The Whoniverse
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A History of the Whoniverse

The Twenty-ninth Century (2801-2900)


F. Van der Cleele's The Dramatist's Art is published.

We see an extract on page 20 of Theatre of War.


The Empire passes a Data Protection Act.

Original Sin (page 136).


The War Act gives the Imperial Landsknechte full powers to administer their own laws to their own personnel and on their own planets and spacecraft.

Original Sin (page 106).


The remnants of Voga, having entered Earth's Solar System, are caught in Jupiter's gravitational pull. It is named Neo Phobos, until its origins are discovered.

Fifty years before Revenge of the Cybermen.



The Planet Heracletus develops the Spline, a travel system between the past and future, based on a line from the beginning to the end of time. Their technology is advanced by a Lorq called Ts'ril. The Time Lords create a 4-year time loop to contain the Spline. The entry of the Doctor's TARDIS creates a strange temporal paradox, where the loop, and the world within it, degenerates with each repetition.

Ambassador Ts'ril is clearly the Ts'ril we see in Decalog 3: Timevault. Therefore, this story cannot be too long after that story.


Rankin Alduss's Reality - An Overrated Concept is published.

We see an extract on page 230 of Theatre of War


Vorbus begins building a rocket to fight the remnants of the Cybermen.

Two years before Revenge of the Cybermen.


Space Beacon Nerva is quarantined when a plague breaks out.

The plague starts 79 days before Revenge of the Cybermen.


A rogue group of CyberNomads had discovered that Voga survived the war between the Empire and the CyberNomads. Knowing that they are as vulnerable to gold as the CyberNomads, they launch a desperate attempt to destroy it, but are defeated.

According to the Doctor in The Ark in Space, the beacon was constructed in the late 29th or early 30th century. The Cyber War is described as being centuries ago and this story is thousands of years before The Ark in Space. There is some confusion as to how the events of this story can be shown on the CyberScanner in Earthshock (set 2526).



The Planet Alkrakis is caught in a Time Rift for several months. Time on the planet is distorted, in some areas it slows down, in others it speeds up. The native Tonska were a highly developed civilisation, who were no longer able to care for their world. Their ruler, the Yed-Prior, began a plan to harness the time distortions - giving her people lives lasting, in real time, 60 minutes, but ensuring she lives, and rules, forever. The initial experiments turned a Tonskan into a fabled creature of the vortex called the Cerunnos, a parasite from the dawn of time. Events escalate, and the project is destroyed. This halts the expansion of the Time Rift, but destroys the Tonskan civilisation.

The date for this story is completely arbitrary. The Tonskans are aware of the Time Lords, and have some knowledge of temporal technologies. The time rift is a result of events in Decalog 3: Zeitgeist, but could just as easily be back in time as forward in time. I have chosen to place the story here just because I feel like it.



Nelson Inyathi Forrester sells his daughter Callie into slavery to try to get off the planet and save his sick wife. His son Abe stays on Claathi to rescue her. He is taken into slavery and killed. Callie is released when the Baron of Io, most powerful member of the Forrester family arrives to free her.

The date is unknown. Imperial society is some way behind what we see in Original Sin, but the body bepple craze has already started. Following the pattern of the book, I've set it in the 29th Century.

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