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A History of the Whoniverse

The Twenty-second Century (2101-2200)

In this century, some genetics labs artificially grew human babies on which to experiment. The Doctor and Ace kidnapped one of these babies to act as a host for the Timewyrm.

In the epilogue to Timewyrm: Revelation (page 216).


Paradise Towers had been an award-winning tower block. It had been largely abandoned during the [thousand-day] war. The remaining inhabitants stratified into three groups. The young girls formed three gangs of 'Kangs', whilst the old ladies became cannibalistic 'Rezzies'. The robotic caretakers operated to a rigid rulebook. When they were discovered some decades later by Adjudicator Bishop, there had been some changes to this set-up.

The building won awards in the 21st century and Adjudicator Bishop remembers sorting out "the messy consequences of the Kroagnon Affair" in Lucifer Rising. This forces the story to take place in the late 21st or early 22nd century. The only known war that could fit this time period is the 1000-day war. As the age of the Kangs allows Paradise Towers to be set maybe 15-20 years after the war, I place it about the turn of the century and its discovery to be some time afterwards.

As a child, Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart almost drowns, but is saved by her father. She also hears stories of the Doctor and his involvement with Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart.

According to Transit pages 30 and 51-52.


Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart studies ecological reversion.

According to Transit page 134, this was her fourth year in school.

The Doctor once claimed that this era is a bit boring.

This is what he says in The End of the World, referring to 100 years after Rose.


During the so-called Ozone Purge, weather control systems broke down. This led to the extinction of sheep, cats, and sparrows among other things. [Although some of these species were preserved on the colonies.]

According to Lucifer Rising on page 100. Cats must have survived somewhere, as Wolsey is not out of place in the 26th Century in the Bernice Summerfield New Adventures.

c. 2106

The Kalarians had colonised the islands of the neighbouring world Ockora, and turned them into a popular tourist resort. They had then begun to catch the native Ockorans for sport, not realising that they were intelligent beings with their own technology. In response, the Ockorans construct Selachian battle-armour - which looks like a terran shark - and weaponry. They overthrow their oppressors and leave their homeworld, Ockora. Within six months, they have conquered Kalaya. Within a year, they have conquered three more neighbouring worlds, including Molinar. They begin building a fearsome legend around themselves, and attempt to get as much military technology, as they can - by any available means.

According to The Final Sanction pages 40-41, 154-155, and 157-164 (The Selachian account). Page 40 dates this as 'almost a century' before 2204. On page 20, the Selachians are said to have occupied Kalaya for four generations - though page 155 says that some of the Selachians still remember the culls. Molinar is mentioned on page 132.


Eurogen and the Butler Institute merged to become Eurogen Butler, or the EB Corporation. Eurogen had been heavily involved in genetic research, whilst Butler had specialised in AI, meteorology and weather control. Both companies had been involved in interplanetary exploration.

According to Deceit, the year is given on page 27. However, The Butler Institute is still in existence by 2417 according to The Menagerie. Perhaps the name was retained for a subsidiary of the new corporation.

Old Sam has a flashback to the war.

He hasn't had a flashback for 10 years before to Transit page 31 (set c.2117).

The Great 2107 AD Cock Up causes The Diary of an Edwardian Adventuress to suffer from worm damage. It would later be available in the Elgin decorruption.

According to Short Trips Companions: Apocrypha Bipedium page 37.

July 2108

The [second] Doctor picked up a pair of orange wings for use in one eighth Earth gravity environments in the Oxford Street sales. It is possible that he also picked up a pen-sized Xavier Eugéné Microscope in these sales.

Speed of Flight, the date is given on page 38.

January 1st 2108
Two bipedal strangers arrive on Paratractis, an alternative Earth inhabited by aliens called Tractites. One of them, the Doctor, is interested in Paratractis's evolutionary history. The Tractites suspect that he is the Uncreator - a legendary being who will destroy their existence, but he leaves before they can agree to kill him.
The Doctor gives the date on page 30. During the story he is forced to destroy this universe in order to prevent the entire multiverse from collapsing.

The Inner Planets Music Festival ('Ragasteen') was hosted on the [newly colonised] planet Evertrin at about this time. Big bands included Deep Space, M'Troth, The Great Mothers of Matra, Is Your Baby a God, and Televised Instant Death. Their music was released on discods - which gave perfect digital reproduction of sound with Synchronically aligned holographic vision. This music scene was controlled by the riggers on Earth. Every three years, they changed the style of music "to keep it fresh." Three fans disappeared from a convoy travelling across the planet to Ragasteen '12, which had a newly constructed stadium.

The Highest Science. This is dated as 2112 on page 2, and Ragasteen '12 gets mentioned on page 13.


Production line warpships were in production by this time. This prompted an increase in the pace of colonisation, and humanity could be said to have expanded into space.

Deceit. However, this expansion almost certainly started after Transit.


Three young men disappear en route to Ragasteen 2112.

The date is given on page 2.

3rd October 2113

Daphne McAllister is born.

According to The Murder Game page 89.


Yembe Lethbridge-Stewart dies. He is buried next to his wife on Achebe Gorge, Mars.

Three years before Transit page 157.



Pirates begin breaking up the Mark V beacons near Ta to obtain the Argonite they contain. The plot is uncovered by the Interstellar Space Corps, who arrest Madeleine Issigri for collaborating with the pirates. The Pirates' leader, Maurice Caven, is executed.

There is no on-screen date. Space travel is becoming common, but it's still at an early stage. Warpships aren't in widespread use, so we should assume that the story is set in the early 22nd Century. Clancey has been in space for 50 years, so affordable space travel must have been available for at least that long (The trading dates of Galactic Salvage and Insurance suggests that could be from the late 2060's). The Menagerie establishes that this is the same IMC we see in Lucifer Rising (2157) and Colony in Space. Because of the differences between the character of IMC, there has to be a big gap between this and Lucifer Rising. Also, Earth has a single government.

Some time after this, Issigri Mining Company becomes the Interplanetary Mining Company.

The Menagerie.

As the extent of human space increased, the Galactic credit became a common currency. [We don't know whether this was an arrogantly named human invention, or if humanity started using alien currencies.] Laser technology was also well advanced. Stun laser weaponry, Entuca laser telecommunications and laser data crystals became commonplace.

Expansion also provided new outlets for criminals. Discovery of Vraxoin, a highly addictive narcotic, helped establish an interplanetary drug trade. Traffickers were sentenced to death. In the course of this drug war, both sides developed new technologies. Criminals began to use computer technology a lot more. The law adapted molecular scanners to detect small quantities of narcotics, and introduced ident-plaques.

The big corporations also profited. As well as providing the technology to both sides in the drug war, they ran interplanetary cruisers. This provided a growing alternative to terrestrial tourism. In any case, deteriorating conditions on Earth had virtually destroyed its tourist industry. One corporation provided a legal alternative to drugs. The Joseph-Robinson Corporation patented the appetite suppressant Bubbleshake. Left unchecked, and taken without the appropriate pills, Bubbleshake was highly addictive and as dangerous as Vraxoin.

The drug war was also a contributing factor to a radically new chapter in law enforcement. The guild of Adjudicators was established to be unrestrained by authority or financial dependence. Nicknamed "the Ravens" due to their black robes, they were initially based on Ponten IV. Their early successes included executing fifteen drug dealers on Callisto and several vraxoin raids over Azure. The Guild also suppressed a revolution in Macedonia, eradicated energy-wasters on Frinelli Minor, dealt with the Kroagnon Affair, the Macra case, and the Vega débâcle.

Meanwhile, regulations on space travel were tightened up. The Interstellar Space Corps were introduced to police the spaceways. All flights had to be logged with Central Flight Information, and were monitored by Space Beacons. They used V-Ships equipped with Minnow fighters, Martian Missiles [possibly developed during the 1000 day war] and Main Boost atomic motors. Unfortunately, the ISC was not as well funded as it needed to be [and often had to rely on collaboration with the Adjudicators].

This is mostly background to Nightmare of Eden and The Space Pirates. The death of tourism on Earth and the origin of the Adjudicators come from Lucifer Rising. The Macra case is almost certainly not The Macra Terror. Bubbleshake turns up in The Highest Science. Bubbleshake's date is not stated and it could comfortably fit in many time periods, as the Joseph-Robinson Corporation operated in Earth's outer colonies. I place it here because it fits in very well with the era of Vraxoin smuggling.

Date Unknown

Dolphins pilot humanity's first interstellar fighters. Their natural ability to think in 3 dimensions makes them ideal for the task.

According to Heritage page 198.



The scientist Tryst [developed] a device called the Continuous Event Transmuter, which converted specimens into electromagnetic signals stored on laser crystals. He had used it to record specimens from Zil, Vij, Darp, Lvan, Brus, Gidi, Ranx, and Eden. Some of his specimens escaped when the Empress cruise liner crashed into the Hecate survey ship over the planet Azure.

Galactic Salvage and Insurance went bust in 2096, which was twenty years ago.



STS attempts to open the first interstellar Transit Link (the Stunnel) from Earth to Arcturus. During the ceremony to open the Stunnel, everyone at the terminus - including the President of the USR - dies. Acting Transport Minister Rodriguez appoints Ming "the Merciless" as new Director General of STS. Soon afterwards, there is a riot at The Stop, which is put down by mechanised forces. Refugees from the Stop are then dispersed throughout the system. Soon afterwards, an aircraft is shot down on Mars and, miraculously, all three occupants survive. About a day after the President's death, there is a skirmish with people mutated in the Transit network at the Stunnel terminus.

Old Sam goes to Arsia Mons. He utters the words: 'I am Samuel Robert Garvey Moore of the Second Battalion Third Brigade of the United Nations Armed Forces, I have killed more people than I can count.' He then breaks a 12th century Japanese sword and says 'I come in peace.'

Soon afterwards, FLORANCE, the AI from Stone Mountain declared itself sentient and started buying real estate. FLORANCE quickly became a celebrity, and was protected under the civil rights convention.

It's not clear how long this is after the war. Francine appears to have discovered Kadiatu eight years after she gave up data piracy on page 108 (which is implied to be straight after the war) and this was 21 years ago on page 111. Kadiatu is said to be five generations away from the Brigadier on page 96. Virgin's Future History Continuity, written by the author, placed this story c.2109. Godengine page 1 claims that this was 2109. In Head Games (2001), the Doctor's destruction of records about himself at the end will occur in 'a century or so'. It also gets mentioned in War of the Daleks (page 188). More details about FLORANCE are given in SLEEPY. The official date of 2109 feels like a better fit with other stories. However, I have to go with the dates established in the book itself.



Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart uses a nuclear device to blow up the Butterfly Wing (where she had been chief science officer), thus apparently committing suicide. There are rumours that she had built a time-travel device.

This is three years after the main events of Transit - according to page 260.


The Particle Matter Transmission (Deregulation) Act is passed.

Cold Fusion.


The Interspace Incorporated exploration vessel Hydrax is lost in space. Its crew of 243 was en route to the Perugellis sector. Amongst the crew were Captain Miles Sharkey, Science Officer Anthony O'Connor, Navigation Officer Lauren Macmillan, and engineer Ben O'Rourke. InterSpace refuses to pay the crew's pensions, claiming that they might be found at some point in the future.

We see the Hydrax in State of Decay. Further details, including the date, come from Lucifer Rising (on page 59, this was 30 years earlier).

On Earth, the Chapter of St Anthony was causing a lot of problems. The most notorious incident was the torching of Urrozdinee, after it refused to submit to the cult. Soon afterwards, they took to the stars [stealing] two battleships capable of destroying a small moon. They raided Titan and recruited Parva De Hooch, who later returned to Earth and killed his parents. [Perhaps they were responsible for the revolution in Macedonia that the Adjudicators had put down].

St. Anthony's Fire.


The last computer record of Terri Willis is created.

According to The Murder Game page 92.


On the planet Betrusia war broke out again between the Ismetch and the Kutch.

St. Anthony's Fire, this is dated as 15 years earlier than 2148 on pages 9 and 15.



Geoff Hornby organises a murder mystery game on the defunct Galaxian Hotel. Most of the game's players can't make it because World Corps' spaceship is cancelled. However, enough have their own transport that the game can take place. The game begins, but one of the players is murdered for real, and another one soon after. The survivors realise that there is a cloaked Selachian ship hovering nearby at the same time as an explosion puts the station into a decaying orbit. The Selachians board, aiming to complete an arms deal that was due to take place during the game. They kill several of the players and some investigating Terran Security Force officers before their ship explodes. History simply blames the Selachians for the destruction of the hotel.

The Doctor claims that it is 2136 on page 6. Geoff Hornby confirms this date on page 92. The historical account is mentioned in The Final Sanction (page 175).

Although Earth's colonies were thriving during this period, life on Earth itself was far from happy. Islamic [fundamentalists] had seized control of Earth Central and [relocated] planetary government to Damascus. The increasing life expectancy [now at 110 years] led to a population boom. This, in turn, led to an energy crisis. This led the elected president to impose draconian restrictions on energy use, enforced by the Energy Police. Even the invention of the vargol generator did not stem the crisis. Simultaneously, the government introduced the Eugenics Lottery. Couples were only allowed to have children if they won.

This is background to St. Anthony's Fire and Lucifer Rising.


The corporations successfully lobby for the repeal of all the anti-pollution legislation of the last century and a quarter. Their success is assured by the energy crisis.

This is background to St. Anthony's Fire and Lucifer Rising (page 84 dates this as 3 years before 2140). It is possible that the corporations engineered the energy crisis to achieve precisely this result.

Vyse Plaquet and Hughes Frost publish Verbal Non-Communication.

We see an extract on pages 149 and 303 of Theatre of War.


The Carlsbad Caverns are filled with plastic waste by a subsidiary of Panorama Chemicals [formerly Global Chemicals]. Other results of the new pollution laws include extreme global water pollution, the extinction of the whale, and the return of the Autoimmune 'Plague' of the twenty-first century.

According to Lucifer Rising. The date of the Carlsbad Caverns incident is on page 84.

c. 2144

Theresa Forrester and Bob Magwamba are on a training mission when a colleague dies from a suit malfunction.

Five years before Decalog 4: No One Goes to Halfway There.


A human colony ship arrived on the planet Avalon. The colonists soon discovered the nanite technology that had caused the fall of the native civilisation. Use of the technology allowed magic to happen, but rendered electronic equipment useless. The population used the technology to model their society on medieval European legends, but eliminated religion.

The origins of the colony are mentioned on pages 203-204 of The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

David Campbell is born.

He's 54 in Legacy of the Daleks and, according to that book, was 22 in The Dalek Invasion of Earth.

31st October 2145

Thomas, the hologram representing the computer of the Hotel Galaxian, is reprogrammed to look like a vampire for a children's Halloween party. He is never returned to his default appearance.

This was 'some months' before The Murder Game, according to Thomas on page 18.


The American economy collapses, [possibly due to the continuing population and energy crises]. At Mextech, a lucky few escaped into orbit, but ten million people were left to starve. One of those ten million was Sonia Bannen, who was eaten by a mob of cannibals. Her son, Mark Bannen, escaped on a colony ship whose warp engines misphased in the Elysium system.

These events are mentioned in Lucifer Rising (page 153, 158) and Parasite.

Giselle is born

On Time of Your Life page 36, she's a few years older than Raymond Day.



The Chapter of Saint Anthony wipes out the human colony on the planet Massatoris.

Soon afterwards, the planet Betrushia becomes uninhabitable. Its inhabitants, the Cutch and the Ismetch, migrate to Massatoris. The events surrounding this are thought to have been a key point in the demise of the Chapter of Saint Anthony.

The date is given by the Doctor on page 39. I suspect that some members of the Chapter were not on the ship, and that the Chapter continued its existence for some time after these events.

Contact was established between humanity and the seven-dimensional Legions from Epsilon Eridani. They negotiated a trade agreement with IMC. IMC supplied weapons (to fight a mysterious Black Fleet) in exchange for non-military technology. At the same time, IMC was one of the leaders in the rise of Company Shock Troops - merciless and well equipped soldiers working for the corporations. They, and others, learnt from races such as the Cimliss, Usurians, and the Okk. Corporate raids (attacks on a corporation by Shock Troops from another) became relatively common.

This is the background to Lucifer Rising.

At about this time, at least one group of CyberNomads fought a war with the Vogans. By this point, the Cybermen had developed a vulnerability to gold dust, and the Vogans lived on a planet of gold. The CyberNomads destroyed a lot of Voga's gold, but not all. Voga slowly began drifting in the direction of the Solar System. Either during or after this war, one group of CyberNomads enslaved the planet Agora, forcing its inhabitants to provide five hundred healthy people for conversion into Cybermen every three years.

This is the background to Killing Ground. The Vogan war is also mentioned in Revenge of the Cybermen.

There was a pre-modernist revival in the mid-22nd Century.

Cold Fusion.

c. 2149


The stopping point known as Halfway There is destroyed in mysterious circumstances. Every ship that investigates is destroyed. Some time later, it is discovered that a multi-dimensional being was responsible. It had been attracted to the system because of an experimental communications system.

Space travel has now become common, and hyperspace technology is the standard. There have been several skirmishes on the edge of human space, as humanity expands. Theresa Forrester's brother is director of the Charon Project on page 42. The Daleks destroyed this project in 2157 during Godengine.

Raymond Day is born; [he is an only child].

He is in his early forties on Time of Your Life page 36 (2191). On page 42, he doesn't have a brother, though it's always possible that he might have a sister.


The Tarron Television Company starts broadcasting. It wins many awards for quality and innovation.

Time of Your Life. The date is unknown, but it is some time before the Meson Broadcasting Corporation starts up.

c. 2150

On the planet Artaris, the Imperial Family is overthrown overnight. The philosophers are hanged, and the churches razed to the ground. The coup is masterminded by Grayvorn.

According to the Doctor, this was 150 years before Excelis Decays.


Praxis gas is used in a corporate raid.

Lucifer Rising.

A Terran Security Force ship leaves Earth. It will eventually end up in the Meson system, having been taken over by the datavore Krllxk.

Jak Martyn estimates the ship left Earth 'two score years before' Time of Your Life page 131.

Wayne Redfern is born.

He is described as not more than 17 on page 282 of The Final Sanction, which is set somewhere around 2167.


Earth Central fund a research project on Belial, one of the moons of a gas giant planet called Lucifer, 280 Light Years from Earth. The project is aimed at finding a way to generating energy from the high-mass core of the planet.

Lucifer Rising.

c. 2153

Firn Kaerson is born.

The Doctor estimates that he's in his late 30's (though looking nearer 50) on Time of Your Life page 60 (2191).

22nd Century

Victoria visits the NovaLon Hypercities. She acquires a credit chip.

According to Heart of TARDIS page 165, this was sometime in the 22nd Century.


IMC use armoured skimmers and Z-Bombs to asset-strip InterSpace Incorporated in Tokyo.

Lucifer Rising. Presumably, these Z-Bombs are totally different to the Z-Bombs mentioned in The Tenth Planet, as those were capable of doing a huge amount of damage to an entire planet.

Wayne Redfern's parents divorce. This means that his mother can't afford to send him to a good school like his brothers.

According to The Final Sanction page 178.



Earth Central declares itself bankrupt when IMC triples the price of zeiton. The Earth Alliance of Corporations acts as the receivers; and Earth is formally placed under the control of the Megacorporations for the first time in history.

Soon after this, IMC send a fleet to Belial Base when the research team report some progress in their research. Due to events that never made the history books, this intervention causes the system to be sealed off.

The dating for this story is a little bit difficult. The simularities date the story as 2154, which is the year Benny and Ace wanted to visit. However, on page 135, Kreig remembers a raid in '56. The story happens fairly shortly before the Dalek invasion - the Daleks, as yet unknown, have already started attacking human colonies - and it places the invasion in 2158. As Godengine, which happens in the early days of the invasion, is set in 2157, I have chosen to set Lucifer Rising in 2156.

The new corporate government holds an Astronaut fair in London [to coincide with the anniversary of Sputnik I]. They install moving pavements and a gleaming new nuclear power station alongside the historic Battersea Power Station.

At the same time, Earth opens an embassy on Alpha Centurai V and a billion human colonists on Sifranos (in the Arcturus Sector) are massacred by a mysterious Black Fleet that has been menacing the Legions. Over the next three weeks, fourteen human colonies, including Azure and Qartopholos are massacred.

Because the Terran Security Force was fairly poor, the Dalek fleet soon reached Earth. Their initial attack consisted of a rain of meteorites, followed by the spread of a deadly virus. The virus spread across the planet, with only a small number of people possessing any form of immunity. By the time a cure was developed, the population was in no position to effectively resist the Daleks. Six months after the plague began, Dalek saucers landed. Some major cities [such as New York] were razed to the ground. Others, such as London, were occupied. The population was enslaved, a few being turned into Robomen, unable to do anything except obey orders. Some American citizens were evacuated to Canada.

In London, one of twelve key political sites across the planet, the invasion began with Daleks dropping out of the sky over London. The politicians of London responded to the Daleks' surrender demands by sealing themselves inside and letting the Daleks set them alight.

Dalek action across the rest of the Solar System was varied. They attacked and destroyed everything on many moons, knowing that these were the locations of military research bases. They also attacked colonies on other worlds. Their invasion of Mars was ultimately unsuccessful because the humans engineered a virus that exclusively ate Dalek wiring.

These details of the invasion come from Lucifer Rising, The Dalek Invasion of Earth, Alien Bodies (pages 25-27), and Godengine. The Dalek cable virus was first mentioned in Genesis of the Daleks, but more detail is given in Godengine. In Salvation, Steven claimed to be an eyewitness to the devastation the Daleks caused in New York, despite being the invasion being 'before his time'. We also see the state of New York in The Final Sanction chapter 34. This mentions the Terran Security Force's role (page 75) and the evacuation to Canada (page 178).

May 2157


A group of Martians who had stayed on Mars struck a deal with the Daleks. They would give the Daleks an ancient Osiran device called Ssor-arr duss Ssethissi in return for possession of Mars. The device was capable of exciting stars in such a way as to destroy a world. As the device could only be used on a planet with no magnetic field, the Daleks began using their human slaves to remove Earth's magnetic core. The Godengine was, however, destroyed (although the Daleks were unaware of the fact).

The date is given on page 28. This is before the Daleks invade Mars.

On Earth, a number of small groups of rebels continued to evade the Daleks and commit small-scale acts of sabotage. These groups were typically very small. The [largest such] group in London only consisted of about 20 people.

This is the background to The Dalek Invasion of Earth.

During the invasion, the Daleks did a lot to Earth's store of knowledge. [The invasion] was responsible for the loss of records concerning early lagships. The Daleks also searched for mention of them. They discovered two incidents - one a UNIT report about Sir Reginald Styles, the other saying that Davros had discovered the Hand of Omega in Shoreditch, 1963 and used it to destroy Skaro.

The loss of information on lagships is mentioned in Decalog 4: Heritage, but the exact cause isn't stated (because Virgin had lost their Doctor Who license by that point). The Daleks' discoveries are mentioned in War of the Daleks page 188.


The Daleks execute the king [or queen] of Britain.

In Legacy of the Daleks, Haldoran says that he will become the first monarch of Britain for 38 years. Donna says that the royal family was wiped out by the Daleks.


Despite the Dalek invasion, a calendar for this year was produced.

The Doctor and Ian discover one in a room that hasn't been used for years in The Dalek Invasion of Earth.


Kent Michaels is born. John Patterson's father dies in a Dalek mine.

Michaels is 38 years old in The Final Sanction, page 19. John Patterson's father is mentioned, but not dated, on page 169.



A group of rebels from London manage to destroy the Daleks' largest mine, in Bedfordshire. This stops their plan to remove Earth's magnetic field just before completion.

The Daleks invaded about 10 years ago. Thus, according to Lucifer Rising and Godengine, it's 2167. Most dates given are quite close to this, though a few take the 2164 calendar to mean that this has to be set in 2174. In Genesis of the Daleks, the Doctor places this in 2000

At the same time as this, the colonial warship Dauntless breaks through the Dalek blockade of Earth at the battle of Cassius.

This is first mentioned in The Crystal Bucephalus and we see Dauntless arriving on Earth in Godengine (page 240).

Soon after Earth's victory over the Daleks, humanity formed a defensive alliance with several alien powers, including Alpha Centurai, the Cyrennhics, [and the Legions]. The alliance was supplied with state-of-the-art weaponry by INITEC.

Lords of the Storm page 201. INITEC's role is from Original Sin.

Whilst Earth's governments were trying to pull themselves together, several Earth Conglomerates step in and offer to rebuild the Terran Security Forces. Within five years, they are in control of an army 'capable of mounting a full-scale intergalactic war.'

According to the Doctor in The Final Sanction (page 75). He was almost certainly using hyperbole when he used the word intergalactic.

Private Wayne Redfern took a year's service in the TSF clear-up operations. Whilst he was stationed in the ruins of New York City, he briefly encountered the second Doctor.

According to The Final Sanction pages 146 and 281-284.


Mortimus retrieved the money he had placed in a bank account 200 years ago, with the accumulated interest.

The Time Meddler. Although the Daleks were occupying Earth, the banking system had probably become both fully electronic and interplanetary by this stage. Therefore, I see no problems in assuming that he could safely withdraw the money on an Earth colony and that the Dalek invasion did not affect his actions.

September 2169


During the invasion, the contents of various secret stores of alien artefacts had fallen into the hands of private collectors, looters, and traders. One such store ended up in the Houses of Parliament, which was thought to be haunted. A Time Lord agent attempted to retrieve a particular item from this store, only to find that the collector had just sold it to someone else.

This segment of the book is dated on page 25.

c. 2170

Angela Jennings is born on Torrok

According to Time of Your Life (set 2191). No date is given, but she is still living with her mother, she is 'no longer a teenager' on page 2, and 'early 20s' on page 11.

Raymond Day signs a restrictive clause that will later cause him problems

This was 21 years before Time of Your Life page 37 (2191).

In an alternate timeline, the 1972 World Peace Talks had been destroyed by a powerful bomb. This led to a series of global wars, in which the new type of bomb was never used. This timeline was created when the Daleks travelled back in time to invading Earth a century early. The human population were guarded by Ogrons and put to work in prison camps. Some of the small number of human rebels stole some of the Daleks time travel machinery. They believed that by killing Sir Reginald Styles, they could make the peace conferences succeed and change their history.
This story happened two centuries after the UNIT era. It seems logical to suggest that this alternate timeline was created by the Daleks' time travel actions, rather than the Rebels' attempts to change history. Somehow, this action created an alternate universe, which then led to the causal loop of the Guerrillas killing Styles, which in turn was essential to maintaining this new universe. The Doctor's intervention broke the loop and so destroyed the alternate universe.


The Tzun invade Veltroch. They accidentally destroy the Veltrochni hatching grounds. This prompts the Veltrochni to wage a genocidal war against the Tzun. Within two years, the Tzun Confederacy is history, the Tzun homeworld of S'Arl is a radioactive cinder, and all of the once invincible Tzun starships are scrap metal. This left a whole sector of space, including 10,000 habitable worlds, empty. Many of these planets were colonised by humanity in the next few centuries. A few colonies of Ph'Sor Tzun survived, but none with space-travel technology. Many ruins and artefacts were left as a memory of the Tzun.

First Frontier (page 94) and Lords of the Storm (which dates this as the 2170s on page 24). Presumably, there aren't enough Veltrochni to colonise more than a handful of the conquered Tzun worlds.

As humanity recovered from the Dalek war, they began to colonise new worlds. Discovering a lack of [both] sentient life [and habitable worlds] on the outskirts of the galaxy, they focused on colonies towards the Galactic hub. Few humans ventured beyond Lasty's Nebula. A thriving interplanetary community grew up, much of it on former Tzun worlds.

According to The Highest Science (page 17) and Lords of the Storm.

The situation on Earth, however, was very different. Earth refused offers of help from the colonies and decided to try to rebuild on its own. The provisional government of Earth soon broke down and [Earth] was divided into lots of small 'Domains', each being ruled by a lord. [The only global organisation was the] Peace Keepers, whose job included monitoring the Artefacts, Dalek installations which were left behind. [The Peace Keepers were also responsible for] destroying every Dalek weapon after the war. They achieved this fairly soon after the war, and moved on to protecting people from the Dalek artefacts until such time as they could be destroyed.

Rebuilding under the Domain Lords took a very long time. The Domains gradually reduced in number and conflict between them increased the time it took to rebuild. Thirty years later, there were still only two significant power plants in Southern England. The Domains maintained considerable armed forces. Warriors in knights' armour with carbine rifles patrolled vast areas, serving as symbols of righting wrong. Families were strongly encouraged. The Dalek invasion had reduced the population by over 90%, and many more people were required to get Earth back on track.

Technology was varied. Though warfare was largely reduced to men on horses with rifles, electric cars and runabouts were in use for some purposes. There was a substantial amount of prejudice against offworlders, human or alien. [People on Earth were both angry that many of the colonies escaped the wrath of the Daleks and that the colonists took so long to liberate Earth.]

This is the background to Legacy of the Daleks.


Grant Markham was born on Agora.

Killing Ground, page 22 and 28.


The planet New Canaan was discovered.

Decalog 4: Heritage (page 92)


On the Earth colony of Tara, nine tenths of the population was wiped out by a plague. They were replaced by sophisticated androids. [Tara is clearly a major centre of research into the androids, and their ability gets greater over time.]

About 200 years before The Androids of Tara.

The Meson Broadcasting Corporation begins broadcasting with seven channels. It is not long before their trashy mass-appeal programmes attract enough advertising and sponsorship to put the Tarron Television Company out of business.

It has been broadcasting for almost 17 years by Time of Your Life page 43.


The population of Agora rebelled against the Cybermen. They were crushed and forced back into slavery. During this, the young Grant Markham saw his mother killed by a Cyberman. This gave him a phobia of robots.

Killing Ground, page 19.

Leanne Davidson is born.

She is in her late 20s according to The Final Sanction page 195.

John Patterson joins the Terran Security Force.

This happened when he was 16, according to The Final Sanction page 169. He was born during the Dalek occupation, but we don't know exactly when - though he is twice Zoe's age on page 83.


A mysterious spacecraft arrives on Agora. A small number of children are put on it and sent off-world to escape the Cybermen. They include Grant Markham.

Killing Ground, page 109.

? 2179

The Selachians test their sun-stoker weapon on a Martian colony that refuses to sell them arms.

According to Redfern in The Final Sanction page 175. The date is completely arbitrary. It's interesting that a human knows about this, given that they are unaware of any surviving Martians by Benny's era.


The Cumberland Convention revokes FLORANCE's status as a Sentient Citizen. [A copy of] FLORANCE is brought by the Dione-Kisanu corporation, who start experimenting on it to learn about human memory and learning.

Forty-seven years before SLEEPY (2227) page 160.


Kent Michaels attacks William Butcher after the bully pushes him too far.

According to The Final Sanction page 90, this happened when Michaels was 15.


William Butcher cracks Kent Michaels' head open with an industrial spanner in retaliation for Michaels' earlier attack on him.

According to The Final Sanction, pages 90-91 this happened three days before Michaels' 16th birthday. It was also said to be two decades before 2204.


Terraforming begins on New Canaan.

Decalog 4: Heritage (page 92).


The Meson Broadcasting Corporation annexes Black Sun. It continues to use their facilities, as they are superior to other MBC facilities. The Black Sun Company subsequently runs Channel 12 for MBC.

According to Time of Your Life page 90.

Kent Michaels marries a fast-food 'waitress' called Irene. They marry, but she leaves him after just one month. Soon after this, he joins the Terran Security Force.

According to The Final Sanction page 94. The date is arbitrary.


Ted Henneker begins a new rebellion against the Cybermen on Agora. He starts a project to create a new race of cyborgs to combat the Cybermen.

Killing Ground, page 71.

Adam Dresden is born.

He is 17 in The Final Sanction (page 196).

? 2189

Angela Jennings' father is killed by the watchers whilst carrying out maintenance work on the water plant.

This happened an unknown time before Time of Your Life (page 3). However, the loss of his income means the family will soon have big financial problems (page 10), making it not that long before.

Zarnia, in the Meson system, is evacuated.

According to Time of Your Life. This appears to have been recently on page 13.


The MBC programme Timeriders is cancelled.

According to Time of Your Life page 58.

MBC Security Chief Hammond begins receiving orders to kill certain people.

This was "two years ago" on Time of Your Life page 105.


Ruth Jennings [dies] due to photosensitive epilepsy. Her mother and sister Angela have to open the door for the first time.

This happened months before Time of Your Life on page 1. The cause is on page 10.

The Marston Sphere is developed in the Meson system. It is a form of dimensional transcendentalism.

This is months before Time of Your Life (early 2191) on page 61.

November 2190

The Programme Controller of the Meson Broadcasting Corporation leaves the station. Giselle ensures that nobody notices his absence.

He has been absent for three months by Time of Your Life page 81 (February 2190).

November 21st 2190

The PeaceKeeper robots on Torrok charge the Doctor with illegal immigration shortly after he arrives. They order him to leave Torrok, and take a retinal scan.

Time of Your Life. The date is given on page 19. However, on page 61, he has only been on Torrok for two months.

December 2190

Dom Sheperd leaves the MBC station to work on the Time of Your Life project.

This was 2 months before Time of Your Life page 60 (February 2191).

c. Late 22nd Century

The Doctor takes lessons to obtain his Mars-Venus shuttle certificate. On the first lesson, he manages to crash-land.

Or so he claims on page 117 of Kursaal, where he says that his instructor was a veteran of the original Dalek Wars, presumably a reference to the invasion of 2157. However, the details of this account are inconsistent, so he could be making it up.

3rd February 2191

Zed Mantelli tells the CATS and dogs joke - a slur on the Campaign for the Advancement of Television Standards.

According to Time of Your Life page 96.

February 2191

On New Earth, the Empire Software company is brought out. It is either taken over by, or renamed Network Systems. It is owned by Paradox, a broadcasting company in the Meson system.

This appears to have been a fortnight ago on Time of Your Life page 73.


In the Meson system, actor Raymond Day from Jubilee Towers is replaced by a hologram, which subsequently goes haywire. Later that evening, there is a confrontation between Zed Mantelli and Miriam Walker from CATS on a chatshow, where Zed is interviewing Raymond Day. Mrs Walker also tries to disrupt that night's edition of Death Hunt 3000, but she is dragged off by security guards. This show ends in tragedy when one of the six capsules sent into the Marston Sphere arrives in the audience at 100 kilometres per hour, killing sixteen people and critically injuring 12 more.

On the same day, old Xyron props from Timeriders start kidnapping those on the Station Tour. This is related to an artificial intelligence taking over the MBC computer system. The station begins to be evacuated; although less than half of the 1200 people on board can fit on the escape pods. Those left on the station are attacked by computer-controlled technologies - including numerous characters from programmes. At least 300 are killed. When the network stops transmitting, about 200 survivors are transported to Torrok. They are then involved in a major skirmish with the Watchers, PeaceKeepers, and natives, which is ended when the PeaceKeepers are deactivated.

The effects of the end of broadcasting on Torrok are tremendous. Many people leave their bunkers for the first time in years. Many of these are killed by the Watchers and PeaceKeepers.

On New Earth, a planet 3 systems away, Neo Tokyo is encased in a Marston Sphere shortly before a massive dinosaur begins attacking the city. When the city is returned to its rightful place, several buildings have been damaged, [a few people have been killed,] and one man, Grant Markham, is unaccounted for.

It's 3 weeks into 2191 on page 1. There are three and a half weeks between that date and the main story (pages 6, 12, and 15).


The CyberNomads returned to Agora to collect their five hundred people for conversion. This time, however, a group of rebels had managed to capture some Cyberman technology. They planned to convert themselves into 'Bronze Knights' - equivalent to Cybermen - in order to throw the Cybermen off their planet. They are able to throw off the initial visitors, but only escape the arrival of a large Cyber-ship when its weaponry malfunctions. The Bronze Knights leave Agora in search of some more groups of Cybermen to destroy.

It's 2191 (page 91) and is clearly intended to be set at the same time as Time of Your Life.


Susan Foreman is captured by Borusa's Time Scoop and forced to play the Game of Rassilon. [She is returned to her own time by] the first Doctor [and her memory of these events is erased].

There is no indication when in Susan's timeline she is scooped from. In Legacy of the Daleks, she doesn't appear to remember the events of this story, though the Doctor does. After that story, however, she is travelling in a shielded TARDIS, so there is no way that Borusa could have found her to scoop.


The EB Corporation founds the colony of Arcadia.

This is stated to be 379 years before Deceit (page 115), which happens about 2573 - so 2194. Against this, however, is the fact that it was one of the first Spinward Settlements (Deceit page 16) and that EB produced their first production line warpship in 2112. This would suggest an earlier date. Perhaps the corporations only decided direct colonial rule was more profitable after they took direct control of Earth. If this is the case, then it might have taken them a decade after the invasion to be able to implement this. It also might take a while between beginning work on a colony and formally founding it.

The Selachians sell humanity the cloak, a weapon that can temporarily cause blindness underwater.

A decade before The Final Sanction page 59.

Brian Parsons fought in many of Earth's most notorious space conflicts at about this time. His tactics and methods were still in use some two hundred years later.

The Pit (page 86). He has been dead for over two centuries by the time of The Pit (2400).



Fearful of Domain London's recent rise - a nuclear power plant on-line and historical importance, Lord Haldoran (based in Leeds Castle, Surrey) launches a full-scale attack. He uses some recently discovered Dalek guns. The other Southern Domains: Canterbury, Edmunds, Salisbury, and Devon remain neutral. Haldoran dies in an explosion at his castle, whilst London is assassinated by his officers to gain peace. Power over both domains is assumed by Haldoran's Lieutenant Barlow, who marries Lord London's daughter Donna. At the same time, DA-17, on the border between these two domains, explodes. Rumours claim that the artefact had been awakened, releasing some dormant Daleks.

David has aged from 22 to 54 since Susan met him (page 15); thus, it's 2199. However, Haldoran says that he will be the first monarch of Britain in 38 years. This would place it in 2195, unless the Daleks allowed the British monarch to continue ruling after the invasion started. Alternatively, he could be referring to the date the last monarch died (probably at the hands of the Daleks).

The 22nd Century

The 22nd Century Wisden records that Katie "the Beast" Davies never bowled a maiden over.

According to the Doctor in Short Trips Companions: Apocrypha Bipedium page 40.

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