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Authors: Andy Lane and Helen Stirling

Director: Keith Barnfather

Continuity: Benton is still a warrant officer. Benton grew up near Bolton. He had a brother named Chris, who fell to his death from a tower when they were young; Benton tried to save him, but failed and has blamed himself ever since. His Father was a sergeant during World War II, and was killed by a grenade in Normandy. Benton joined the army because he always wanted to be a Sergeant like his Dad was. The "ghosts" of his father and Chris seen here are probably just hallucinations brought on by Benton's own guilt.

The Brigadier is still in active service [as is Benton of course, so this takes place between No Future and Mawdryn Undead]. Benton uses the call sign Greyhound Four. The nature of the radioactive package being transported by Benton and Willis is not elaborated on, although the unnamed would-be hijacker obviously represents somebody with an interest in it [although it may just be a radioactive source and not necessarily paranormal. Willis works for the regular army, so UNIT may have just been called in for the sake of extra security, as in The Mind of Evil].

Location: Just outside Bolton, four hours drive from UNIT HQ [early 1980s].

The Bottom Line: "Don't call me Johnny!" The first Doctor Who spin-off drama benefits from a sweet little script and some superb locations, but is horribly over-directed. John Levene is as likeable as ever as Benton, but doesn't have the acting chops to play the lead, and the overall result is a bit flat.

Discontinuity Guide by Paul Clarke


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