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With 61 New Adventures, 33 Missing Adventures, 73 Eighth Doctor Adventures, 75 Past Doctor Adventures, an bewildering variety of short story collections, an expanding range of new series tie-in novels, a ton of novelisations, more spin-offs than you can shake a stick at, and a few other more short-lived ranges and stand-alones, there's a bewildering variety of Doctor Who literary fiction out there (though sadly most of it is currently out of print). Whilst the webmaster's personal opinion on many of the original novels can be found over in the discontinuity guides, this is a space for everyone else to comment.

Basically, if you can form a reasoned opinion of a Doctor Who story, we'll happily post it here (well, unless it contains obscene language, libel, or anything else that could get us in trouble). We do, however, reserve the right to edit anything you send us before putting it up. We may also, at our discretion, decide not to put up reviews that are available elsewhere on the internet - especially if they are available at other popular Doctor Who sites.

All of the material in this section is the work of the individual authors, not the webmaster. All opinions expressed are those of the authors, and are not necessarily the views of the Whoniverse, the webmaster, or anybody else you care to name. They hold the copyright to their work and you need permission from them if you want to use their material elsewhere.

Review by Stephen Gray

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