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K9 and the Missing Planet cover

Author: David Martin

In 1980, Dave Martin wrote a series of 4 picture books featuring K9. These books were published by Sparrow Books. K9 and the Missing Planet was the fourth of these.

Roots: It's a picture book for goodness sake.

Continuity: The missing planet is unnamed, but is populated by a variety of animals from different eras of Earth's history, including dinosaurs and early man [it is possibly artificial in nature, although it is not explained who created it or populated it].

Star locks are [artificial] constructs that allow passage between different universes. K9 is familiar with them, although it is not explained where they come from. Star crystal allows passage between universes, and the Tellac Inc. miners used it to remove the planet from the universe to protect it from their employers, who would use Star crystal to plunder other universes. Tellac Inc. has been mining on the planet for ten years prior to its disappearance.

Future History: Earth is now known as Tellus and is owned by the interplanetary mining company Tellac Inc. The planet is so polluted that it now lacks vegetation, although artificial grass is used for decorative purposes. Tellac Inc.'s mining has left numerous planets gutted, many of which have disintegrated.

Location: Tellus (Earth) and the missing planet, date unknown [the far future].

The Bottom Line: The last, and least of the four K9 books, which lacks even a vague explanation for its sparse plot.

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