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2006 Updates


OK, so I'm still behind on the new series. Today I've got half-caught up with Love & Monsters, and have an update to the Doctor's Biography and updates to the 21st Century and the 1970s.


Today we've got Tom Hey's review of the Eighth Doctor novel The Fall of Yquatine.


Another discontinuity guide today, this time it's the Reeltime video Auton.


Today there's another of the discontinuity guides Paul Clarke's sent me. This time it's the P.R.O.B.E. story Ghosts of Winterborne.


Finally, here's the discontinuity guide to The Satan Pit and one for the P.R.O.B.E. story The Zero Imperative.


OK, I'm still polishing The Satan Pit discontinuity guide. So while you're waiting, here's Tom Hey's review of The Shadows of Avalon.


OK, I'm back. So on to The Satan Pit. Firstly there's an addition to the Doctor's biography. Secondly, an entry for both episodes in the far future.


Sorry for more real life getting in the way, and the fact that there won't be any updates over the weekend due to a church camping weekend. Anyway, I've got The Impossible Planet discontinuity guide for you.


OK, I've been really busy in real life recently, but here's a discontinuity guide to PROBE: The Devil of Winterborne


Today we've added The Impossible Planet to the Doctor's Biography. We also have Paul Clarke's discontinuity guide to Mindgame Trilogy.


Finishing up The Idiot's Lantern, we have the discontinuity guide. Also Paul Clarke's discontinuity guide to Mindgame.


Today, some material on The Idiot's Lantern. Firstly, an addition to The Doctor's Biography. Secondly, an update to the 20th Century. I've also added the first of Paul Clarke's latest batch of discontinuity guides, covering the Reeltime video Wartime.


Well I came very close to catching up before this week's episode, but sadly, I missed actually doing so. Anyway, here's the discontinuity guide to The Age of Steel. I promise I'll get back on form with today's episode.


Sorry for the wait for updates. Real life's been busy lately. Still, we've got The Age of Steel added to the Doctor's Biography and a minor change to the 21st Century expanding on the second half of the story.


Life's busy at the moment, so I'll just put up the discontinuity guide for Rise of the Cybermen before disappearing for the rest of the week because my sister's getting married.


Back to Paul Clarke's discontinuity guides, with Fear Itself. Also, I've added a biography entry for Rise of the Cybermen and updated the history section for the 21st Century to include this story.


In addition to the newbies guide to The Girl in the Fireplace, we've got Paul Clarke's discontinuity guide to Atom Bomb Blues.


After a couple of days where pressures of real life have prevented updates, here's the discontinuity guide to The Girl in the Fireplace.


The first material from The Girl in the Fireplace. There's an entry in the Doctor's biography and updates to the 18th Century and the era after the Federation.


Here's Tom Hey's review of Parallel 59.


More material on School Reunion, it's the discontinuity guide. Also, a Newbies Guide to the story.


Today we have Tom Hey's review of Frontier Worlds.


OK, today here's some material on School Reunion. There's an addition to the Doctor's biography and the 21st Century.


Today, there's a Discontinuity Guide to Tooth and Claw. I've also added history updates for this story, covering the 19th Century, the Renaissance, and the 1970s.


Today there's a Newbies Guide to Tooth and Claw.


A quick addition this morning, I've updated the Doctor's biography with Tenth Doctor Index


Being at home this weekend, I can add information for Tooth and Claw much earlier. Today we have an addition to the Doctor's biography.


And here's what you've all been waiting for since Saturday, it's the New Earth Discontinuity Guide.


Whilst I'm putting the finishing touches to the New Earth discontinuity guide, here's Tom Hey's review of The Taking of Planet 5.


OK, continuing the material on New Earth, I've added a newbies guide for it. The discontinuity guide is coming soon.


After a break due to illness (not ill enough to justify time off work, too ill to do anything much after work) and busyness, it's back to business. Let's start with updates from series two. Today we've got information from New Earth added to the biography section, and two updates from the same story to the history section. One minor addition to the 21st Century, covering the pre-trailer sequence and a few additions to the far future.


Back to discontinuity guides, with Paul Clarke's take on World Game.


Well, after a busy weekend with no time at home, here's Tom Hey's review of The Blue Angel.


Today it's onto Paul Clarke's current batch of Past Doctor discontinuity guides. Today we have The Time Travellers.


The last of Paul Clarke's current batch of New Adventures discontinuity guides, it's Death and Diplomacy. However, he's also sent me discontinuity guides to several other books.


After a break yesterday due to paintballing and a goodbye party, here's another new page. Yes, it's Paul Clarke's discontinuity guide to SLEEPY.


Back to Paul Clarke's discontinuity guides, this one is Warchild - the conclusion to Andrew Cartmel's "War" trilogy.


Today we take a break from discontinuity guides and bung in a review, contributed by Tom Hey, covering Interference.


Yet another of Paul's guides today. This one's for Lance Parkin's debut novel Just War.


Another guide from Paul today. This time we've got Shakedown.


The next in the series of Paul Clarke's discontinuity guides is The Also People.


Yet another of Paul Clarke's discontinuity guides, this one for Head Games.


Another of Paul's discontinuity guides today, this one's for Toy Soldiers.


After a weekend break, here's some more new material. Paul Clarke's discontinuity guide to Zamper.


Here's Paul Clarke's discontinuity guide to Sky Pirates!


OK, here's Valedictorian's review of The Stealers of Dreams. And soon to come is a whole new batch of Paul Clarke's discontinuity guides. Hopefully I'll finish writing some new stuff sometime soon as well, but life is busier this year than it's been for a while.


After a couple of days break, here's Tom Hey's review of Autumn Mist. Enjoy.


Here's another first Doctor TV story for the Newbies Guide. It's The Dalek Invasion of Earth.


Completing the set of newbies guides for the Beginning box set, it's The Edge of Destruction.


Here's another newbies guide for the collection. This time it's The Daleks.


I've decided to bring the newbies guide up-to-date with those stories released on DVD (because I'm guessing that's where those of you new to Doctor Who will start collecting), so I've started with an easy one - yes, it's An Unearthly Child/100,000 BC - the first story on the Beginnings box set. More to follow soon.


Another review I've been sent. This time it's Tom Hey's review of Unnatural History.


Well, finally I got round to actually writing (or, more accurately, finishing writing) some new material. Yes, finally there's a page dedicated to the Cybermen.


Whilst I'm finishing off a page about the Cybermen, here's Valedictorian's review of Only Human.


OK, I'm almost done with the current round of tinkering with the database code, so I'll get back to writing some material soon. In the meantime, however, here's Tom Hey's review of Revolution Man, which should already have been up, but got lost between his outbox and my inbox.


Well, more lack of visible updates from me. Still, here's Tom Hey's review of Dominion


Well, I mucked around with some styles, bringing the light blue homepage sidebars into all the other sections of the site. I've also segmented the updates list into updates by year because the page was getting to be quite a large download for amyone using dial-up. Links are to the left with the new section sidebar the updates page now has. Now if only the year so far didn't look like I've done no work to the site...


I've made some incredibly minor updates to several sections, and I've also put in Valedictorian's review of The Deviant Strain.


Well, I've finally recovered from the panto. So, to ease me back into writing material, I've reviewed the Remote Controlled Dalek I got for Christmas, adding a section on merchandise to the reviews section.


Sorry for the lack of recent material. Real life, panto rehearsals, etc. mean I'm too busy to write much material - except in those spaces of free time where I really need to rest. Anyway, Tom Hey's sent in another in his series of Eighth Doctor reviews - Demontage. As the Panto performances are next weekend, it'll be another week before I start having the time to write some more original material, so advance apologies for the wait.


Well, I've managed a night in again, and so here's Tom Hey's review of The Taint. I've also started dividing up the reviews area into sections as it's starting to get a fair amount of material. So there's an index for TV Stories and novels.


Real life's been really busy recently, so I've not had time to add much new material (especially with the time I had to take out to upgrade the forum). However, I have managed to add in some more stuff about Attack of the Graske. Firstly, it's been added to the Doctor's biography. Secondly, I've finally done a Discontinuity Guide.


Today, there's an update to the history section, adding in material from The Christmas Invasion and Attack of the Graske. The updated sections are the 19th Century and the 21st Century. There is also a minor addition to the 1990s.