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Newbies Guide to Doctor Who

ED02: Vampire Science

Cover Picture

Authors: Jonathan Blum and Kate Orman

ISBN: 0 563 40566 X

Published: July 1997

Editor: Steve Cole

Placement: After The Eight Doctors

Links: A standalone story.

Doctor: The Eighth

The Eighth Doctor

The eighth Doctor has byronesque hair and tends to wear velvet coats. He is childlike and has a sense of wonder about him.

Companions: Sam Jones:

Sam is a teenaged schoolgirl from London 1997 who joined the Doctor in The Eight Doctors. She is a do-gooder with a heavy interest in groups like Greenpeace and Amnesty.She has blonde hair.

Recurring Characters: Vampires:


Vampires are powerful beings that feed on the blood of other species. The Time Lords fought them in the days of Rassilon and thought that they had destroyed them all. However, the fourth Doctor encountered and destroyed some survivors in State of Decay (Season 18). He also faced them in Goth Opera and Blood Harvest.


United Nations Intelligence Taskforce

The United Nations Intelligence Taskforce is an international organisation formed to combat alien invasions and the like. Its members are mostly soldiers from the countries in which they operate. We first saw UNIT in The Invasion (Season 6), and the Third Doctor was scientific advisor to UNIT throughout his lifespan. The Doctor has worked with UNIT on numerous occasions.

Recommended Viewing:

General Kramer's previous adventure with the Seventh Doctor and Ace happened in the fan-produced video Time Rift.

The Doctor defeated The Great Vampire in State of Decay (Season 18).

Recommended Reading:

The fourth and eighth Doctors defeated the vampire Zarn and his followers in The Eight Doctors.

The fifth Doctor defeated a group of vampires in Goth Opera and the seventh Doctor defeated some more in Blood Harvest. However, these encounters are not directly referred to in Vampire Science.

Recommended Listening:


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