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A History of the Whoniverse

The Origins of Humanity

Date unknown

During the First Great Ice Age, an intelligent lifeform embodied in ice becomes the dominant lifeform on Earth.

According to the Doctor in Time and Relative (page 95), this happened millennia ago, and the Cold was the planet's first intelligent lifeform. As the Doctor is ignorant of the Earth Reptiles at this point, I assume that this merely means that the Cold pre-dated humanity. The exact date is arbitrary.

c. 100,000 BC

The first "real humans" to evolve were the Neanderthals, who had evolved about 200,000 BC. Homo Sapiens proper evolved later. Both races were very violent. They possessed speech, reasoning, and social cohesion. The Neanderthals worshipped "The Burning One", whom they contacted using "hunting magic". They also knew the Sun as "the Orb", which they believed could provide fire. The "firemaker" was often the head of a tribe, and the secret of fire was passed down from one generation to the next.

The date of human evolution is given in The War Games. The rest is cultural detail from 100,000 BC or standard evolutionary theories of human origins. In reality, Neanderthals weren't that different from modern humans.

The first segment of Scaroth taught at least one group of humans how to produce fire.

City of Death.

100,000 BC

One tribe of early humans died out from cold. The only survivor, Kal, crossed some nearby mountains before finding and joining another tribe. Soon afterwards, the first Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Susan visited this tribe, who had somehow lost the secret of fire.

The date is taken from the story title.


The Eighth Doctor met his first incarnation whilst searching for his memories.

This is clearly during the events of 100,000 BC.

Around this time, the Ice Warriors come up with their famous spacecraft design.

According to Benny in The Dying Days chapter 7, the basic design has been unchanged for a hundred thousand years.

Date Unknown

GENOCIDE (Prologue)

Time travelling Tractites arrive in human prehistory, and attempt to wipe out a small village. One of the humans gets into the tree they used to time travel. A Tractite shoots him, causing the tree to send them even further into the past.

Mauvril mentions this on page 223. He was unsure how far back this happened.

c. 92,000 BC

A moon began a stable orbit of the planet Sarath.

The moon is said to have followed the same course for one hundred thousand years in the prologue to City at World's End (which I've arbitrarily dated c. 7000 AD)

The Ice Age

The Ice Age was a key period in the development of humanity. During this period Light, Survey, and Control arrived to catalogue Earth. Their catalogue included Ichthyosaurs and Neanderthals. They preserved Nimrod, a single specimen of Neanderthal man. At some point soon after this, the Dæmons helped Homo Sapiens to wipe out almost all the Neanderthals. The Dæmons left behind race memories in humanity.

Ghost Light and The Dæmons.

The Ice Warriors sent an expedition to Earth during the Ice Age. This expedition had access to sonic cannons, cyborg armour, electronic radio equipment, and atomic fission technology. One ship, led by Varga, crashed at the bottom of an ice mountain and was buried in the ice. Its occupants went into hibernation.

The Ice Warriors. It is unclear exactly when this expedition took place. Although the Doctor claimed that it happened millions of years ago in Legacy, most evidence points to it having happened about the time of the Ice Age.

c. 59,000 BC

At this time, the Gubbage Cones were the dominant empire in the galaxy.

Seventy Thousand years before The Crystal Bucephalus (page 34).

55,519 BC

Monarch of Urbanka left his planet when its ozone layer collapsed. He stored the population of his planet on computer chips and set out for Earth, making round trips on which he picked up Earth natives.

Four to Doomsday.

c. 39,780 BC

A Euterpian ship investigating Earth was destroyed by solar plasma, leaving a recon team of five stranded on the surface. Two of those five travelled round the globe placing beacons in what they thought was a straight line. However, due to continental shift, the beacons were not actually in a straight line. Over the next few hundred years, their efforts created ley lines and the Australian Aboriginal legends of the Dreamtime. These beacons, capable of turning the Earth into energy, would later become a great prize for the cat people.

Invasion of the Cat People. The prologue (on page 1) dates this to 3978 BC, but later estimates vary. On page 152, the Doctor places it 40,000 years ago, which allows more time for the continental drift to occur. On page 104, Thorgarsunnella estimates it was 40,000 years ago. On page 147, Thorsunn will probably travel back another 20,000 years (from somewhere around 900-1000 AD). The date on page 1 is probably intended to be 39780, but any date vaguely around 38,000 BC fits.

Humans first invent queues.

Atimkos estimates this date in Invasion of the Cat People.

35,519 BC

The Urbankans arrive on Earth for the first time and kidnap a number of Australian Aborigines including Kurkurtji.

Four to Doomsday.

c. 29,155

Nan wears the tribal wedding dress.

She estimates that this was thirty years before Only Human page 166.

Wednesday 6th April 29,185 BC

A group of 100 time travellers from the era of the Great Retrenchment arrive in Earth's history. Reddy is assigned the task of meeting local groups of both humans and neanderthals.

The Doctor and Rose arrive on day 49 of the project on page 80 of Only Human.

Wednesday 24th May - Thursday 25th May 29,185 BC


A Neanderthal called Das goes with Reddy and is never seen again. The next day, most of the Neanderthal tribe and the inhabitants of Osterburg are killed by a new species of human, the Hy-Bractors. One Hy-Bractor survives and, along with the surviving Neanderthals and Osterburgers join the local human tribe.

Jack gives the exact date Das came from on page 43.

c 26,000 BC

The last Neanderthals in the Bromley area either leave or die out.

28,000 years before 2005, according to Only Human page 12.

The Tzun.

About 23,000 BC, the Tzun began to travel in space. This warrior race from S'Arl, the sixth planet of Hadar (aka Beta Centaurus), 120 parsecs from earth, conquered the fungoid Darklings from Yuggoth who had ruled that sector. The Tzun beat the Darklings back to 61 Cygni, but in the process of the war, their DNA became corrupted. They developed into three distinct subspecies. The purebloods resembled Asiatic humans, the S'Raph pilots were grey-skinned with bulbous black eyes and the Ph'Sor were fusions of Tzun and the natives of the planets they conquered.

First Frontier. The date is given on page 110.

Other Developments

c. 20,000 BC

Two Krynoid pods arrive on Earth, and are buried in the Antarctic permafrost. They would eventually be dug up in the late 20th Century.

The Seeds of Doom.

15,519 BC

The Urbankans returned to Earth, kidnapping princess Villagra, a Native American, whom the Doctor later [erroneously] claimed was Mayan.

Four to Doomsday.

c. 9,000 BC

The Union of Traken outgrows its dependency on machines.

About 11,000 years before Nyssa's time, according to Cold Fusion page 31.

c. 8,000 BC

The Zolfa-Thurans in the Prion system developed the Dodecahedron and the giant screens that, when combined, created a weapon capable of destroying any point in the entire galaxy. There was a civil war resulting in the destruction of almost everything on the planet's surface. The only things to survive were the screens. The Dodecahedron was transferred to the twin planet of Tigella, where it became an object of worship for the Deons.

10,000 years before Meglos.

c. 8,000 BC

The second splinter of Scaroth helped humanity to develop the wheel about this time.

City of Death. The date is from archaeological evidence.

c. 8,000 BC

About this time, the Euterpian's homeworld is gone.

According to the Doctor in Invasion of the Cat People (page 250).

Date Unknown

A Neolithic quarry is dug on a site that will eventually become Marston Castle and, later still, the Space Tracking Centre near Crook Marsham.

According to Nightshade. The quarry is said to be Neolithic on page 125 and thousands of years old on page 199.

The Nedenah make their earliest visits to Earth.

Control claims that they started coming 'thousands of years' before The Devil Goblins From Neptune pages 236-237. The precise date is arbitrary.

Iris Wildthyme visits the planet Artaris, and accidentally leaves behind her gold lamé handbag. The handbag, later to become known as the relic, falls into the hands of a being later known as the zombie king.

This was stated to be 'thousands' of years before Excelis Dawns episode 1. The Zombie king claims to have possessed the relic for 'aeons' in episode 2. In Excelis Decays, Grayvorn mistakenly says that it was 1300 years ago - he's clearly referring to the gap between the two stories.

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