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The Beginning Box Set DVD Cover

100.000 BC / An Unearthly Child

Writer: Anthony Coburn

Director: Waris Hussein

First Broadcast: 23rd November 1963 - 14th December 1963 (4 episodes)

Placement: Between Time and Relative (Telos Novella) and The Daleks (Classic Series Season 1), this was the first Doctor Who story ever broadcast.

Links: A standalone story, but it begins a "character arc" which is followed through in The Daleks (Classic Series Season 1) and The Edge of Destruction (Classic Series Season 1)


The First DoctorThe First The first Doctor looks like a human in his sixties. He is physically quite frail, but has a keen intellect. He is paternalistic towards his companions, and has a degree of arrogance towards others. He sometimes forgets his companions' names, especially Ian Chesterton's surname.


Susan ForemanSusan Foreman: Susan is usually described as the Doctor's granddaughter. She and the Doctor left their home planet in Lungbarrow (Virgin New Adventure). Susan adopted the surname Foreman whilst staying on Earth during 1963. This is her first appearance.

Ian Chesterton: Ian is a science teacher from Coal Hill School, 1963. This is his first appearance

Barbara WrightBarbara Wright: Barbara is a history teacher from Coal Hill School, 1963. This is her first appearance.

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