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Newbies Guide to Doctor Who

ED03: The Bodysnatchers

Cover Picture

Author: Mark Morris

ISBN: 0 563 40568 6

Published: August 1997

Editor: Steve Cole

Placement: After Vampire Science

Links: A standalone story.

Doctor: The Eighth

The Eighth Doctor

The eighth Doctor has byronesque hair and tends to wear velvet coats. He is childlike and has a sense of wonder about him.

Companions: Sam Jones:

Sam is a teenaged schoolgirl from London 1997 who joined the Doctor in The Eight Doctors. She is a do-gooder with a heavy interest in groups like Greenpeace and Amnesty. She has blonde hair.

Recurring Characters: Professor George Litefoot:

A police pathologist in a Victorian East End hospital. In The Talons of Weng Chiang (Season 14), he helped the fourth Doctor and Leela defeat Magnus Greel, a time traveller posing as the Chinese god Weng Chiang.

Mrs Hudson:

Professor Litefoot's housekeeper. She appeared in The Talons of Weng Chiang (Season 14).

The Zygons:

Hermaphrodite aliens with the ability to disguise themselves as members of other species. To do this convincingly they have to keep the original alive. The Doctor fought their plan to conquer Earth in Terror of the Zygons (Season 13). Original Sin mentioned a Zygon attack on Earth in the year 2765.

The Skarasen:

Reptilian cyborg controlled by the Zygons. The one the Doctor encountered in Terror of the Zygons (Season 13) had entered human legend as the Loch Ness Monster.

Recommended Viewing:

The Doctor's previous encounter with the Zygons was in Terror of the Zygons (Season 13), which probably happened in the 1970s.

The Doctor's previous meeting with Professor Litefoot was in The Talons of Weng Chiang (Season 14).

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