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The New Adventures series of novels were published by Virgin Books between 1991 and 1996. They featured the adventures of the seventh Doctor between the end of the original Doctor Who TV series and his regeneration in the 1996 TV Movie. The final New Adventure, The Dying Days, featured the eighth Doctor after the TV Movie. The BBC refused to renew Virgin's Doctor Who license in 1996, and Virgin continued the line with characters who had been created in the books. However, we won't get round to cataloguing the "Benny Books" for some time, so this index only covers the Doctor Who ones. Although the New Adventures are out of print, some of them have been made available as e-books on the BBC's Official Doctor Who site. The New Adventures' white spines with a small McCoy-era logo (or, for the last few, the Virgin logo) and cover designs stand out quite well.

New Adventures cover New Adventures cover
New Adventures cover New Adventures cover


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