army crosses the Channel and establishes a beach-head between Folkstone and Worthing. The Luftwaffe maintains air superiority throughout the six days it takes to conquer Britain. They concentrate of destroying airfields rather than bombing population centres. Oswald Mosely is installed as Prime Minister and Edward VIII is restored to the throne. The Nazis had already made a list of potential troublemakers - including civil servants, ex-officers, trade unionists, lawyers, MPS, Jews, Gypsies, and invalids. All these were arrested, and many killed. Churchill was executed for war crimes. Mass deportations of able-bodied men between 17 and 45 formed the British Labour Voluntary Force. These slaves helped fortify Europe and build New Berlin. Blue-eyed blonde women were kidnapped for SS brothels. Their kids would be educated as Nazis and then sent back to Britain. Hermann Goring looted the British Museum, taking most of the exhibits to Berlin.
According to Timewyrm: Exodus pages 3, 7-8, 54, 61-62, 69, and 71-74.

August 1940

Cody McBride moves from Chicago to London and re-establishes his role as a private detective.

This was three months before Illegal Alien.

September 1940

The Limehouse Lurker starts a series of brutal killings in East London.

For two months before Illegal Alien.

12th-17th November 1940


A Cyber-capsule crashes amongst the bombs of the blitz. The capsule is taken by the military under Major Lazenby, who is involved in a top secret project to develop a Cyber-Army. The next day, an electrical engineer on the project is killed as something comes up through a drain and burrows through his chest. The day after that, twenty people die from a Cybermat attack on Mama's bar. Eventually both a factory in London creating Cybermen and a similar Nazi one in Jersey are destroyed.

The month is stated on page 5. Tomorrow's paper, seen on page 20, is dated 14th November. The dating of events after this gets a little bit confusing. It is never explained why the Cybermen came back to this time (assuming they had control over their time travel equipment).

Doctor Constantine's children and grandchildren all die.

In The Empty Child he says that he started the war as a father and grandfather, but now he is neither. I arbitrarily place their deaths earlier in the blitz.


1st-6th March


The British Scientific Intelligence Division (SID), who had earlier detected a German single radar-beam system, detected a new German secret weapon. Emil Hartung and Oskar Steinmann had developed Hugin and Munin, the first stealth planes. SID was involved in the destruction of both prototypes and the blueprints.

In the prologue, the Doctor visits Guernsey in Late December 1941 (page 4). This is 3 months (page 36) before the main action starts on 1st March 1941 (page 5). Presumably, the prologue should have said Late December 1940.

Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart's father dies in North Africa, fighting alongside Montgomery against Mussolini.

According to the Brigadier in The Dying Days chapter 10.

Major-General Scobie (as he will become) is posted to Burma.

This was during the war according to The Scales of Injustice chapter 1 page 19.

A new type of German bomb lands at a railway station in London, and doesn't explode. The military seal off its immediate vicinity, though a child which recently died close to where it lands is taken to a nearby hospital. The patients and staff in that hospital all develop that child's fatal wounds, and the hospital is temporarily abandoned, tended only by a Doctor Constantine. At about the same time, an American volunteer called Captain Jack Harkness arrives in London to help the war effort.

This is said to be about a month before The Empty Child.


The site of the mysterious German bomb which landed a month previously is destroyed by another German bomb. At the same time, the patients at the nearby hospital are all miraculously cured of all their injuries - both those they were admitted for, and those resulting from the child. There is no media coverage of these events. This happens on the same day that American volunteer Captain Jack Harkness disappears.

It appears to be during the blitz, and both the Doctor and Jack give the year as 1941.


Ben Jackson and Polly Wright are both born.

This date is given for Ben in Invasion of the Cat People and both of them in The Murder Game, although the club in The War Machines (1966) "rarely gets anyone over 20", so they may well be younger. In Short Trips Companions: Cirriculum Vitae, Polly claims to have been 23 in 1966 (page 138) (referring to her travels with the Doctor which started in July that year), which suggests her birthday was later in the year.

Simon King is born.

According to Rags, he is Cassandra's older brother, and older than Kane. He is still at the same school as them when Cassandra is 13, and Kane is 14. So I'm guessing he's about a year older than Kane.

The German battleship Bismarck is sunk.

Terror of the Zygons.

Barbara Wright has whooping cough. Whilst she is ill, she reads a Ladybird Book on Captain Cook.

When she was 10, according to Byzantium! page 206.

Old Davy, as he will become known, starts looking after cows.

This happened fifty years before Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark page 23.

Amongst the soldiers at the battle of Stalingrad was Katayev.

Shuskin describes him as a veteran of Stalingrad in The Devil Goblins from Neptune page 2.


The Doctor was wounded at El-Alamain.

The Sea Devils.


There are reports of vampires in Rumania.

This was six months before The Curse of Fenric.

24th December

Oskar Steinmann oversees the first flying bomb test at Peenemunde.

Just War.


In the Inferno universe, England passed the Defence of the Republic Act, allowing execution without trial.

A Parakon called Freeth begins visiting Earth, causing several UFO sightings.

30 years before The Paradise of Death page 79.

Kane Sawyer is born.

He is 14 during events that were 17 years before Rags pages 119-120.

May 1943


An attack involving Russian soldiers completely destroys the naval base housing the Ultima Machine and kills a number of people from the nearest village. Reports claim vampires were responsible, but the official explanation was that some of a locally occurring chemical poison had escaped from stores.

Ace says it's 1943, the script suggests it's May.

Frank Dudman is killed by a Nazi torpedo.

According to Ace in Illegal Alien.

Elizabeth Shaw is born in Stoke-on-Trent. She will grow up in the Home Counties.

Her town of birth is mentioned by Control in The Devil Goblins from Neptune, page 10. This is dated as 1943. The area in which she grew up is mentioned in The Scales of Injustice chapter 3 page 14.

Whilst at Harrow school, Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart writes an essay on the homoerotic content of 'Adonais'.

According to The Devil Goblins from Neptune page 122.


Cassandra King is born.

She was 13 during events that were 17 years before Rags pages 119-120.

Amelia Ducat manned an ack-ack gun in Folkestone.

The Seeds of Doom. The year isn't stated.

A V-1 bomb disappears over Cambridgeshire, brought to the 70's by TOMTIT. A local farmer still remembers the V-1 crashing. Elsewhere, a doodlebug falls near what will become the Newton Institute.

The Time Monster.

Barbara Wright was in form 2A at Cricklewood Grammar School. One of her history exams includes a question on Rome.

This was when she was 12, according to Byzantium! pages 205-206, where we see some of what she wrote.

The Germans were on course to complete the Gruber-Schnieder device by this time.

It's 3 years from completion in Just War.

Mel's granddad died in the war.

Just War.

July 1943


Nazi troops landed in Pax Lucis, UK to use a new weapon, the Exclusion Generator, to destroy Britain. The device, based on the crystalline lightwanderer, would actually have destroyed the entire planet. The device was destroyed, thanks to the Doctor.

The Nazis are losing the war thanks to the Russians (page 153) and their troops are mostly in Russia and Italy (page 160), thus it's before D-Day, and most likely 1944. It's July on page 164.

Alfred Beadle, a conscientious objector, is nagged into joining the army by his sister. Three months later, his ship is targeted by a German U-Boat. Most of the crew, including him, survive the attack only to be eaten by sharks.

According to Nightshade pages 29-30 and 70. This is said to have been over 20 years ago on page 43.


The Treasure of Priam vanishes from Berlin in the closing phases of World War Two.

Decalog 3: Past Reckoning.

Oskar Steinmann is among those tried at the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal.

Just War.

Barbara Wright tried to persuade her father to take her to the Tower of London.

This was when she was 13, according to Byzantium! page 29.

Edmund Trevithick and the rest of his unit discover a mass grave in Poland.

This was 'during the war' according to Nightshade page 55. However, it seems unlikely that a British unit would be in Poland.

Oswald Mosely is released from his internment. His British Union of Fascists fizzles out.

According to the Doctor in Timewyrm: Exodus (page 8), this was at the end of the war.

Ross Grant returns to London and quickly gets involved in one of the organised crime groups in the city.

He returned to London after the war and it was 'not long' before getting into the crime scene according to Face of the Enemy page 21.

The Post War Years


The Rani kidnaps Einstein for her time brain.

Camera Script to Time and the Rani. The exact date is arbitrary.

Stewart Hyde is born.

He's 26 in The Time Monster.

Edmund Trevithick appears in the film Flames of Passion.

According to Nightshade page 111.

General H Popplewell publishes Reminiscences of World War II in London.

An extract is seen in Timewyrm: Exodus, page 219.

Richard Thwaite was born.

He is in his late 20s according to Rags page 97. I'm arbitrarily guessing he's 28.

25th December 1946


The TARDIS briefly lands on Christmas day.

This is dated on page 154.


Nicholas Bridgeman is born.

A couple of years after the war, according to Invasion of the Cat People.

The CIA encounter their first alien lifeform, capturing three Nedenah at Roswell.

This was the 1940s according to The Devil Goblins from Neptune pages 203 and 236. The year is given on page 237.

Igor Klebanov is appointed director of the Organic Weapons Research Institute in Novrosk. Sofia Barinska shows him the Arcane Collegiate spaceship buried underneath the penninsula.

According to The Deviant Strain page 205.

In the alternate universe where the Nazis won World War II after a victory at Dunkirk, Joseph Goebbels writes The Thousand Year Reich - The Glorious Beginning
The date of publication is in Timewyrm: Exodus (page 3).

October 1947

The US Army's Section eight recruits Aleister Crowley.

This is the prologue to Heart of TARDIS. It is two years since the blackout was necessary (page 2), petrol rationing is in place, Rudolph Hess is in Spandau (page 7), Crowley's funeral (1st December 1947) is already planned (page 6), and happens after he has gone to the US. The year is mentioned on page 194. The month is speculation.

1st December 1947

Aleister Crawley apparently dies and is buried. However, it was actually a homunculus standing in for Crowley. The real Crowley travelled to the USA, where he worked for the US Government.

According to Heart of TARDIS page 194. The year is given, the month and day are historical.


Polly Wright, aged 6, was separated from her mother in Fortnum and Mason's.

Invasion of the Cat People.

20th January 1948

Ghandi is shot by Nathuram Godse.

The Doctor mentions this on page 278 of Kursaal.

Mervyn Winstanley becomes a monk at the monastery outside Crook Marsham.

Twenty years before Nightshade page 123.

A Nedenah craft arrives to rescue the Nedenah who were captured by the CIA.

A year after the initial capture according to The Devil Goblins from Neptune page 240.

Chuck is born.

He is 'a little older' than 'nineteen or so' on page 27 of The Devil Goblins from Neptune.


Dorothea Chaplet is born.

She's 16 in Salvation.

Charmagne Peters is born. Her mother would later die of a car crash, and her father of a heart attack.

She's 25 in Rags (page 129) - set May to June 1974.

Ian Chesterton is taught Latin by Mr Dumbie. His form tutor is Mr Quibbs. He mercilessly picks on a Jewish classmate called Goldfinkle.

This was when he was 13, according to Byzantium! page 56.

Edmund Trevithick is in the film Sword of Araby.

According to Nightshade page 111.


Barbara Wright, now a student, gets drunk for the first, and only, time. She is taken home by law student Herbert Effemy. One of her specialities in her history degree was the Aztec period.

Her drunkenness was in her first year at University, according to Byzantium! page 76, and 14 years before page 77. The Witch Hunters says that she was still a student teacher in 1954. Unless teaching qualifications were different then, I'll assume that she did a degree, then a PGCE rather than a straight teaching degree - making her first year at Uni 1950. Her speciality is mentioned in the first episode of THe Aztecs.

Liz Shaw gets a telescope for her birthday. She gets the greatest thrill of her life by finding Venus at the first attempt.

This was when she was seven, according to The Devil Goblins from Neptune page 76.

The basic design for what would become the Tupolev Tu-126 plane is created.

According to Captain Shuskin, the basic design dates back almost twenty years before The Devil Goblins from Neptune page 96.

The comedy film Harvey, featuring James Stewart, is released.

Its release date is given as 1950 in a TV listings mag on page 127 of Alien Bodies.


Kane Sawyer discovers a book written by his grandfather (though he doesn't know that) in the local library. It tells a horrific story, and has gruesome illustrations.

According to Rags this was when he was 8 (page 1) and 22 years ago (page 132).

Sin Yen is born.

She is in her early 20s according to Rags page 19. I'm guessing 23 for no good reason.

The last witchcraft law on the statute books is repealed.

The Dæmons.

Sarah Jane Smith is born.

She's 23 in Invasion of the Dinosaurs. The format document for K9 & Company says she was born in 1949. In Evolution (1880), she says that she won't be born for over 60 years, she should have said over seventy.

Vijay Degun and his father arrive in the UK.

According to Nightshade page 15.

Edmund Trevithick is in the film The Man from the Ministry.

According to Nightshade page 111.

Billy and Susannah are born. They will later become a couple.

They are 'nineteen or so' on page 27 of The Devil Goblins from Neptune.

Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart visits New York on the way back from Korea. He learns that the Bronx is an 'inappropriate' area.

According to The Devil Goblins from Neptune page 37, which says that it was when he was 21.



The Doctor and Ace visit the festival of Britain and discover history is back on course.

The date is implied to be the same as in the alternate universe. The month is historical.

May 1951
In the alternate universe where the Nazis won the war following the British defeat at Dunkirk, the Nazis planned the Festival of Britain - to celebrate 10 years of Nazi rule. They also planned to put a man on the moon. During the festival, there were rumours of a major raid on an important resistance cell. These were eclipsed by an explosion at the Savoy hotel, headquarters of the Britischer Frei Korps. The explosion killed General Otto Strasser. One of his subordinates, Lieutenant Hemmings was presumed killed in the attack, although his body was never found. This timeline was wiped due to the intervention of the seventh Doctor and Ace.
The Doctor gives the date on page 5.


Polly Wright visits a gypsy tent in a fairground. She is warned about a tall, dark stranger.

Invasion of the Cat People. She was 10 years old at the time.

The inhabitants of Llanfer Ceiriog take a bus trip to Doctor Snape's house in Gwydyr to watch the TV coverage of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation.

According to Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark page 55.


Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart begins his military career.

In Mawdryn Undead, the 1983 Brigadier talks of "30 years of soldiering", but this could also be taken to mean 1946-1976, given his retirement dates. That would put his entry to the army at age 16 as opposed to the 23 he would be with this date.

Lethbridge-Stewart attended Sandhurst with Billy Rutlidge. Whilst there, he was involved in an accident during manoeuvres. A rifle shot nearly kills a training marshal (Colonel Harrington-Smythe) - who should have been standing behind the trainees. The marshal attempts to bring a charge, but Lethbridge-Stewart wins. Harrington-Smythe resigns over the incident.

Billy Rutlidge is mentioned in The Invasion. The firearms incident is mentioned in The Scales of Injustice (chapter 5 page 5).

After his training, the Brigadier grew a moustache, joined the Scots Guards and, at some point, was stationed in Aldgate. Soon after his training, he was involved in an incident at an Italian border post.

Inferno, The Web of Fear, The Green Death, and The Devil Goblins from Neptune (page 199) respectively.

Jones begins to obsess about death as a teenager due to cheap American movies. Within a year of getting his first job, his flat is full of things relating to weapons and empty of everything else. He marries a local girl two months after sleeping with her and it works for six weeks, when she starts nagging him about getting a proper job, so he becomes a very successful hitman for London's gangs. His father was knifed in a gangland killing and he watched, aged 21. One night he comes home and ends up arguing with his wife, and kills her. He flees to South America.

This was during the 50s according to The Scales of Injustice chapter 3 pages 10-12. Jones is not named until Business Unusual.

Early May 1953


The Wire - a creature that has escaped execution by taking on a non-corporeal form - arrives on Earth in Mr Magpie's electrical shop.

The first victim of the wire was found about a month before the main story.

29th May 1953

The Doctor gives Sherpa Tensing a helping hand to the peak of Everest thirty seconds before Edmund Hillary gets there.

Or so he claims in The Dying Days (chapter 3 page 14). The Doctor mentions the climbing of Everest and mentions the year in The Idiot's Lantern. The exact date is historical.

1st-2nd June 1953


Every house on Florizel Street in the Muswell Hill area of London gets a TV set in the run-up to Queen Elizabeth's coronation, as the local electrical shop - run by Mr Magpie - has been selling them for only five pounds. After these TV sets are installed, some members of the street's households suffer strange disfigurements, and are hidden away by their families before being taken away by the police. When the coronation happens, it is broadcast to twenty million people in the UK. During the broadcast there is a minor incident at Alexandra Palace, and following the broadcast, the disfigured people from Florizel Street turn up safe and sound. However, Mr Connolly - resident of the street - is kicked out of his home, which is actually in his mother-in-law's name.

The story happens over two days, finishing on the day of Elizabeth II's coronation. The first victim of the wire was found about a month ago.

Summer 1953


Father Hemmings, the local Catholic priest had fathered a son by one of his parishoners and refused to perform the last rites on her when she was subsequently murdered by her boyfriend. Following the flood on Canvey Island, Hemmings retrieved some alien bodies, which leaked radiation into the local area, wilting the local plants. The bodies were removed by the fifth Doctor and Peri.

The Doctor gives the year and the season on page 185.

Edmund Trevithick stars in a new TV programme called Nightshade. His character, Professor Nightshade, encountered a number of alien monsters. The show was extremely popular.

This is mentioned many times in Nightshade. The year is given on page 111.


Lieutenant Lethbridge-Stewart is posted to Sierra Leone. At one point he becomes lost in the forest and meets Mariatu, a daughter of Chief Yembe of the Rokye village. Mariatu travels to the city with Lethbridge-Stewart.

This is mentioned in Transit (pages 181-184), which dates it seven years before Sierra Leone gains its independence (so 1954). It is also mentioned in The Also People. In The Dying Days (1997), he claims that this was 40 years ago, so 1957.

Bo Didley records the song Mona in Chicago.

As mentioned in Cat's Cradle: Warhead, pages 100-101.

Ian Chesterton falls in love with a girl called Suzy at University. She gets a job offer in another town, and he pretends to lose interest in her so that he doesn't stop her from taking the job. A week later, he sees a news story about a girl killed in a car crash that contains her photo. However, when he reads the article he realises that it was the wrong photo.

This was when Ian was 18 according to Face of the Enemy page 180. Suzy's name was mentioned in More Short Trips: Romans Cutaway (page 237).

15th September 1954

Peter Alan Tyler is born.

Rose gives the date in Father's Day.

9th November 1954


The Doctor and Susan attend the world premier of The Crucible in London.

The date is given on page 68. Barbara says that she was a student teacher at this point.


The Doctor visits St. Cedds College Cambridge.


Tim Medway's wife Julia leaves him.

This was two Christmases before Nightshade page 120.

Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart's grandmother dies.

According to the Brigadier in The Devil Goblins from Neptune, page 56.

Princess Mary is born.

She is 19 in Rags (page 158) - set in June 1974.

Major-General Scobie (as he will become) spends some time posted to Singapore

According to The Scales of Injustice chapter 1 page 19 this was a long posting during the 50s.

A room is sealed off in the Organic Weapons Research Institute in Novorsk, allegedly due to a biological accident. In fact, the room contains people affected by the Arcane Collegiate ship buried underneath Novorsk.

According to pages 196-197 and 203-204 of The Deviant Strain, which date it to the 1950s.


Chris Parsons is born.


The French colony of Kebiria is granted independence. It immediately sinks into civil war.

Dancing the Code.

Ben Jackson, aged 14, stows away on a cargo ship.

According to Invasion of the Cat People. However, The Murder Game says that he was 15 at the time.

Carolyn McConnell is born.

She turns 41 in Vampire Science (1997, page 25).

Joanna Harris thinks that seven of the youngest members of her vampire coven are moving against her. She and Abner arrange for them to be staked in the middle of the night. They then recruit several replacements including Slake (Edwin Pratt), Shredder, Reaper, Elvis, and Spike.

This is mentioned in Vampire Science, pages 122, 142, and 151. Abner mentions the replacements as being recruited in 77 on page 183.

Alexander K. Bridgeman is severely injured in a bus crash.

Invasion of the Cat People. Nicholas, his son, was 9 years old.


On the planet Marinus, the Voord attempt to seize the Conscience, a machine that controls the populace. Arbitan, the keeper of the Conscience, sends some travellers to find the keys to the machine, which have been hidden around the planet. The Voord kill Arbitan. When the travellers arrive with the keys, they are forced to hand them over. However, one of the keys they hand over is a fake. When the Voord attempt to use the keys, they destroy the Conscience.

The story itself contains no dating information. However, in No Future (set 1976), we learn that Mortimus was technical advisor to Yartek; and that the Vardans are aware of Yartek's fate (page 197). This means that the story must be set some time before 1976. The exact date is arbitrary.

The Sky at Night is first broadcast.

In The Dying Days (chapter 2, page 16), Patrick Moore says that the programme celebrated its 40th anniversary last year (1996).

Margaret Trevithick, wife of Edmund, dies.

According to Nightshade page 111.

Marc Marshall is born.

He is 14 in The Scales of Injustice (chapter 1 page 18).

9th September 1956

Elvis Presley performs Hound Dog on the Ed Sullivan Show, prompting many complaints.

The Doctor mentions this in The Idiot's Lantern, dating it to the late-50s. I've used the date Elvis first appeared on the show.

25th December 1956


An eight-year-old homeless child in Manchester arrives at a Christmas event for those who children who didn't have anyone to help them celebrate Christmas.

This is dated on page 157.



Charles Marchant joins project Blue Book, the US military's extraterrestrial project.

This was eight years before Salvation (March 1965), and before First Frontier.

1st May 1957

The first Sputnik is taken off course by external influence and its very existence covered up.

Prologue to First Frontier.

4th October 1957

The Doctor was at the launch of Sputnik twice.


The day Sputnik I was launched, there was a major amount of UFO activity around Corman Airbase, New Mexico. During this incident an Atlas rocket and a fighter plane were shot down. The real reason for the incident was an alliance between the US government and the Tzun.

The date is given on page 6.

Holly Kidd, aged 17, experiences her first kiss with a boy named James, and gets in trouble with her Uncle Louis for disappearing.

According to Nightshade, page 101. The date is given as 1957.

The Doctor joins the Progressive Club in Mayfair.

He claims that this was thirteen years before The Devil Goblins from Neptune page 36. However, he could equally well be talking in terms of his personal timeline.

Kane Sawyer and Cassandra King kiss at school. Cassandra's big brother Simon sees this, and he and his mates bully Kane in a very humiliating way.

This was 17 years before Rags page 121, and is described on pages 119-120 and page 197. Kane was 14 and Cassandra was 13.

The British government establishes Department C-19, a little brother to MI5 and offshoot of the Civil Defence Programme. The department would acquire a reputation for involvement in less-documented paramilitary excursions.

According to The Scales of Injustice chapter 4, page 32, this was in the late 50s.

3rd November 1957

Sputnik Two is launched into space. It carries a dog called Laika into space.

The Doctor says that this was in 1957 on page 4 of Alien Bodies.


The Doctor visited St. Cedds college.


Neville Albert Miller is widowed.


14th April 1958


The Third Doctor rescues Laika's body shortly before Sputnik Two enters Earth's atmosphere. He then takes the body to the planet Quiescia and buries it.

This is the prologue to Alien Bodies, and isn't dated. I arbitrarily assume that the scenes on Quiescia are contemporary with the rest of the prologue.


The Petruska Institute near Hartley, Essex disappears as rioting breaks out in London.

The date is given on page 1.

Caldwell is born.

In The Dying Days, set 1997, he was 19 during the last Mars Probe - which was 20 years ago (chapter 1, page 11).

Rachel Jenson and Bernard Trainor begin working on the specifications for a propulsion system that is later used on the Neptune probe.

According to Trainor in The Devil Goblins from Neptune, page 74. He says that the design took nearly five years and was mostly due to Rachel's work. Rachel left the British Rocket Group in November 1970, so I'm setting this five years before she left.

December 1958

The final episode of Nightshade is finished.

According to Nightshade page 95.


Professor Stahlman begins work that will eventually lead to the Inferno project.

This was 11 years before Inferno.


A US satellite was launched and went missing. CIA agents Hawk and Weismuller tracked it to a Welsh holiday camp in an incident that later caused many UFO rumours.

The date is given on screen.

In the Inferno universe there was an incident in Wales that led to the Conclave capturing two Bannerman ships.
Face Of The Enemy. The year is given on page 248, and it is said to have been twenty years before the story on page 243.

Theo Oglivy is born.

He is 38 in The Dying Days chapter 14 page 3.

The Doctor's Austin A35 is built around this time.

It is said to be 50 years old in Cat's Cradle: Warhead (page 139).

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