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Newbies Guide to Doctor Who

TE04: Ghost Ship

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Author: Keith Topping

ISBN: 1 903 88908 1 (standard edition)

ISBN: 1 903 88909 X (deluxe edition)

ISBN: 1 903 88932 4 (paperback edition)

Published: August 2002

Editor: David J Howe

Placement: Soon after The Deadly Assassin (Season 14).

Links: A standalone story.

Doctor: The Fourth

The Fourth Doctor

The fourth Doctor is tall, has curly brown hair, a distinctive smile, a floppy hat, and a ridiculously long scarf. He comes across as otherworldly and bohemian.
Companions: None.
Recurring Characters: None.
Recommended Viewing: In The Deadly Assassin (Season 14), the Doctor defeated his old enemy the Master, who plotted to install a puppet President on their homeworld of Gallifrey. However, he was unable to prevent the Master from killing the President of Gallifrey or the Master's ally Chancellor Goth.
Recommended Reading: None.
Recommended Listening: None.
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