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Newbies Guide to Doctor Who

PD66: Synthespians TM

Cover Picture

Author: Craig Hinton

ISBN: 0 563 48617 1

Published: July 2004

Editor: Justin Richards

Placement: At some point following Vengeance on Varos (Season 22)

Links: A standalone story.

Doctor: The Sixth

Sixth Doctor

The sixth Doctor is tall with curly blond hair. He wears a multicoloured patchwork coat. He is overbearing and arrogant, and has a violent streak. He likes to be the centre of attention.
Companions: Peri Brown

Peri Brown

Peri (short for Perpugilliam) is an American botany student from the 1980s. She met the fifth Doctor when she was on holiday in Lanzerote with her stepfather Howard, and helped him to defeat the Master. She was the companion when he regenerated into the sixth Doctor, and stayed with him even though they were always bickering.
Recurring Characters: The Nestene Consciousness The Nestene Consciousness is a disembodied intelligence descended from a being that survived the previous universe. It attempted to invade the Earth in Spearhead from Space (Season 7) and Terror of the Autons (Season 8).
Autons Plastic beings controlled by the Nestene Intelligence. There are two types of Autons - sophisticated duplicates which need the original to be alive in order to duplicate them, and crude killing machines with a gun hidden in their hands. The guns have two settings - kill and disintegrate. The Doctor faced them in Spearhead from Space (Season 7) and Terror of the Autons (Season 8).
Recommended Viewing: In Vengeance on Varos (Season 22), the TARDIS needed a new supply of Zeiton 7. The Doctor obtained some, and has been playing around with it since then.
In The Trial of a Time Lord (Season 23), the Time Lords put the Doctor on trial for his interference in the universe. The trial was revealed to be a cover for the Doctor's discovery of certain secrets concerning the planet Ravalox in The Mysterious Planet (Season 23).
Recommended Reading: In Shell Shock, we discovered that Peri had been abused by her stepfather Howard, who appeared in Planet of Fire (Season 22).
Recommended Listening: None.
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