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Newbies Guide to Doctor Who

The Mind Robber

The Mind Robber DVD Cover

Writer: Derek Sherwin, Peter Ling

Director: David Maloney

First Broadcast: 14th September 1968-12th October 1968 (5 episodes)

Placement: Between The Dominators (Season 6) and The Invasion (Season 6)

Links: A standalone story

Doctor: The Second

The Second Doctor

The second Doctor is short with a beatles moptop. He tends to act the part of a fool and give events a push in the right direction rather than directly taking control. He also plays the recorder.
Companions: Jamie McCrimmon:

Jamie McCrimmon

Jamie is a scots piper who met the Doctor after the battle of Culluden in The Highlanders (season 4). He is proud of his scottishness and wears a kilt and carries a dirk (knife). The second Doctor leaves most of his action to Jamie.

Zoe Heriot:

Zoe is a 21st century astrophysicist who met the Doctor in The Wheel in Space (season 5). She has an eidetic memory and vast reasoning ability.

Recurring Characters: None.
Recommended Viewing: The story follows on from the end of The Dominators (Season 6), in which the TARDIS is trapped in a lava flow.
Recommended Reading: There are a large number of literary allusions, most importantly to Gulliver's Travels. A very general knowledge of Greek Mythology, and the fairytale of Rapunzel are also useful.
Recommended Listening: None.
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