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Newbies Guide to Doctor Who

NA09: Love and War

Love and War Cover Author: Mark Gatiss

ISBN: 0 426 20385 2

Published: October 1992

Editor: Peter Darvill-Evans

Placement: After Nightshade

Links: The first book in the "Future History Cycle", whose only link is that they are all set in the future. Love and War also introduces new companion Bernice Summerfield.

Doctor: The Seventh

The Seventh Doctor

The Seventh Doctor is short, dark-haired, and speaks with a slight scottish accent. He thinks of himself as "Time's Champion", deliberately seeking out situations to "put right". He usually has a plan, and is willing to manipulate everyone - including his companions - to achieve it.
Companions: Ace:


Ace was swept away from Perivale by a timestorm caused by Fenric. She arrived on Iceworld in the far future, where she met the Doctor in Dragonfire (Season 24). Ace is a bit of a teenaged delinquent, but has grown up during her time with the Doctor. She uses a home-made explosive called nitro-nine, and prefers her nickname of Ace to her real name of Dorothy. She calls the Doctor "Professor".

Professor Bernice Surprise Summerfield

Bernice Summerfield is an archaeologist from 26th Century Earth who meets the Doctor right here in Love and War.
Recurring Characters: None
Recommended Viewing: In Frontier in Space (Season 10), the Doctor arranged peace between the human and the Draconian Empires, revealing that the Daleks had been trying to manipulate them into war with each other. The story also revealed a historical connection between the Doctor and the Draconians. The Dalek War that followed was probably the one mentioned in Death to the Daleks (Season 11).
Recommended Reading: None.
Recommended Listening: None.
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