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Newbies Guide to Doctor Who

TE03: Nightdreamers

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Author: Tom Arden

ISBN: 1 903 88906 5 (standard edition)

ISBN: 1 903889 07 3 (deluxe edition)

Published: May 2002

Editor: David J Howe

Placement: Some time between Planet of the Daleks (Season 10) and The Green Death (Season 10).

Links: A standalone story.

Doctor: The Third

The Third Doctor

The third Doctor has white hair, a large nose, and tends to dress as a society dandy. He has a love of technology, historical name-dropping, and vehicles.
Companions: Jo Grant:

Jo Grant

Jo is the Doctor's assistant at UNIT. She got the job thanks to her uncle, even though she failed science at school. She first appeared in Terror of the Autons (Season 8).

Recurring Characters: None.
Recommended Viewing: In Planet of the Daleks (Season 10), Jo had a brief relationship with a Thal named Latep.
In The Green Death (Season 10), Jo fell in love with Professor Jones and left both the Doctor and UNIT to marry him. The Green Death happened after this story.
Recommended Reading: None.
Recommended Listening: None.
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